Edward G Robinson calls for his earthbound son…

24 01 2010

A spirit visitor dropped by in the twilight moments between wakefulness and sleep, but I could only see his feet, which I stood above, as though he were I….

I knew I was in costume of sorts – rather like someone such as Sir Francis Drake would have worn – and as I looked through his eyes I took in all the detail of the stairs I ascended, the fancy skirting board on the landing, the fancy tapestries on the walls….I looked to my right and the door to a room, rather like an office, was open.  A man sat at a desk in equally fancy garb and smiled at me, then picked up a quill to write something on the parchment in front of him.   It was a fancy ‘G’, with a much smaller squiggle below…’Could it have been a ‘v’?’ I wrote in my diary the next day. I was tired and flummoxed but heard the man say he was ‘Edward G. Robinson’.

Almost forgetting come morning I asked my husband Michael if he knew this name (he was vaguely familiar to me) and when he said he was ‘an actor in the 1940’s’, I looked him up.  Sure enough, he lived from 1893-1973. But he was, however, resting in peace.  I wondered what the ‘G’ in his name represented, as it was obviously of significance, and scoured the biographies.  Apparently he was born Emmanual Goldenburg but changed his name to Edward ‘G’ Robinson – the ‘G’ signifying his birth name, Goldenburg.  By why had he scribed that beautiful ‘G’ with a small ‘v’ underneath?  On checking for other family members I tripped upon the answer! –

His son by his first wife, actress Gladys Lloyd,  was known as Edward Goldenberg Robinson Jnr (the younger or smaller one…so what I thought was a ‘v’ was obviously a ‘j’ for junior!) and to my surprise, the moment this reality planted itself in my mind, a spirit rushed to the portal – My cheeks prickled with spirit connection as I grabbed my dowser to accompany his transition home – and the hitherto earthbound spirit of Edward G Robinson’s son rushed to join his father on the other side!  He appeared a little bedgraggled, wore a cape and attempted to straighten a lopsided crown!

Sadly, Mr Robinson had apparently been found unconscious by his wife, aged only 40!  (1933-1974)

Go forward with your Staff to Light the Darkness ahead,” was the message received back. 

“But why should EGR send for his son, missing from home, in such a long-winded and flamboyant manner?” (I answered this question myself! ‘Because he was an actor I suppose! ‘) “Did EGR junior die of ‘natural causes’ as reported in his biography?

“Bronchial,” came back the short confirmation  Of his father he declared that he was ‘the greatest actor that ever lived!’ 

More research on EGR junior revealed he was  also an actor and wrote an autobiography in 1957 called ‘My Father, My Son’ .. ‘I bet that is why the Son wore a lopsided crown – because he felt he didn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of his father’s talent?’ I thought to myself – forgetting for a moment that those in the light and in the know can read my thoughts….

“I aint making any two-bit bets with you tonight” laughed the Father.

(I was thrilled to discover, when my husband said ‘I’m sure EGR said that once in a film’, that indeed he did: In 1931 in a classic film gangster called Smart Money!)

negative thoughtforms and orbs caught on camera!

21 01 2010

Enlarged photo for closer view of orbs

Same image taken minutes later – clear of energy!


Negative thoughtforms and orbs around Alan

Thanks to Alan who has given me permission to publish this photo (see my post of 1st January 2010 for a full explanation).  Besides the 520 earthbound spirits who caused this cloud of negativity (with their own personal energies at the time of their deaths, such as fear, confusion, anger and other negative emotions) , two prominent orbs can also be seen – one above his left shoulder and another on the placemate on the table in front of him.  These were two visitors from the light (as opposed to trapped and earthbound spirits) helping with the rescue mission….guardians and concerned relatives who travel to earth via orbs  to encourage loved ones to leave.

Any questions?  Please feel free to ask via the comments facility below!

help for haiti souls lost in confusion of death

16 01 2010

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti on Wednesday afternoon (13th) I did what I always do when I hear of any such tragedies – whether it be one of our soldiers recently killed in Afghanistan, or indeed any loss of life anywhere in the world. – and that is to dip into the energy of that time and place and check whether my help is needed to boost the onward transition of any trapped or confused souls and if necessary councel and reassure them…

I found that only twenty or so spirits had been held back at this initial shocking stage of the disaster, and assisted them in catching up with those many hundreds who had passed immediately – as is normal for most people.  But due to the nature of the shocking and sudden loss of life, and those who were still alive but trapped and/or badly hurt under layers of rubble, I was to find that many more were trying to make the transition over the next two days…

All throughout the next day I received batches of souls who needed that boost, which I fitted between my other duties to clients and their children, including a 10 year boy who was being haunted by ‘a tramp, with an audience behind him’ – which turned out to be 200+ spirits, both stuck in his energies and occupying his home…  But I was not prepared for the sheer velocity of earthbound spirits (people just like you or me who had lost their lives so suddenly and could not find the direction of the light to move on) who were to be ushered my way that evening…

I fell into bed at midnight, happy that the latest batch had arrived safely on the other side and was soon in a blissful sleep.  However, only 20 mts later a sudden deep voice used my throat (the communication centre for the physical as well as the spiritual and higher levels of vibration) to cry out and therefore awaken me to himself and the many who were now weeping and wailing and pleading ‘why has God forsaken us?’ and as they moved into the light, ‘Mary, Mother of God!’ and the like!

At just before 2 am myself, my husband and our son (and the dog!) were all propelled awake, my heart for one beating furiously with shock, as our son’s television suddenly burst forth ON FULL VOLUME and with the ‘sub-woofer’ vibrating in three enormous blasts, the brightness of the huge flat screen lighting up our room from across the corridor!

“It’s okay….I reassured them, and grabbed my dowser from my side locker.  Immediately, the television turned itself off again.  I clung to my dowser, laying on my back and half asleep, until five minutes to 3.  This time I had to clear the house as well as the area above the earthquake zone, and even my famiily and the dog, as many spirits filled the energies of our home.. .This time I could see a particularly tragic scenario through the eyes of one who had finally had to give up her fight for life, as just out of reach was an air gap the size of a thin plank of wood and – unbelievably tortuous for her – a face kept appearing and calling her name.  My job is heartbreaking but I have to remain focused on clinging to the dowser and allowing the vortex to be ridden by each individual soul in need.  As I looked at my left hand in silhouette against the lighter window, clutching tightly to the swinging crystal, it bizarrely resembled a swan’s neck, head and beak…!  After hundreds of souls had passed safely I fell back into deep slumber.

At 4 am I heard the clock chime,  passed another batch.

At 6.15 am my husband and I were awoken by two loud bangs, 5 seconds apart.  The nearest description is the sound of someone striking an oil drum with a heavy object….Anything to attract me to the next incumbants, which kept my arm held above my heart until just after 7 am, when all went quiet…and stayed quiet until today (Saturday 16th) when the odd one or two who have since died from their injuries or worst, from suffocation, have needed help.  In all, my helpers on the other side tell me that 5,000+ souls had been redirected in this manner…


lots of new year’s presence(es)!

1 01 2010

The Christmas and New Year season is always exceptionally busy for ghost rescues – something to do with all the excitement, emotions and family get togethers as well as the pre-holiday stress experienced by most…  This has been a particularly busy time for me and I thought I would share with you one of those episodes in my extraordinary life as a soul rescuer…

Boxing Day saw us visiting family and friends for a slap up dinner, including a previously unintroduced member from Spain.  A great time was had by all, with many cameras and phones being used to take snapshots of the ten of us….I remembered that I’d popped my own digital camera into my coat pocket and slipped out into the hall to retrieve it, taking a few before asking the guest from Spain to smile for his photo.  To my surprise, and his consternation, there was a black mist obliterating his face, as well as two large orbs in the picture….  “Why had this not shown up on anyone elses camera?” he asked…”It is because of my job,” I answered and even though I wasn’t going to ‘come out’ to him and his mother I quickly explained about the dilemma of trapped ghosts…

I had not packed my dowser so, reassuring him that these were spirits who had attached themselves to his energies and were in need of rescue, I took off my (rather heavy!) necklace and hung onto the chain, literally for dear life, as the pendant spun furiously round and round, allowing these accumulated souls to jump into the vortex of light which took them home.    I dowsed him from head to toe and back again, moving 350 spirits and another 170 ten minutes later, which took in his bedroom space.

“Have you been having sleepless nights, headaches, suffering from stress?”  He agreed that he had problems with sleeping and had certainly been suffering from stress…

“Why me?” asked Alan.  I explained that if he was particularly stressed and even psychic he would be attractive to spirits, who could be picked up anywhere he went.  “What  do you mean by psychic?” he asked.

“Well if you are particularly sensitive to energies around you,” I explained, “for example you walk into a room and feel an atmosphere or find yourself avoiding a particularly ‘prickly’ person or attracted to someone with pleasant vibes.  Do you feel close to nature; do you notice things around you?  Are you very empathic; kind; sensitive?  If your chakras (coloured energy centres) are particularly depleted or imbalanced or you are highly stressed then spirits will be drawn to you out of curiousity or quite often just looking for help to move to the light…”

“I’m all  those things!” he said, amazed.

“You’ve got him off to a T,” said his sister-in-law.

We hadn’t noticed the orbs (spirits, both trapped and also spirit helpers from the light who act as guides) until I put the photo onto my laptop and I am waiting for some feedback and permission from him to post that here, so watch this space!   Plenty more stories to come of the hundreds rescued on this first day in 2010!…

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