Genghis Kahn still in limbo after 782 years!

31 07 2009

Everyone has heard of his name, but like me, do you have any idea who he is?!

A few days ago my daughter asked ‘is Genghis Kahn resting in peace mum?’ but she didn’t let on why she wanted to know, so I naturally stopped what I was doing and whisked my dowser from my pocket ….and the spirit of this man was dangling at the end, stuck in purgatory, worming his way out from a ‘mountainside grave’!

Several other Tibetan soldiers followed, then there was a pause as my spirit guides sought out those connected with him and also in need of rescue.

The portal of light through which they were sucked opened wider as many unsuspecting ghostly soldiers and warriors , many stuck in a moment of vicious battle and sudden death,  joined the throng – an unusual sight as I glimpsed several bare feet under robes moving up and away from me into the vacuum of love – bizarrely as though they had stripped to their underwear!  Were they buried in white robes I wondered?

A pause gave me a head count of between 12-1300 of these ghostly soldiers, as well as another x72  ‘warriors’!

More and more were guided through until by the end of the day we were topping the million!!!

Of course, I had to find out more about Genghis Kahn himself and discovered he was in fact the Emporor of the Mongol Empire, the largest empire in history!

A day of so later I asked my spiritual guides whether Kahn had anything he wished to say, not expecting much.  His first comment was ‘staid middle class’ – Was he referring to me?  I hope not! 

My Empire!” he called back in stilting English.  He bowed with deep respect. “Stability needed.” came the short message.  “Going wrong.  Stubborn (he paused to think of the word) ass? (and showed me a ‘mule’)  It was easier for him to show me than to speak through a translator and what I saw was a long robed oriental gentleman dancing in bare feet and holding ‘light sticks’ aloft  (enlightenment) ….and believe it or not he was joined by THE GROUCHO BROTHERS!  (Who feature heavily in my new book and were obviously demonstrating that no matter what creed or crime, we are all brothers and sisters in light!)

I never did find out why his name suddenly popped into my daughter’s mind – perhaps it is a case of ‘like mother like daughter’?

My guides popped back after I’d typed this page onto my blog with ‘Samuri and Japanese warfare’ and off we went again…….

Ghosts of the Irish Famine

31 07 2009

I read that between 1845 and 1848 a MILLION Irish people starved to death or died as a result of epidemics and that a further 1.5 million emigratedbecause of the unbearable living conditions and the fact that the country was depopulated:
Strange you should mention it as in the 1860’s the biggest ethnic group after Americans were Irish” said my husband, his nose in a favourite book. “30% of the 7th Cavalry,who fought with General Custer (RIP) in the Battle of the Little Big horn were Irish. (The Indian Wars) This means that approximately 80 of 260 who died were therefore Irish!”

Naturally, I dowsed for any lost souls from the above as well as the million who died during the famine, and 376 passed.  THEY GATHERED IN LANES AND FIELDS, PINPOINTS OF LIGHT WHICH JOINED THE ONE MAIN BEAM SENT TO PICK THEM UP AND TAKE THEM HOME….! Such JOY!  The END OF THEIR SUFFERINGS! ^i^

Ghosts have Feelings too…Lyndon B Johnson (1908-1973) included!

23 07 2009

Monday 20 July 2009

Unable to sleep because of severe shooting pains in my right foot, I cupped it in my hands and sent myself healing. Immediately a  face appeared to my right (I had my eyes closed) ; a big masculine face, frowning deeply through strong dark eyebrows, thin dark strands of hair falling in damp spindles over his sweaty forehead. He floated there in the void for an age as I waited for an introduction which never came. Who is he? I asked my spiritual guides.  By his tortured expression he was in the throes of agony and I had to help him. Still grasping my right foot, I allowed his name to float to me;:

“Who was Lyndon B Johnson again?” I asked my husband as I opened the vortex of light so that my spirit visitor could find his way home. (The ghosts of six hundred and sixty soldiers also rushed into the vortex alongside him, one of whom had been ‘shot in the foot.’)

“Oh, he was one of the presidents of the United States: Responsible, I think, for the escalation in the Vietnam war…” Perhaps this explained the soldiers who passed with him? Perhaps he had gathered the ghosts of this terrible, grueling conflict together to bring them for help, which would explain the beads of sweat dripping from his frowning forehead? Perhaps he felt he had to pay his penance?

How ironic that the 36th President of the United States should be wandering in purgatory for 36 years!  It transpires that he succeeded the assassinated John F Kennedy, someone who contributed to Ghost Writers in the Sky. Who says that this Blog is not Spirit Led?

“He and I are buddies…” came Johnson and Kennedy’s twinned voices from the other side!

“Why did  LBJ remain earthbound after his death all those years ago? I asked.

“I couldn’t stand the conflict; I couldn’t face myself; the guilt…the shame” (Ironically, he died the same day as a ceasefire was signed by Vietnam) As he spoke, several soldiers in combats patted him reassuringly on his big shoulders and he shed a tear for the compassion which now surrounds him: The unconditional love and forgiveness that is wending its way into the ‘hole’ of the world.

Another two lost souls were ‘sent for’ and joined LBJ – ‘Pappy’ O’Daniel’, who it turns out was W Lee O’Daniel (1890-1969), the Governor of Texas at the time Johnson ran for the Senate in 1941 and Senator Richard Russell (1897-1971) When asked what kept them earthbound, the former joked he was ‘old and crusty’ (he was once part of a group named the Doughboys!) and the latter ‘Devotion to Duty – Here I Am!’ –

“Here we are again; happy as can be!’’

What if Spirits could Blog?

9 07 2009

DECEASED FAMOUS  personalities past and present speak to Jane Hunting in order to enlighten the world on life FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A GHOST and WHAT LIES BEYOND DEATH…

Who is resting in Peace? Who is in need of spirit rescue? What messages do they have for the world?

Ghost of British Comic Actor Arthur Askey and Film Director Val Guest rescued!

7 07 2009

This evening I sent remote healing to a client and noticed that below the naval she was freezing – a sure sign that she was releasing lots of childhood trauma – but it was her heart that was crying out to be cleared.

A total of 102 earthbound spirits were released from here in a frenzy of activity and ahead of the queue was British comic Arthur Askey (1900-1982)! 

“All hail to the Queen!  God save the Queen,”  someone called back only minutes after his release,  leaving me confused.  He had been stuck in limbo for 27 years after dying in London of unspecified causes – but he did have his legs amputated due to a circulation problem and maybe this was the reason I felt frozen energy around my client’s lower body? 

I later checked to make sure he had made it safely among the scrabble of other ‘troupers’ and I wasn’t disappointed.  Knowing I planned to blog him he said: 

“Forget it – It’s a non-starter!”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Anyone who remembers me can read it from up ‘ere!”  he laughed.  “Disgraceful!”

“What is?”

“Politicians!…That’s the buzzword now isn’t it?  They should earn an honest crust, just like I had to!”  (Proving that ghosts can keep track of the latest news!)  “Lizzy’s here!  Queen Lizzy I used to call her!” (His wife’s name was Elizabeth and died in 1974, going straight over to the other side, as most of us do) 

 I asked whether his leg amputation had anything to do with him staying earthbound. 

“It’s bloody awful hobbling about without me legs.  You try it! It helped me keep my nose to the ground though,” he laughed – willing and able to laugh at his own expense, even after death! 

Imagine my amazement when I found that he served in WWI and that the ‘troupers’ he moved over with also included ‘troopers’ – comrades who had not yet passed – plus another special ‘Guest Star’, Valmond Grossman (known as Val Guest – 1911-2006), a London born film director who died in California.  And the connection with Askey?  He wrote a film that Askey appeared in (1941) – and it just happens to have been called – THE GHOST TRAIN ! 

And as for “All hail to the Queen!  – Could this be because in the 1970’s  a joke was banded about by Private Eye that as he was only just over 5 feet tall he might be mistaken for the Queen Mother in drag? All at once I was enlightened!  His wife just happened to be called Elizabeth but so, obviously, was the Queen Mother! –  “Lizzy’s here!  Queen Lizzy I used to call her!”  Well! 

“Keep up the good work…” Her Majesty waved gently with yet another white gloved hand!


What does Jacko have to say from heaven? And Farrah Fawcett?

4 07 2009

Friday 26 June 2009

My son asks me if I’ve heard the news ‘about ‘Whacko Jacko’.

“Who?” (That’s how little I know about pop idols)

“He’ll be a good one for your book…” he said, but I resisted checking to see whether Michael Jackson’s spirit had flown.   It was too much of an assignment to handle as far as I was concerned..

Later on that morning I drive my children to IKEA when suddenly my face feels as though it has been jammed into a bucket of jellyfish! Jacko’s spirit is being diverted to me for assistance!  As soon as we arrive I go and hide in a toilet cubicle to speak to the childhood image I have seen of Michael Jackson playing in his own Neverland… Why would he seek me out?  I see an image of the Earth from the perspective of a child laying in the grass and realise this is the only place he feels truly happy.  He needs help to leave so I boost his energy and he lands safely in ‘nirvana’!

“Don’t stop me now!” he sings, twirling on his fantastic feet, and Queen’s song continues: “I’m having a good time!”  Then the record suddenly changes – “Yippee I Oh!  Yippee I Ay! Ghost Writers in the Sky!”  It is Jim Morrison, giving me a new name for their book! (This member of Doors appears in chapter 31 of Ghost Writers in the Sky – SOON TO BE PUBLISHED)

9 pm BUZZ!  Jackson is back in my spiritual inbox and there is not a moment to waste as I grab my notepad and scribble his words as they come:

“I like England!  It is very pretty.  Lambs skip in the fields.  Primroses.  Daffodils.  Pride!”

I hear an organ play; Church music….

Argh,, look what they’ve done to the world.  Isn’t it sad? Iconic status granted me but I am just like you and everyone else – all human beings with spirit which has broken off and floated away from the Godhead.  All born to be geniuses:  White suits?…We all own one!  Lift up your chins.  Be proud of your selves; your every achievement.”

“Is this Jacko?” I ask, just to be sure.

“Yes! Blog me!  My suit was ruined.  My pants torn.  My crown ripped from my head.  But I was innocent of all those charges laid before me.  I love.  I love my children.  I am love.  You are love.  We are all of the one Father.  Tweed suits?  Dirty suits?  White suits?  What colour suits you?   Look at yourselves.  Look what you’ve done to the world.  Isn’t it sad?”

I hear ‘grotto’ and ‘escapism’ and ‘slide onto your butts!’ and suddenly a tornado of spirits is sucked up as my dowser swirls on and on and on releasing over 6,000 spirits.  Jacko is ahead of them, leading them aboard “the Noah’s Ark.” – ‘Poor, rich, goslings of the golden son, flea bitten, vagrants, tramps, bums, waifs and strays.’

Jackson shows me his gloved hand and points a white finger straight at my nose (at the end of which the psychic chakra is situated).  He swirls a nifty two step, “a neat move’” and places a crown on my head.  He is gone.  


 29 August 2009 I ask him about the truth behind newspaper allegations that his death was due to negligence on the part of his doctor.  His reply?  “I forced him!”    

What of 1970’s iconic actress FARRAH FAWCETT, who died of cancer age 62 around the same time?

Upon checking that she is indeed resting in peace she replies with a simple:

      “Yes thank you.  God Bless you in all your timely work.” 

Friday 3 July 2009

The black thunder clouds which have gathered after a blistering hot week carry earthbound spirits from around the world who set off our Mondeo car alarm at 7.20 am and intermittently throughout most of the day.   Millions of souls are carried via the torrential rain (water is a conductor for spirit) and I spend hour upon hour moving them onwards and upwards.

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