colonel samuel colt reunited with his little child

31 12 2009

My husband was reading a copy of the book ARMSMEAR: THE HOME, THE ARM, AND THE ARMORY OF SAMUEL COLT (1866) – The founder of the Colt firearms manufacturing industry – when it suddenly occurred to him to check with me that he and his family were all resting in peace. Indeed, Colonel Colt and his wife and mother had passed safely but one of their children, Elizabeth Jarvis Colt, who died at the tender age of eight months (22.2.1860-17.10.1860),  was still trapped on the earth plane – and as I hooked on to her little spirit she put her arms out to her father, calling from the other side, and cried ‘daddy, daddy!’  As with all spirit rescues, it was very moving….

“She was very young to speak her father’s name…” I commented to Michael.

“It was very tragic,” he said, “as the Colt’s also lost another two children at such a young age: Samuel Jarvis Colt (24.2.1857-24.12. 1857 – 10 months) and Henrietta Selden Colt (23.5.1861-20.1.1862 – 8 months) –  who, tragically, died only 10 days after Samuel Colt himself  (19.7.1814-10.1.1862).  

“I’ve gone all shivery;” said Michael only minutes later…”after what you said about the little girl calling her daddy’s name… It says here, when referring to Samuel Colt’s memorial slab,  ‘what visitors at this grave oftenest think of, regarding the sleeper there, may be, that his sun went down at noon.  Yet, in contrast to the little ones around him, who died before they could say father or mother, how long his date of life, how far his wanderings over the earth, how manifold his experiences, how proud his achievements.’  

“Absolutely extraordinary,” said my darling husband.

souls saved from australia’s bush fires 2009

12 12 2009

Just a quick explanation to those new to the work that I do.  When a person dies in the physical sense, his or her spirit leaves the body to travel back to the light of heaven – the place from which we all originate.  Occasionally that spirit becomes stuck on the earthplane, quite often because of the sudden or tragic nature of their deaths, when they become confused and unable to find their natural way back home into the origin of all spirit.

I have been saving such souls for over a decade and do so on a daily basis.  Today I felt under the weather, as though all energy had been sucked from me – quite common with the huge batches of spirits that are sent my way (via my angelic helpers) pushing on the floodgates, so to speak.  With the help of a dowser (a crystal hanging on a chain, which helps me to source such spirits and follow their course, just as a water diviner searches for pipes or underground springs and has done since time immemorial) I tuned into my spirit guides to check the origin of my unnatural feelings of weakness…

“Erythema…” came the reply, so I checked the dictionary and discovered this is ‘an abnormal redness of the skin’ – Immediately all became clear, as I had no such symptoms:  Last night our son had invited me to view a film in his room …Knowing  (2009)  – an overdue bonding session which I naturally took up, tempted by the fact that it starred Nicolas Cage!  Certain scenes showing the ‘end of the world’ were horrific and a plane crash in particular showed people running from the scene with their clothes burning…. and animals being licked by flames fleeing from the forest…  

In all the time I have been helping lost souls there has been one particular factor which attracts them to my energy field and that is the spritiaul law of the universe that ‘like attracts like’; by merely watching images such as these on the screen, hearing them on a radio or other people’s  conversations I am attracting souls for rescue…

Back to the description ‘erythema’ given to me by my spiritual helpers (who gather my rescuees worldwide in a big net and direct them this way!) the ‘abnormal redness of the skin’ ushered in ‘those who have died in fires’ – and in particular ‘bushfires’…  “Save our souls!” came an impassioned plea from half way across the world…

My dowser set off at a phenominal speed (it spins clockwise as the souls are sucked lovingly into the light) and I held tight for approximately 2 minutes…then did a google search for ‘bushfires in Australia’.  Of the dreadful Victoria fire of February 2009 and the similar Ash Wednesday fire of 1983 (approximately 300 lost their lives in total) x38 souls were still earthbound (including Moiree, the wife of a former TV presenter Brian Naylor – waiting with open arms to receive her alongside him…”Oh my!” she exclaimed)  Another soul joined them from Kinglake, north of Melbourne and another from St Andrews.

After 10 months suffering in pergatory, between this world and the next, these dear souls can at last frolic in new life!

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