Photo of ghostly galleon

25 02 2011

A client of mine sent me an email today asking for clearing of attachments she felt she had picked up, at the same time attaching a very interesting photograph, as below. 

Trisha's Photo

Trisha's Photo

Trisha:    “Thought you would like this……I took this picture last week along the great ocean road….just past  point where there had been many ships wrecks…..there are low lying rocks going quite along way out into sea which aren’t visible at night….and many ships have been lost…..
If you check out the position of the ‘object’ it is not even on the sea but actually quite a way above the horizon……so essentially floating in the sky……what do you see???
Interesting eh!!!! Open-mouth smile
Love Trishxxx

As soon as I saw it I recognised it to be a gostly galleon, obviously sent by the powers that be on the other side to draw attention to the lost souls who had perished in shipwrecks along this Australian coast. 

Enlarged versionEnlar

Enlarged version

Me:    Didn’t get your emails until late last night but was intrigued by the floating galleon in the sky!  I tuned in and heard ‘Mary Rose’ (but this is the name of the first British ship of Henry VIII’s and wouldn’t have been anywhere near Australia)  Mind you, if ghosts can be anywhere they please then why not make one appear just where it is needed – where ships were wrecked? I’ve tuned in to battle fields where battalions of men are seen and found only one or two needed rescuing, so this might be the same principle.   After being given the name ‘Mary Rose’ 2 spirits left (earthbound), then what sounded like Shepparton’ or ‘Sherington’ and ‘bully boys’, ‘trading centre’ and ‘Abolone’ and another 4 were instantly lifted…then ‘another 6 from along the shoreline, including a scuba diver!   So all in all 6 spirits rescued as a result of you sending that snap Trisha – but it IS brilliant isn’t it?
Reference you needing another session, I couldn’t help myself last night but decided just to dowse and clear your chakras for you and see if that is sufficient, rather than book an hour’s session.  Of course, there could be more to be released but I don’t think so as 67 spirits were trapped from your heart upwards only (mostly third eye) and released whereas you are well grounded and your sacral and solar plexus were fine.  If you still don’t feel right (you’ve obviously been trawling them as usual!!!) then I will only be too happy to book you in….Smile
Reference the terrible earthquakes experienced lately, I have been tuning in regularly and helping over souls by the dozen and think that those unfortunate enough to have died are all RIP bless them….

Trisha:    Hello lovely Jane… wow wow…..amazing, yes of course you can publish this piccy and yes add my name I’m sooo happy for you to do that….and thank you sooo sooo much for checking me over, it’s 8.45am here and I’m just coming round, I knew something had shifted for me in the night… I had some really vivid dreams…….and I do feel lighter today…..

I can’t thank you enough for being my angel across the oceans who keeps me up right…….
And it’s fantastic to know that those people connected to the ‘floating galleon’ are all safely back home : ) how amazing is that picture….and when I took the shot there was definitely nothing there……I only saw it as I uploaded my pictures onto the computer.
The picture was taken near a notorious ‘black spot’ where many ships and people have perished…….
Who knows what might happen next or what I might see or experience……amazing……
I will let you know if I feel like i need a ‘full session’ but so far so good…..I feel ‘more like me’ this morning so thank you again….
Lots of love from Australia TrishxxxxxRed lips

The haunted field of sausages and snakes!

23 02 2011

Last week I was called to a bungalow in the countryside, having spoken to the 83 year old widow who lives there who was advised by one of my friends to get in touch.  I cleared it long distance of about 42 spirits (she is very psychic and was seeing people all the time) but she also complained of being very hot at night and unable to get any sleep,  so I offered to do a home visit and give her the once over.

As soon as  I walked in to this immaculate home I sensed something very ‘dark’ down the corridor to my right, so turned left to chat with her in the main living room before tackling that.  As we talked and I explained to her what I do, my face crackled with spirit visitors, who seemed to be coming in through the bungalow window facing the big open field and also from the ground underneath. It was difficult to interrupt this very smart and amazingly young-minded 83 year old as she chatted about all her illnesses and operations but I had to, feeling many more pushing at the spiritual door to get out…

Dolores….I need to clear this room if that is okay with you?”

“Of course it is my dear…You just do what you have to do!” she said politely.

As my dowser hooks on to a lost soul it flips up into the air, flies to the left and…depending on how ready the soul is to leave….rotates in ever faster circles in a clockwise direction which indicates the vortex is opening.  It spins for various lengths of time (depending on how ‘stuck’ the spirit is) and then stops, sometimes abruptly, followed by either a few seconds of quivering while the soul ‘lands safely’ on the other side…or an exhuberant backwards and forwards to show that ‘yes, yes, yes! – I have arrived home safe and well’ (for example)

Dolores watched attentively as I spun the first spirit home.

“He had something to do with ‘sausages’,” I said…perhaps a butcher?”

“Oh goodness me!” said Dolores, “I keep saying ‘I must find a good sausage!'” (So the same old Law of Attraction again.  Either she kept saying this because she had a deceased butcher in her front room (she is very psychic) or by saying this she had attracted the deceased and earthbound butcher to her!)

Several more spirits followed, associated with horses and stables (“There’s a riding stables over in that direction…” said Dolores)   Another who had died in a fire, another who had been strangled ‘over there’ I said, pointing in the direction.  She gasped and said ‘someone WAS strangled there once!’…and so it went on.

When I had cleared this room and the kitchen I got to the ‘evil’ end and it took me ages to move one spirit after another and some of the visuals were weird, including an enormous, pale coloured slithery snake
“Oh, I FELT it!” she said….”It slithered down my side one night in bed!”  I don’t know how she had stayed in that bungalow on her own, do you?!  In her bedroom alone there were 20 spirits, mainly around the bed, some of which were gruesome in the extreme.  It was as though they had found an entrance hole under her bedroom and the energy was extremely dark and sticky, like treacle. Lots of diabolical things had been perpetrated in this land and as you can imagine, I was there for a long time sorting it all out! 
I saw a man in dark clothing from medieval time rush past her window on the other side of the house – he seemed to be fleeing from somebody….and hooked him safely into the loving vortex.
“I SAW him!” Dolores exclaimed…”When my husband was alive (she has lived there 40 years!) we were sitting here having a meal and I said to him ‘who was that?!  Blooming cheek…someone just ran past that window from the field!!”
At one stage I saw a knight on a horse galloping towards us through her window from that same field, his javelin pointing straight down the hall as he passed us, and felt that he was a spirit guide who had come to tackle the lower entities with me!  I picked up a lot of depressed people (“Oh, Olive is very depressed – my (living) friend who comes round to talk to me, poor thing…oh and so-and-so has recently lost his wife, next door….and so the sadness continued.)
After countless more souls had been discovered and helped across it was time to give Dolores some reiki and dowse her energy centres for trapped spirits.  For 20 mts I got her to breathe in and out of her chakra flowers (red, orange, yellow, pink and green, blue, indigo and white, in order from her lower spine to her head) – opening them with her imagination on the in breath and closing them tightly on the out breath to cleanse and expel unwanted energy which I then cleared with my dowser – In this way, I discovered and released many more spirits.  This probably explains why she felt so hot at night as, coupled with the many 100’s trapped in and under her home, that was a lot of heat being generated!  Quite a few of the spirits had undergone similar operations to her or suffered the same ailments.
She had been a very psychic child and having had several serious brushes with death over her lifetime lots of the trapped ones had been with her for 80 years up to the present time!  She recognised many visuals and the odd nameI repeated out loud as I released each spirit in turn, such as an old fashioned grocery shop with biscuits behind glass doors at eye level to children and old fashioned polished wood counters with strings and canisters to put the money into, which was then sent ‘upstairs’ to the cashier, who put the change inside and sent it back along the string…and friends of her mothers who hadn’t passed for example …Lots of reminiscing going on!
After I’d finished (101 spirits moved from her alone!) the atmosphere felt benign once more but she booked another session for herself in a couple of weeks.  As I was leaving she told me about her microwave pinging all the time and how her son didn’t believe her and said he’d take it off her hands (it was new)….only to report that it did the same thing over and over again, as though someone had set it for ‘pork and beef sausages’ before it pinged!  She didn’t cotton on that the first spirit was connected with sausages until I reminded her…What spirits will do to attract attention eh, poor souls?!

Could you be host to a ghost?

10 02 2011

This morning I received an email from a client who has been fighting his ‘inner demons’ for most of his adult life.    Over several sessions and several months I dowsed  him and removed over  500 lost souls who had become attached to him on a like attracts like basis – He had suffered severe emotional stress as a child, caused by his father’s mental (and possibly sexual) abuse.  During this gradual process of removing spirits from him (as well as the resulting negative thought forms) he had experienced a roller-coaster of emotions ranging from euphoria to dark moments of doubt.  All part of the healing process.  But having now shed the energies, thought patterns and baggage of souls who had ‘hitched a lift’ with him since early childhood he feels at peace with himself for the first time in his life.  I am sure he won’t mind me sharing this snippet of his mail with you:

“…met up with lots of spiritual people 4 a discussion
I mentioned disembodied spirits attaching 2 peoples auras and chakras
Some guy with a bit of a large ego said “of course thats not possible”
Without hesitation I said “yes it is” and left it at that!”

Because of the very nature of human beings, such as the chap with the ‘swollen ego’ above, most are unwilling or unable to believe such revelations.  I have a bulging file  which contains evidence of this – built up over a decade  I have been dowsing and releasing attached spirits from 100’s of satisfied clients.  One day it will be common knowledge that we can all become ‘hosts to ghosts’!

As before, for those of you who do not follow my blogs regularly or who need a little more insight into the world of ghosts and spirits, please let me explain:

a.  We are all made of energy, just as is every piece of matter in the universe.  Approximately 3/4 of our body is made up of water.

b.  It has been proven scientifally that water  is effected by energy, ie if negative thoughts and words are deliberately aimed at a body of water the crystalline structure of its molecules will shrivel and become twisted and ‘sick’. (For a wonderful book on this subject see Masaru Emoto’s brilliant  Messages from Water and The Hidden Messages of Water .  And he is not paying me to say this!)  These contain beautiful photos that show you the physical proof that crystals formed in frozen water are affected by their physical reality!

It then  follows that our physical bodies absorb both positive and negative emotions and that thoughts, words and even deeds ingested during a lifetime are energies and can turn our own water crystals into healthy or diseased ones!

The Beutiful Lakes 2010

In my line of work I use the Japanese healing art of reiki to bring love (universal energy) to the body’s ‘waters’, which include the physical, emotional and spiritual waters too…and this has the effect of loosening anything stuck within your ‘waters’ and bringing them to the surface to be released.  Hence the very relaxing, stress releasing art of reiki – which I love to teach!

Taking this a step further, I use a pendulum dowser to test those waters not only for negative thought forms (that eventually accumulate to bring physical disease) but to dowse for any earthbound spirits (also known as disincarnate beings or ghosts).  Once found, I can telepathically speak to them and also see episodes of their lifetimes.  In the early days (a decade ago!) of my adventures with spirits I spent quite some time ‘counselling’ them individually and for 2 years kept a record of every single spirit rescue.  Now though, I have been given the ability to pass them over in large batches.   

c.  After a person’s physical body dies, the spirit vacates it and returns to the light of its origin, taking with it the mental and emotional patterns of its lifetime, including memories both good and bad.  If a person’s spiritual body fails to return to the light of its origin he or she becomes what we term a ghost, still retaining the mental and emotional patterns of its lifetime.

d . A ghost cannot generally be seen, heard or felt by most living humans but still has the capacity to take an interest in the living.  The law of attraction kicks in here when a ghost seeks places or other human beings who have experienced similar emotions or circumstances to them, either before or during the death process.  For example, if there was abuse in the ghosts life then they will attach to others in the same situation, often in an attempt to help but sometimes just out of curiosity or an urge to relive the pain and suffering.

e.  It therefore follows that a living person who has been ‘host to a ghost’ at any time in his or her life, even from being a small child, will be overlapped with the mental and emotional patterns of the ghost and sometimes there can be tens or hundreds of personalities blending with the living person’s energies.  This can (and does) cause sleeplessness, headaches, stress, recurrent nightmares, feelings of depression and worse.

Snow is water in a different form

On a ‘lighter’ note, help is always available to ‘shake off ‘ this excess water and carry on your own happy way!

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