The alchemy of love

17 02 2014

Regular readers of my spirit rescue blogs will know that I transmute earthbound spirits through unconditional love, but there is a certain ‘magic’ involved in my missions. Last night my cell phone rang its ’emergency help line’ ring tone (see blog of 8/11/2013 re Heavenly Angels Calling!) and simultaneously Sam the (psychic) dog jumped up from his place of slumber on the couch beside me and stood to attention in front of me, ears pricked high in anticipation, dark brown eyes wide with expectation.
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Husband Mike shot me a knowing look and muted the television in respect while I picked up my dowser and moved one, then two then eventually thirty eight lost souls, now transmuted to the Light of heaven. Sam still stood gazing at me. It was now time to dowse HIM for attachments and sure enough another thirty eight earthbound animal souls were released from his aura, one by one. His response was to shake himself, as though he had emerged from a bathtub, and stare intently at the door. Experience had taught him that some more visitors were likely…but our mission had been accomplished.

As I stooped to retrieve the tapestry I had been working on, I noticed a small box tucked out of my previous line of sight behind the couch. ‘What’s this?‘ I asked Mike, who had not seen it before either. Written on the front were the words ‘100 POSTCARDS OF OUR PAST’ from ENGLISH HERITAGE. Our son, a history buff, had obviously left them by mistake on a previous visit. From an archive of more than 12 million documents preserved by English Heritage were images of late nineteenth century to late ’60’s photographs of architecture and social history.
floods 2014 012 Through these evocative images of our past my helper Angels had trawled time to scoop lost souls ~ both human and animal ~ into the net of love, for onward transmission to the light of their origin.

Please don’t ignore my Loving Adventures with the world of Earthbound Spirits!

3 03 2013

The subject of death is not all doom and gloom I can assure those who never dare glance at any of my Blogs! The following examples might just tempt you to see that I work from UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, which brings with it JOY and HUMOUR too…

Love with all your Heart!

Love with all your Heart!

When a person dies and does not quite reach the other side (the place to which we all return after our physical body can no longer sustain our spirit), they become trapped in a no-man’s land, often attaching to places or people with whom they were associated during their lifetimes. When someone attending my spiritual support group (now disbanded because of my huge workload), for example, asked me whether their recently deceased Dad was ‘okay?’, my dowser flung itself backwards and forwards, indicating an exuberant ‘yes, yes, yes!’ – and not only was he happily settled on the other side, but he had found that Aunt Nelly (“Oh, yes, Dad did have an Aunt Nelly!”) was missing from home and needed assistance to leave.  The joy of helping just one soul missing from Home is indescribable!

One regular attendee brought along her lady boss, who was inquisitive but not quite a believer, and when I honed in on her heart centre I found several earthbound spirits had become attached to her so moved them over in a huge vortex of joy, accompanied by the sound of ‘oompah-pah, oompah-pah’! Her eyes immediately welled up and there was a stunned silence as she was choked with emotion. I apologised that I may have inadvertently upset her but she replied “It’s okay…it’s alright,” grabbing another tissue… “It’s just that my father-in-law died recently – and he was the leader of a big brass band…!” Safely on the other side after his death, he had gathered missing friends and family inside the heart centre of his beloved daughter-in-law, knowing she would be attending the meeting and that they would all be safely reunited once more.

Often a joke or two or a short message is channelled, raising a chortle amongst the ladies, whose eyes were glued to the antics of my dowser.  This swings in various modes, performing chaotic bounces in the air when a particular ‘ghost’ has a lot to complain about or does not particularly want to be helped on their way! We all have free will, even after death, and I will never force a trapped soul to leave, but merely attract their attention to any waiting relatives on the other side and if that doesn’t work, remind them that if they don’t take this opportunity to leave, when their surviving family in turn pass on they will be devastated to find him or her missing from home, inevitably too late! Huge batches of particularly strong spirits require me to cling determinedly to my dowser and often it will stop dead immediately afterwards as rescue workers on the other side check that all have been delivered safely to their original home….. It will then swing gently to and fro in confirmation.

Once night only three ladies turned up the group due to the fact it was polling night 2010. (Labour were to be ousted from governmental charge and Conservative and Liberal Democrats to have joint responsibilities in running the country.)  I don’t generally classify myself as a medium offering such services, but that night I found myself opening my mouth and speaking without thinking, asking if anyone knew anyone on the other side who might be tuning in and could have a message. “My Dad?” asked one of them. It was the father of the lady whose Aunt Nelly had been missing from home but was now joyfully in her right place on the other side.

Immediately, her father sang the first few lines of a classical overture, which I obligingly repeated for his daughter, accompanied by an invisible baton in the air. Her eyes welled up. Then he looked inside a brown coat jacket and indicated something was in his pocket. It was a pipe. His daughter raised her hand to her mouth and took a gulp. “Dad died of cancer of the oesophagus due to smoking a pipe. He also had a great passion for Beethoven and that piece you sung was his favourite. He used to sit and listen to it in raptures, using a pretend baton to conduct.” At the next meeting he wore a kilt (‘Oh yes, mum and dad used to go to Scotland every year – although dad never wore a kilt. Obviously he is trying something new!) Then he showed me a bag and fished out lots of little objects. He juggled them in the air and looking closer I realised they were pipes. He obviously had a brilliant sense of humour as this was his way of telling his daughter he was also learning to play the (bag)pipes!

The conductor of my own orchestra continues to help both those on this side of the veil to believe in the continuance of the soul and those who have become trapped on earth and need directing to the heavenly choir stalls in order to continue the journeys of their lifetimes. An unseen finger and thumb turns the page carefully to introduce me to my next performance.  I hope you have enjoyed this little foray into the life and works of a Christian lady with God’s work to do, regardless of others’ judgment 🙂


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