Crystal dowsers swing by themselves!

20 11 2012

Just back from a glorious week in Cornwall visiting my parents, but never off duty!  My dad had accumulated over 300 lost souls in his energy field due to chronic neck and shoulder pain (which was relieved after I’d cleared them) and mum had to be cleared every evening due to alzheimers disease attracting them to her (she kept asking how many people were in the house as she could obviously sense them). It’s handy for them having a ghost truster (not buster!) for a daughter but if anyone is suffering from stress, whether it be physical in dad’s case or mental in mum’s, then over time they will attract lost souls on a like-attracts-like basis, especially if they have the psychic gene so the lost ones know where to gather to get help!

The most unusual case of lost souls making themselves known to me was, however, when we visited an indoor market in Truro.  Attracted by the New Age look of one stall I stepped inside to have a nosey at all the goodies within and noticed a circular stand with at least twelve assorted crystal dowsers displayed, hanging by their individual chains.  Within a few seconds of entering the shop, both the quartz crystal dowsers on the stand started to swing neatly forwards and backwards….apparently all by themselves!  The owner of the stall wandered in just afterwards and I pointed this out to her, explaining that I specialise in helping trapped souls, who I suspected had gathered in her shop for help.

“Go ahead!” she said, sweeping her hand in the air while she carried on chatting.  (It is so refreshing to be able to do my thing without people thinking I am potty!) I took my OWN dowser from my pocket and picked up and released eleven lost souls, including a caravener, a yachtsman, a homeless person and a nymphomaniac 🙂 ! (I wasn’t tempted to comment on the latter’s attraction to the market!) The spirits themselves had obviously gathered together and used their combined kinetic energies to cause the quartz crystal dowsers to swing. 

View from my parents' house, Marazion, Cornwall 2012

View from my parents’ house, Marazion, Cornwall 2012

It is interesting to note that it was only the quartz pendulums that responded.  Quartz is known to amplify the energy field of the area in which it resides.  As well as powering the first radio’s and watches it has been revered for hundreds of years by Native American Indians and Mexican natives believed the spirits of quartz were the souls of the dead.  Is it any wonder that in crystal healing it is known as the Master Healer…?

The case of the facebook ghosts saved by angels!

17 09 2011

This morning I had the honour of helping lost souls from London to Nottingham to Surrey and for a change have copied and pasted the drama exactly as it unfolded. Having ordered some wholesale crystals and checked my emails I was about to log off when there was a ‘bubble-ub’ noise as a message popped up via facebook. Hope you enjoy the excitement of our live facebook conversation!

Sister Sandra (to me, in Nottingham) ‘hello’ ? (from Surrey)

Report · 09:56:            hi sarna! still in my dressing gown LOL! how are you?

Report · 09:59:           ok thanks have Arthur here

Report · 10:00:           Awwww…..give him a squeeze from MOI! x

Report · 10:00:           can you check my hallway cause every time he goes up stairs he waves good bye to someone. the cats are going mental

Report · 10:03:           will do in a sec sandra as am typing with one finger while clinging to dowser clearing ***** on facebook who just messaged me to say hes been up all night suffering from v painful gumboil and just asked his angel for help and at that very moment it POPPED!…..DOWSER STILL FLYING.. WILL GET TO YOU IN A MT HOPEFULLY !!!!…

Report 10.04:              wow!

Report · 10:07:           right, he’s done (HUGE emotional release…he lost his wife, my friend, to brain tumour a few years ago and a rainbow was her sign and he saw one just as the gumboil popped!…angels busy this morning eh???)….now to your hall…
Report · 10:07:           aaww you are amazing sis x

Report · 10:08:           phew, am now shaking all over….

Report · 10:08:           …having moved over 10, one after the other….v.v. fast…Did you feel or see anything?

Report · 10:09:           the back door sealed itself shut and im all goosy…

Report · 10:10:            more coming….it feels like just before you’re going to vomit if you know what i mean….still coming in one long strong burst…

Report 10.10:              wow its been cold in here and Arthur has been talking to people…ive been feeling a bit sick and so has TJ…i feel like something is trying to drag me off my chair! …

Report · 10:12:            they’re still coming…..yeurgh, still awful nausea…probably people who were sick before they died….hold on in there sis…my legs are freezing….still clinging to madly swirling dowser

Report · 10:12:            my legs are all tight!

Report 10.13:               heart thumping wildly…PAUSE…angels waiting….gathering more…

Report · 10:13:            arthur is holding his head and sat in the corner… now he is running around and runs back to me for assurance…i said are the people going and he smiled and waved bye!

Report · 10:14:            here they come ….’sick sick sick’ i’m getting….don’t worry  sis…..still coming in and going out…

Report · 10:15:            wow!

Report 10:18:              stopped now. checked you…checked arthur…checked tj…filled house with angelic light….750 souls moved  over with things such as croup,  whooping cough, meningitis….mostly little ones.  arthur’s doing a good job LOL!

Report · 10:20:          colins been having coughing attacks and a tight chest while round here and I have been very emotional lately  and Destiny when she was round kept bursting into tears at the slightest  thing.

Report · 10:25:           not surprised! t’was divine intervention that we all met up on facebook at the same time!! Give Arthur a squeezy thankyou  from me…good team work eh?? Always knew he was special (remember the old blog when he guided spirits my way for help???)  Might put this facebook conversation on a blog… wot do you think sis?  Must dash now and get some clothes on ha ha!!!

Report · 10:26:           YEAH definitely thanks sis love you millions xx

Report · 10:27:            YOU TOO!!!!!! ^i^ ^i^^i^ xxxxxxxx

Report · 10:28:           Eek….now guided back to friend with gumboil …now clearing tons of spirits…..HOPEFULLY MISSION QUICKLY ACCOMPLISHED –

Report · 10:31:            yes, 172 lost souls via *****, successfully left the earthplane, all having suffered from gumboils (probably in the days before modern medicine and they got infections etc)….some from centuries back

Report · 11.10:              Wow hi again…TJ just reminded me that he went to a london heart hospital on tuesday and was picked up in an old ambulance (his dad went with him) so poss he could have attracted lots of spirits from there!!! (i think he just wants to be in your blog!!! lol only joking!!!!)

THANKS TJ – Always knew we made a good team!  Thanks to you and your mum and baby Arthur waving to his ‘not so
imaginary friends’ and also to my dear friend with the gumboil sharing his wonderful angelic experience at exactly the right time, almost a  THOUSAND lost souls are now back home with their loved ones on the other side …^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^  Great Stuff!

Auntie Jane embarrassing her wonderful nephew TJ recently!

Auntie Jane embarrassing her wonderful nephew TJ recently!

Sister Sandra with her lovely grandson Arthur

Sister Sandra with her lovely grandson Arthur

Could you be host to a ghost?

10 02 2011

This morning I received an email from a client who has been fighting his ‘inner demons’ for most of his adult life.    Over several sessions and several months I dowsed  him and removed over  500 lost souls who had become attached to him on a like attracts like basis – He had suffered severe emotional stress as a child, caused by his father’s mental (and possibly sexual) abuse.  During this gradual process of removing spirits from him (as well as the resulting negative thought forms) he had experienced a roller-coaster of emotions ranging from euphoria to dark moments of doubt.  All part of the healing process.  But having now shed the energies, thought patterns and baggage of souls who had ‘hitched a lift’ with him since early childhood he feels at peace with himself for the first time in his life.  I am sure he won’t mind me sharing this snippet of his mail with you:

“…met up with lots of spiritual people 4 a discussion
I mentioned disembodied spirits attaching 2 peoples auras and chakras
Some guy with a bit of a large ego said “of course thats not possible”
Without hesitation I said “yes it is” and left it at that!”

Because of the very nature of human beings, such as the chap with the ‘swollen ego’ above, most are unwilling or unable to believe such revelations.  I have a bulging file  which contains evidence of this – built up over a decade  I have been dowsing and releasing attached spirits from 100’s of satisfied clients.  One day it will be common knowledge that we can all become ‘hosts to ghosts’!

As before, for those of you who do not follow my blogs regularly or who need a little more insight into the world of ghosts and spirits, please let me explain:

a.  We are all made of energy, just as is every piece of matter in the universe.  Approximately 3/4 of our body is made up of water.

b.  It has been proven scientifally that water  is effected by energy, ie if negative thoughts and words are deliberately aimed at a body of water the crystalline structure of its molecules will shrivel and become twisted and ‘sick’. (For a wonderful book on this subject see Masaru Emoto’s brilliant  Messages from Water and The Hidden Messages of Water .  And he is not paying me to say this!)  These contain beautiful photos that show you the physical proof that crystals formed in frozen water are affected by their physical reality!

It then  follows that our physical bodies absorb both positive and negative emotions and that thoughts, words and even deeds ingested during a lifetime are energies and can turn our own water crystals into healthy or diseased ones!

The Beutiful Lakes 2010

In my line of work I use the Japanese healing art of reiki to bring love (universal energy) to the body’s ‘waters’, which include the physical, emotional and spiritual waters too…and this has the effect of loosening anything stuck within your ‘waters’ and bringing them to the surface to be released.  Hence the very relaxing, stress releasing art of reiki – which I love to teach!

Taking this a step further, I use a pendulum dowser to test those waters not only for negative thought forms (that eventually accumulate to bring physical disease) but to dowse for any earthbound spirits (also known as disincarnate beings or ghosts).  Once found, I can telepathically speak to them and also see episodes of their lifetimes.  In the early days (a decade ago!) of my adventures with spirits I spent quite some time ‘counselling’ them individually and for 2 years kept a record of every single spirit rescue.  Now though, I have been given the ability to pass them over in large batches.   

c.  After a person’s physical body dies, the spirit vacates it and returns to the light of its origin, taking with it the mental and emotional patterns of its lifetime, including memories both good and bad.  If a person’s spiritual body fails to return to the light of its origin he or she becomes what we term a ghost, still retaining the mental and emotional patterns of its lifetime.

d . A ghost cannot generally be seen, heard or felt by most living humans but still has the capacity to take an interest in the living.  The law of attraction kicks in here when a ghost seeks places or other human beings who have experienced similar emotions or circumstances to them, either before or during the death process.  For example, if there was abuse in the ghosts life then they will attach to others in the same situation, often in an attempt to help but sometimes just out of curiosity or an urge to relive the pain and suffering.

e.  It therefore follows that a living person who has been ‘host to a ghost’ at any time in his or her life, even from being a small child, will be overlapped with the mental and emotional patterns of the ghost and sometimes there can be tens or hundreds of personalities blending with the living person’s energies.  This can (and does) cause sleeplessness, headaches, stress, recurrent nightmares, feelings of depression and worse.

Snow is water in a different form

On a ‘lighter’ note, help is always available to ‘shake off ‘ this excess water and carry on your own happy way!

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