A Day in the Life of a psychic dog and a Spirit Medic

4 08 2011
Thank the Lord.  Now I can get a bit of peace!

Thank the Lord. Now I can get a bit of peace!

Although I’ve had little spare time to write any blogs recently, hardly a day goes by without some sort of spiritual incident in our lives.  Our dog Sam (the subject of previous blogs) is very sensitive to spirit, whether it be earthbound people who have crammed themselves into our living room or earthbound animals who make his hair stand on end – especially if they are bigger than him!

Spooky eyed Sam saying 'oo-er....see those orbs behind me????"
Spooky eyed Sam saying ‘oo-er….see those orbs behind me????”

He has very long, elegant white legs and carries with him an air of royalty (when we first got him the nature spirits in our garden named him ‘the royal diadem’, when our previous mischievous dog Murphy was known to them as ‘paddy paws’!) Normally Sam can be seen spread out on the rug like an expensive silk gown or lolling on the settee with an elegant paw dangling while the other covers his eyes as though shielding them from the light or saying ‘I don’t want to look!’ when all his spooky visitors arrive. (One or two orbs can be seen behind his terrified self in this photo!) So you can imagine my amazement when I came in from shopping one day to see him SITTING on top of my husband (He is a big dog), who was trying to read his book in the corner of the settee. As soon as I entered he rushed to my side, sat down, looked me straight in the eye and whimpered – and sure enough the house was full of spirits needing a lift home.  Another time, I sat at my laptop at the table, lost in my own world, when his long snout appeared between my legs, wormed its way on to my lap, followed by his head and both long paws!  He seriously thought he could climb on to my lap!  Again, a few minutes of checking the house and all deceased but earthbound spirits were safely moved on their way.  Several times he followed me into the garden and elegantly lifted his long legs up on to my shoulders to do a little dance – anything to attract attention to the ‘lost ones’!  This happened for a whole week and by the end of it he was frazzled, as you can imagine.  I have been used to this sort of spirit activity for over a decade but Sam has only been with us for 2 years.

Today I accompanied my husband on a work trip and despite planning to leave by 11 am we were delayed by phone calls that had to be taken and as we got into the car to leave I suddendly realised I’d left my reading glasses inside.  Michael kindly offered to go back inside to fetch them but after several minutes returned saying they were not where I’d said they were and despite a search he could not find them.   Eventually, however, we set off – over an hour later than planned – and headed to Warwickshire from our home in West Bridgford, Notts.

After some miles we were cruising east along the M69 when we noticed a bright yellow helicopter had landed in a field alongside the motorway on the opposite carriageway, some way into the distance.  As we approached it was obvious there had been a terrible accident as debris from one or more cars was scattered over the carriageway, there were medics hurrying around and policemen had stopped the three lanes of traffic.   A small pickup truck was veered against the crash barriers facing towards us and as we passed I noticed medics reaching down inside the front, which seemed completely crumpled.  Although a terrible thing to witness, I felt calm as I said a prayer for the victims of the crash and made a mental note to check that nobody had been fatally wounded.

However, it was as though a massive water bomb of abject despair was suddenly dropped on me from above as I was engulfed with feelings that weren’t my own.  “Oh God! Don’t make me go!….Don’t make me go!… ” came the telepathic thoughts of someone in complete shock.  Was it the man from the crushed truck?  Had he died before they could get him to the helicopter? I sobbed his sobs as I clung to my wildly spinning dowser, fighting to keep calm for his sake as my empathy engulfed his spirit.

“I don’t know what to do!” I said to Michael as he tried to keep his eyes on the road while we passed mile upon mile of three lanes of motorway traffic and I continued to hold on to this man’s spirit, keeping it up as though in a bowl of love.  Supposing they are trying to resucscitate him and I am keeping his spirit from returning?  Who am I to play God?  Maybe it’s not his time?”

I couldn’t and wouldn’t make him go to the light but neither could I let him go (ie stop my dowser spinning)!  But his angels were adamant that I should keep this poor man’s spirit in this loving bowl until they could come to his rescue – and eventually (after a long 3 mts of our time) my dowser stopped dead, registering his arrival on the other side.

“Is he now resting in peace?” is always my first question.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!  He is eternally grateful to you!” came the response.

“Did I do the right thing?  Maybe I shouldn’t have hooked on to him.  Perhaps I should have left him and checked that he hadn’t become stuck further down the line?”

“Yes! Yes! No!” came his angels’ responses.  They explained that as we passed the scene of the accident his spirit was hovering above the road in a complete state of shock and my own spirit had reached out and embraced him (albeit unconsciously) and just like those physical medics doing their best to save his life on the road I had taken over to  administer spiritual care via his angels, who were able to access his soul via my crown.

“Thank you Jane.  You saved him from a living hell.    They would have been at liberty to resuscitate him but he was a mess.  He would have ended up on life support but would eventually have died anyway. “

“Was this end written into his life chart?” (We all come to earth with a rough map of where we are going for our lifetime’s experiences and this includes several ‘let out’ clauses where we can choose to return to our real home on the other side).

“He did not plan this accident – Even though it was a total fluke we (his personal team of angels and spirit guides, who we all have watching out for us) were able to intervene on his behalf.  Why do you think your journey was delayed this morning?  Rightiousness has been served, to the Glory of God!”

“What is he doing now?”

“He is deployed on other tasks to take his mind off what he had to leave behind. He will be cradled and nursed through his shock for several weeks of your earth time.”

“Is there anything else I can pass on?”

“Make sure you get up early for breakfast!” came this unexpected reminder, I assume to get me to pack up this quick note to you and get a reasonable night after such an emotional day.

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