Genghis Kahn still in limbo after 782 years!

31 07 2009

Everyone has heard of his name, but like me, do you have any idea who he is?!

A few days ago my daughter asked ‘is Genghis Kahn resting in peace mum?’ but she didn’t let on why she wanted to know, so I naturally stopped what I was doing and whisked my dowser from my pocket ….and the spirit of this man was dangling at the end, stuck in purgatory, worming his way out from a ‘mountainside grave’!

Several other Tibetan soldiers followed, then there was a pause as my spirit guides sought out those connected with him and also in need of rescue.

The portal of light through which they were sucked opened wider as many unsuspecting ghostly soldiers and warriors , many stuck in a moment of vicious battle and sudden death,  joined the throng – an unusual sight as I glimpsed several bare feet under robes moving up and away from me into the vacuum of love – bizarrely as though they had stripped to their underwear!  Were they buried in white robes I wondered?

A pause gave me a head count of between 12-1300 of these ghostly soldiers, as well as another x72  ‘warriors’!

More and more were guided through until by the end of the day we were topping the million!!!

Of course, I had to find out more about Genghis Kahn himself and discovered he was in fact the Emporor of the Mongol Empire, the largest empire in history!

A day of so later I asked my spiritual guides whether Kahn had anything he wished to say, not expecting much.  His first comment was ‘staid middle class’ – Was he referring to me?  I hope not! 

My Empire!” he called back in stilting English.  He bowed with deep respect. “Stability needed.” came the short message.  “Going wrong.  Stubborn (he paused to think of the word) ass? (and showed me a ‘mule’)  It was easier for him to show me than to speak through a translator and what I saw was a long robed oriental gentleman dancing in bare feet and holding ‘light sticks’ aloft  (enlightenment) ….and believe it or not he was joined by THE GROUCHO BROTHERS!  (Who feature heavily in my new book and were obviously demonstrating that no matter what creed or crime, we are all brothers and sisters in light!)

I never did find out why his name suddenly popped into my daughter’s mind – perhaps it is a case of ‘like mother like daughter’?

My guides popped back after I’d typed this page onto my blog with ‘Samuri and Japanese warfare’ and off we went again…….

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