From little fairies to a naked man ~ all in a day’s spirit rescue work!

26 06 2013

Enroute to Calke Abbey on 10th June, Mike and I travelled along the A453, being widened by diggers ripping into the adjacent fields like metal monsters, acres of green fields turned brown with soil to be smothered in concrete roads. When we reached the end of this road I felt my eyes physically trying to cross, so crowded had my third eye become with emotional, spiritual and psychic stress emanating from the land and the spirits whose playground was being bulldozed: forty one of these nature spirits being transmuted to the light of their origin and leaving me with a fortification spectrum migraine that didn’t disperse until we reached the Ladies toilet of Calke Abbey, where I was able to remove tons more emotion stuck to my third eye along with another huge batch of fairies. This time I could see little children with wings: disturbed and murdered fairy folk 😦

Having cleared lost souls at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire many years ago, I didn’t expect to find any more in need of help on this later visit …but I was wrong! Perhaps it was because there were hardly any human visitors to the house and so the few shy lost ones were able to approach me without disturbance.

The first room in the Abbey is crammed full of stuffed animal heads ~ a common sight in Victorian days which does not sit right with us in modern times. Completely alone with my husband, I was able to dowse all the beautiful creatures for any souls that had not crossed the veil after their deaths. The magnificent creatures included stags, bulls and pretty-faced cattle. NINETEEN of these were not resting in peace.

The Trust volunteers, completely oblivious to my rescue mission, smiled sweetly and ushered us into the next room ~ where there were more of the same. “The family collected specimens from around the estate and also from all over the world; it was what they did,” explained the next Guide, when we expressed our distaste. Only two of these hundreds of souls needed help this time.

Yet another room, mostly stuffed birds, and two needing help. In a courtyard leading to the tea room (yes! :-)) we stopped to peek into a Tack room. I immediately connected to the spirit of a pony named Ginger and moved him over.

In a stone tunnel leading to the huge kitchen and servants’ quarters I jumped to see a naked man spirit on all fours scuttling in the cold and dark, trying to hide; debased and debauched and in need of love and tenderness. He was described as a ‘faggot’ and the imprint of his life’s experiences were unrepeatable. (Mike told me a faggot is an old term for a homosexual and in Oscar Wilde’s time, for example, it was illegal and resulted in the latter being jailed.)

In yet another quiet stairway leading to a bathroom and general storage room with children’s toys I met a young boy William ~ who was only interested in drinking his ‘Tizer’; a fizzy pop drink of the ‘fifties and ‘sixties. All in a day’s work! ❤

Caught on Camera – My Spirit Guide!

7 03 2012
Spot the Orb?

Spot the Orb?

Two white doves were taking a drink from my fountain when they looked startled.  Yes, I was taking their photograph through the kitchen window, but they seemed to notice something unseen to the human eye, to their left (our right).  After the pictures were downloaded to my computer I zoomed in to have a closer look…

A closer look...

A closer look…

Floating inside an ORB – top right – was quite clearly the face of a man.  I dowsed to ask who he was…. He was not a lost soul in need of help to go home… He was not a ‘nature spirit’….He was Fraser, one of my very first Spirit Guides, with me since I started on my writing journey, channelling the thoughts and words of wisdom from those in the spirit world (‘Ghostwriters in the Sky – A Soul is Forever, Not Just a Lifetime’ ) soon to be published.

I will attempt to crop the picture a little more and change the colour saturation so that you can see him a little closer, but Fraser told me (after a decade of working with him!) that his name is spelt PHRASER – Not a word to be found in the dictionary but obviously someone from the spirit world who has helped me with phrasing my words during my writing career!  Sometimes, while in full flow with my writing (Ghostwriters has taken 5 years to prepare!), I would stop and contemplate my next word or ‘PHRASE’ and the words would slot into my mind – often words of which I’d never heard.  (Imagine my joy at looking them up in the dictionary and discovering they were perfect!)

PHRASER is bald, wears glasses – and I am so grateful that he manifested himself inside an ORB so that I could show him off to you!  We all have Spirit Guides watching over us.  They are people we have known in other lifetimes – friends, family, loved ones – who elect to watch over and guide us during this lifetime.  Isn’t that AMAZING? 🙂

 Now do you see him?

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