What was the ghost of a football supporter doing on our roof?!

13 05 2014

A thumping sound penetrated my deep sleep at 4.45 am and I shook myself awake to cock my ear. It appeared to be coming from above, then there was a scrabbling noise on our roof ~ too heavy for a bird or squirrel…
Can you hear that?” I asked my stirring husband … and we listened, fascinated, to hear a rhythmic thump thump, a short pause then another thump thump thump. As it continued in this vein, I leaned over to pick up my dowser from the side locker ~ never far from my side! In a flash, I’d hooked on to an obviously impatient soul (who couldn’t wait ’til morning!) and passed him safely into the light of heaven.

Come morning, I asked my helper angels who the mystery man had been ~ and the answer, amusingly, was ‘An Arsenal football supporter’….Suddenly it all made sense, as spirits are drawn here for onward transmission in many ways, including on a like-attracts-like basis. No-one in the family, however, is a follower of football, let alone an Arsenal fan, but only the day before Mikey and I had been strolling in a country park enjoying the sunshine when a stray football rolled towards us. Happy, obliging chappy that he is, Michael swiped at it with his right foot, causing it to rebound at 45 degrees (:D) ~ straight into the backs of a group of the footballer’s friends, huddled on the grass! They turned round in amusement and Mikey apologised politely, laughing off his embarrassing attempt at kicking a ball in a straight line…

“Oops!…Sorry!” he cringed, “Manchester United wouldn’t sign me up would they?!”

Quick as a flash, the footballer shouted back….

NO, but Arsenal would!”

Hence the Arsenal fan stuck in the turnstile of the enormous stadium between the physical world and the happily-ever-Afterlife, impatient for the Gates to open!

Stuck between the physical and the happily-ever-Afterlife <3

Stuck between the physical and the happily-ever-Afterlife ❤



3 responses

13 05 2014
janet glazebrook

hi jane
i love your adventures he could of waited till morning mark is still a great arsenal surporter.another soul safely home its amazing how they find you its so reasuring to know your gift
and kind heart never turn them away no matter the time of day
godbless you xxx

14 05 2014

Thank you Janet!!! Did you read my blog on facebook as I’m having problems uploading it there ~ or perhaps twitter? Fancy Mark being an Arsenal supporter LOL! Yes, this has been a particularly busy weekend/week as usual ~ Picked up a nasty soul yesterday (they always lurk in the dark and are hard to detect) but YAY, banished successfully with the light of love ~ Always wins out!!! Much love always ~ ❤

14 05 2014
janet glazebrook

hi jane
so glad you got rid of the nasty one wish i could do the same.. jane i get your blog direct to my email address. have tried facebook many times for your page timeline add as a friend but it was hopeless.
take care godbless xxx

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