What does deceased Alexander McQueen think of the Princess’s dress’?

29 04 2011

Listening to the news on Prince William and Katherine Middleton’s fairytale wedding today (wasn’t it wonderful?!!) I heard mention that the designer of the bride’s stunning white lace and satin Alexander McQueen dress was Sarah Burton…and that Alexander had, tragically, taken his own life in February of last year….

As is now a habit of mine, I grabbed my dowser to check that his spirit had safely flown home to the other side…AND IT HAD NOT!  I picked up a stressed, angry, pitiful soul who couldn’t wait to jump aboard for a lift home:

Alexander McQueen: “Such a diabolical act!” he yelled, a reference perhaps to his suicide….but within seconds another spirit with him was also sucked up into the light.  It was his mother!  “Gross misconduct on my part…” he cried,“Such a wonderful result!”  He hugged her for all his worth, safely together again with other family members (including a friend who had also committed suicide, style guru Isabella Blow), before being taken tenderly to a place of healing.  What a relief, too, for his mother!

Neither he or his mother, as ghosts, had witnessed the Wedding today, stuck as they were in the nightmare of his death’s tumultuous mind-set and her efforts to help him but once on the other side were able to ‘see all’.

Me:                         ” So what do you think of ‘that dress’ then?”

Alexander McQueen:    “Fantastic, gorgeous , honey!”

Of course, I had to research this British four-times Designer of the Year, who had hung himself aged only 40, after taking cocaine and slashing his wrists  the day before his mother’s funeral.   She had died only 10 days earlier.  Now it all made sense!  Most people move naturally into the light of the other side after death but some understandably stay for their funeral.  McQueen’s mother had therefore not had the chance to complete the process of moving over and must have been so dismayed to witness her heartbroken, depressed and unbalanced son take his life, unaware of her efforts to stop him.

It is also just three years since his close friend, Isabella Blow – who plucked him from obscurity and helped him become a star – killed herself, but as it is not always the case that a suicide victime becomes earthbound, she had in fact passed safely and was there to greet him and his mother.

One can quite understand why McQueen described his act of suicide as diabolical…having realised when he met his mother in spirit that he had done a stupid thing as he had prevented her spirit from moving over as, understandably, she wouldn’t leave him…The two of them now have the opportunity to continue with their souls’ journeys…

An added bonus to a wonderfully happy day!

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