what have tree spirit orbs come to say?

29 08 2010

A couple of Tree Spirits saying hello!

Whilst walking in the Black Down Hills during our recent B&B trip to Surrey I loved every moment, despite the showers and the murky mist when we trekked deeper into the woods, and greeted all of nature with a friendly hello.  Yes, some humans would feel silly talking to trees and mushrooms and the ‘little people’ who are on a different dimension to us, but can nevertheless hear what humans are thinking (yes, thinking….there is no need to speak out loud; they sense if you love them or not!)  These two characters on the right (now you can’t say they don’t have characters in their ‘faces’) gave themselves fancy names like Geronimo and Renaldo (bless!)…

Just to prove that they have spirit, they stepped to the side of their physical bodies and posed, one above the other, for the camera!  It was not all jolly however, as they kept saying to me ‘help us!’   They want to remind “human beans” at every opportunity that they are also living beings with feelings…..

Handle with Care!” was also the simple message of this other Tree Spirit – a wood nymph who gave me the exotic name of Nadia, who also posed for the camera so that she could make her ‘voice’ heard.  Her role is to take care of and guard every living thing in the woods.  Nature spirits exist alongside human spirit but they do get a raw deal from some human ‘beans’….Things are slowly changing as people are learning more and more to respect the world they were given as a playground.   Just being in beautiful woods and trees like the picture taken below makes many want to jump for joy, but I also weep with pity for the treatment our friends sometimes receive.  Respect.  That’s all nature requires…..and a whole lot of loving.  Try pausing underneath your favourite tree…if you don’t already do so…and sending love direct from your heart.  It may help to close your eyes, but if you are sincere in sharing your love of all things bright and beautiful and all things great and small you will feel their love come back to you threefold.  It starts with a tingling sensation; a shudder through your spine.  As I have spoken to the same Copper Birch on our dog-walking route for 10 years now I have got to know her every moods.  I call her ‘Daphne’ because that is the name she gave me (telepathically) and now the spirit of Daphne wanders further afield and has visited me in my own garden!  Geronimo,  Renaldo, Nadia and all the millions of other nature spirits present hope you enjoy sharing in the pictures below, taken in their very very special woods!

Isn't She Lovely...?

Copyright Jane Hunting, Geronimo, Renaldo and Nadia 2010

orbs of earthbound souls enjoy the wedding party

30 07 2010

This weekend gone we all piled into the car in Nottingham and drove to our neice’s wedding down in Dorset – getting caught up in traffic near Stonehenge but making it in 4 hours, with an hour to get ready in the B&B…phew!  The day was magical, with a fairytale church wedding; Beccy looking like a princess and Ben her handsome prince in his service uniform.

After the ceremony we made our way to the village hall in Stalbridge for speeches, catching up with friends and family and, of course, a bit of a boogee!  Never one to turn down the opportunity to dance, I was both flattered (because he was at least 30 years younger than me) and surprised when a young man invited me to girate with him along to Shakeera….wonderful!  But the two of us weren’t the only life and ‘souls’ of the moment – as another was having the time  of his life (or death) intermingling with us too, and referring to himself as the Dancing Queen!

I popped to the ladies to check him out.  He was deliriously happy to be sharing in the joy and energy of our happy family occasion and completely unaware that he was a mere spectre of his former self.  In these circumstances it is difficult to know where to begin to explain the ramifications of staying earthbound – not that they would know what ‘being stuck’ means.  He was still ‘making up’ alongside me when I stood not quite alone in front of the mirror washing my hands and I decided to leave him to enjoy the rest of the fun for now.

Another soul of a very different nature hung around the bar area, people watching. He did not wish to correspond; in fact didn’t even seem to be aware that I could see him.  He looked dishevelled, as tho’ he had returned from a very late night out, a long black untied dickie bow dangling round his white shirt neck.  He smoothed back his brillcreamed hair and moved to a seat in which an attractive (living) young girl perched innocently ‘on his lap’!  With nothing to say; no reason to converse with me, I called him ‘Trickie Dickie’ (maybe it had been tricky for him to tie his dickie bow?)  I spotted him later holding a drink in his hand and sidling round the bigger tables in the main hall, ‘smoking a cigar’ and stubbing it out in (an imaginary) ashtray. 

And how had these poor souls lost their lives?  Dancing Queen had died from a drug overdose; Trickie Dickie had (amazingly) fallen from a speeding car.  Neither were locals but had come in with the wedding party (who had travelled from all round the country). I hadn’t noticed them in the church as all eyes were obviously on the handsome couple, but subsequently noted their orbs on the photograph above, taken as the couple left after the service…(obligingly passing across the back of Alan’s jacket so they could be seen)

Lots of piccies were taken by many, including myself, which I transferred to facebook asap for the rest of the family to peruse (and moan about themselves being caught at the wrong angle etc.!)   As I was doing so I noticed the orbs of the two very different personalities…..

Tricky Dicky standing behind Linda and Dancing Queen loving the Baby!

Two piccies in which Trickie Dickie and Dancing Queen appeared (behind the girls above and at the elbow admiring the Baby and below, in front of Holly the Chief Bridesmaid’s skirts!)

After death, the human spirit returns rather like a bubble to the ‘soapsuds in the sky’  but if for some reason he or she stays behind their ‘orb’, which contains their spirit energy, is the vehicle by which they move from place to place.  Normally invisible to the naked eye,  it has now become quite common for orbs to show up on digitally enhanced snaps.  Not all ‘orbs’ contain spirit…sometimes spots of moisture, raindrops, snowflakes etc. can be mistaken for genuine orbs.  If they contain spirit energy (even angels, fairies, spirit guides, visitors from other planes) and therefore have an intelligence they can be corresponded with by psychically attuned people. 

negative thoughtforms and orbs caught on camera!

21 01 2010

Enlarged photo for closer view of orbs

Same image taken minutes later – clear of energy!


Negative thoughtforms and orbs around Alan

Thanks to Alan who has given me permission to publish this photo (see my post of 1st January 2010 for a full explanation).  Besides the 520 earthbound spirits who caused this cloud of negativity (with their own personal energies at the time of their deaths, such as fear, confusion, anger and other negative emotions) , two prominent orbs can also be seen – one above his left shoulder and another on the placemate on the table in front of him.  These were two visitors from the light (as opposed to trapped and earthbound spirits) helping with the rescue mission….guardians and concerned relatives who travel to earth via orbs  to encourage loved ones to leave.

Any questions?  Please feel free to ask via the comments facility below!

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