Little boy ghost at Antique Roadshows

25 10 2011

On 9th October 2011 I was busy with my work when my ears pricked up at something someone said on the Antiques Roadshow.

The lady with the wonderful Minnie and Mickey mouse toys, valued at a staggering £3-£4,000, told the expert that her mother’s brother had been given to them whilst in hospital.  He was only 11 years old and although I hadn’t heard the rest of the story, as soon as she said ‘he had them in hospital with him until he died’ my face tingled, as it does when the veil between the physical and the spiritual joins.  It feels rather like a gossamer web gently being laid over my cheekbones!

“They were wrapped in a pillow case after he died,” said the lady who had brought them in for valuation….”until 6 hours ago” she added.   Was it the spirit of the little boy (her uncle) who led her to unwrap that pillowcase and take it to the Roadshow?  What were the chances of me seeing and hearing that act of serendipity?

Immediately, I picked up my dowser to connect with her uncle’s 11 year old spirit, just to check that he had passed all those years ago.  He had not.  His grief kept him tied to the comfort of those Minnie and Mickey Mouse toys for too long.  How had the adults in his family reacted to his death?  Obviously they would have been devastated and he didn’t want to leave them.  As I have discovered many times over more than a decade helping such lost souls to return to the light, if a spirit leaves within three months of the death of his or her physical body, he can still pass safely without the aid of a lightworker such as myself.

Without a word, his buoyed spirit now jumped back into the pool of light with which he had been reconnected and he was safely home within 60 seconds.  There to meet him were the family members who had passed safely at the end of their own lifetimes.  They had apparently guided his neice towards the toys and encouraged her to take them to the Roadshow and were now exhuberant in their love and gratitude as I saw them hug the little boy in the long shorts.  His own father (the lady’s grandfather) plucked the peaked cap from his head and ruffled his hair as the boy looked proudly down at a shiny badge pinned to his blazer over his chest.   Had this all been planned in order to help others to understand that physical objects are just things and can’t be taken with you when you leave…..If they mean that much to you they can be replicated with just a thought once you are back into the light of heaven/nirvana/paradise – whatever you personally think of the light of our origin – Anything can be created with the power of thought, including our own futures and the future health of our own beloved planet.  Just remember to ask the Angels for help as they are not allowed to intervene with our ‘free will’ until we ASK them to!

‘Every nice girl loves a (ghostly) sailor!’

17 10 2011

Just need to take a moment to share some more incredible spirit stories with you! My neice – a very nice girl – face-booked me last week to ask whether I could check her and her mum (who is prone to picking up lost souls, especially ‘bag ladies’ ha ha!) as follows:

Enya: ‘Hello – me and mum have been seeing stuff and things and wanted to know if u would do your cyristal on us plz xx we r seeing a sailor with a blue and white striped top xx love u loads xx’

I tuned in to find there were several stuck souls in their home, including among others another ‘bag lady’ attached to my sister, Enya’s Mum.  I also found quite a troop of sailors and was told they were from ‘HMS Pinafore’.….(My spirit helpers count how many are going through the Gate and give me a category)  Had there been a lot of emotion in the household recently, which would only be normal with a couple of young teenagers in the house, perhaps attracting the inquisitive 14 lost souls?  Spirit was certainly fond of 12 year old Enya, referring to her as ‘gorgeous’ as they were lifted into the light, which boosted her self esteem no end!

Linda: ‘Just out of interest, our neighbour died last Tuesday, we didnt get on at all + had a lot of dirty looks from visiting family! Thats when she started seeing the sailor, wonder if he used 2 be in the  navy?!  He (the ghost) was outside our house looking in, freaked her out!! She is ok now,  thanks 2 u again!  I replied:

Me‘Ooh, that explains it then Linda…’teens’ and hormones and emotions are like a fly to fly paper if you know what I mean?  So glad she’s better now and you’re welcome!  Was just going to facebook that HMS Pinafore was not a real ship (I googled it late last night) but a comic opera  (in two acts) from Gilbert and Sullivan from 1878…!!!’  (Like attracts like don’t forget!)

But as soon as I opened the googled window for ‘HMS Pinafore’ I literally opened the spiritual window for all lost souls connected with that opera and was practically thrown off my chair, my heart missing a physical beat.  In that second I felt I’d been hit by a cloud of light (the angels directing lost souls this way!) I literally clung to my wildly spinning dowser for ten long minutes up until 11.30 pm.  Every actor and actress who was ever involved in this opera (which ran for 571 performances) and had not left the stage at the end of their lifetimes hitched a lift on the light waves.

Me:  ‘Try getting your teeth cleaned, clothes off etc with one hand LOL!’ I messaged to my sister, having to carry my whirling dowser upstairs while I got ready for bed, careful not to catch it on the walls, the bathroom tiles or the wardrobe mirror!  ‘In the opera there was a large chorus of sailors so even though it was fantasy it still meant I was being led to help 300 more souls through ‘Enya the gorgeous’ seeing that ghostly sailor messenger!  Looks like you’ll be in for more adventures on the ocean of spirit sis! ‘

Amusingly, and quite unconsciously, Enya had left a simple facebook message before all this saying ‘I’m board’ – perhaps reflecting those sailors and hundreds of lost souls jumping ‘aboard’ for a lift home?

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