Why do Angels fly in and set off house alarms?

23 01 2012

I spoke too soon when I said to Mike that I’d had a quiet time of it lately with spirit rescue…Perhaps the Angels were giving me breathing space to get over my crazy Christmas, spent in A & E after cutting my finger on a dog meat tin? – A long story!

Nobody had prepared us for the rude awakening at 4.20 this morning when a loud shrieking alarm pierced our ears and awoke the whole family.  It didn’t sound like our normal house alarm but had a gargled twist to it, as though it was being strangled!  Mike leapt out of bed and dashed downstairs to feed in the code to stop it while I grabbed my dowser and started to move over a batch of lost souls who had been ‘dumped’ on our house – and therefore set off the alarm due to the static electricity that always accompanies them!  1, 2, 3, 4….14, 15, 16…and still counting as our alarm is silenced but a neighbour’s house alarm joins in…”Ok, ok….I’ve got you!” I say out loud as our telephone joins in – with 4 loud and shortened rings….

“Did you hear that?” laughed our son, now used to the antics of the spirit world.

4 is the code from the Angels…” I confirmed.  “They are directing batches of lost souls from around the world and just letting me know I’m in for a long haul!”  Sure enough my dowser flew wildly, transmuting another large batch of souls trapped on this earth and now gathered together by the spiritual heirarchy who guide them here for help.  To explain in more detail how this is so, this is an excerpt from my soon to be published book Ghostwriters in the Sky – A soul is forever, not just a lifetime:

‘I could not achieve the present lengthy channelling sessions – where hundreds or even thousands of spirits return home through the portal of light I hold open with my dowser – without each individual’s escorting guardian angel co-operating and working alongside the protective Archangels who accompany each large batch safely home.  The incredibly powerful beings who direct me in my important work are known as the Thrones – the sixth order of the second level of celestial spheres, astrologically associated to my birth constellation Virgo and working through humble service with Christ and other Ascended Masters.  In particular, Archangels Jophiel and Raziel – as well as the previously mentioned Michael and Haniel – work with this celestial hierarchy, known as the Lords of Flame and Wisdom.’  (So now you know!)

My dowser acts as my guide and now we were concentrating on the neighbour’s alarm, which had also started with a gargled, erratic shriek.  By now my wonderful husband was back in bed next to me and offering to hold up my dowsing arm as the work sped in…227, 228, 229…I described the visuals and names coming in with the lost souls…’Corrinth…a place with lots of buildings’…’Darlington?’…Flooded tunnels’…350, 351, 352…There was a respite for a few seconds when my dowser swung backwards and forwards (from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock), indicating work is going on behind the scenes.  Then it tipped anticlockwise (from  5 to and then 10 to) as it ‘searched’ along the energy ley lines like a compass looking for souls to jump aboard for a lift home.  This time the visuals were hard to vocalise, so gross were they – but involved ‘many bodies of babies piled high – a morbid leftover from the Holocaust perhaps?’.  It was now 4.45 am and the headcount continued to rise….426, 427, 428…I was grateful to Michael for his ‘support’ as my arm was starting to ache.  ‘The Ardennes…Pipe laying…Russia….’  Had it stopped?  There was no sound, but a sense of anticipation back in the air.  Suddenly there was a big white flash, like lightning, as our neighbour’s alarm shrieked back into action (sorry neighbours!) and my dowser once more spun into action….500…600…’More weird visuals (was I seeing aliens?)’ until we’d reached 666 (oo-er).  The alarm had stopped again but I was directed to a client’s house a mile or so distance and another 30 joined the evacuation, totalling a much more comfortable 696 – Even that number seemed magical!  The time was exactly 5 am (the pricise time of my birth, I mused!)

Following the Light Home! - Cornwall 2011

Following the Light Home! - Cornwall 2011

The previous afternoon we’d had friends over for a meal and there was a lot of talk about history and war (the men’s passion) and various other topical stories in the news.  Was it mere coincidence that we’d also watched the 1950’s set drama The Midwife followed by a love/war story (quite depressing) called Birdsong.  When we thought about it, many of those images could have been trawled in on a power of attraction basis.  Suddenly I remembered something…Our friend (a sensibly minded Pathologist!!!) had told us about a renowned scientist who says he has removed slivers of metal from people who ‘claim to have been kidnapped by Aliens!’ – and he believes them, as under analysis there is no metal like it on earth! (She didn’t believe a word of it of course 🙂 )

Postscript:  Apparently the power surge was felt all around this area with people having to re-set their clocks, computers effected etc.  The Power of Love!

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