Edward G Robinson calls for his earthbound son…

24 01 2010

A spirit visitor dropped by in the twilight moments between wakefulness and sleep, but I could only see his feet, which I stood above, as though he were I….

I knew I was in costume of sorts – rather like someone such as Sir Francis Drake would have worn – and as I looked through his eyes I took in all the detail of the stairs I ascended, the fancy skirting board on the landing, the fancy tapestries on the walls….I looked to my right and the door to a room, rather like an office, was open.  A man sat at a desk in equally fancy garb and smiled at me, then picked up a quill to write something on the parchment in front of him.   It was a fancy ‘G’, with a much smaller squiggle below…’Could it have been a ‘v’?’ I wrote in my diary the next day. I was tired and flummoxed but heard the man say he was ‘Edward G. Robinson’.

Almost forgetting come morning I asked my husband Michael if he knew this name (he was vaguely familiar to me) and when he said he was ‘an actor in the 1940’s’, I looked him up.  Sure enough, he lived from 1893-1973. But he was, however, resting in peace.  I wondered what the ‘G’ in his name represented, as it was obviously of significance, and scoured the biographies.  Apparently he was born Emmanual Goldenburg but changed his name to Edward ‘G’ Robinson – the ‘G’ signifying his birth name, Goldenburg.  By why had he scribed that beautiful ‘G’ with a small ‘v’ underneath?  On checking for other family members I tripped upon the answer! –

His son by his first wife, actress Gladys Lloyd,  was known as Edward Goldenberg Robinson Jnr (the younger or smaller one…so what I thought was a ‘v’ was obviously a ‘j’ for junior!) and to my surprise, the moment this reality planted itself in my mind, a spirit rushed to the portal – My cheeks prickled with spirit connection as I grabbed my dowser to accompany his transition home – and the hitherto earthbound spirit of Edward G Robinson’s son rushed to join his father on the other side!  He appeared a little bedgraggled, wore a cape and attempted to straighten a lopsided crown!

Sadly, Mr Robinson had apparently been found unconscious by his wife, aged only 40!  (1933-1974)

Go forward with your Staff to Light the Darkness ahead,” was the message received back. 

“But why should EGR send for his son, missing from home, in such a long-winded and flamboyant manner?” (I answered this question myself! ‘Because he was an actor I suppose! ‘) “Did EGR junior die of ‘natural causes’ as reported in his biography?

“Bronchial,” came back the short confirmation  Of his father he declared that he was ‘the greatest actor that ever lived!’ 

More research on EGR junior revealed he was  also an actor and wrote an autobiography in 1957 called ‘My Father, My Son’ .. ‘I bet that is why the Son wore a lopsided crown – because he felt he didn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of his father’s talent?’ I thought to myself – forgetting for a moment that those in the light and in the know can read my thoughts….

“I aint making any two-bit bets with you tonight” laughed the Father.

(I was thrilled to discover, when my husband said ‘I’m sure EGR said that once in a film’, that indeed he did: In 1931 in a classic film gangster called Smart Money!)

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