Ghosts of The Indian Wars

Following the rescue of ghosts from the Irish Famine and irish immigrants who fled to America and fought in the Indian Wars, I dowsed for other poor souls who had perished in this bloody time in history…


Immediately my dowser flew in my hand, wildly gathering in many 100’s of souls, fighting their way into the light through frozen moments in time, horrendous blood curdling screams permeating their once tranquil air, babies wailing, squaws running, children, dogs, wigwams topling… feirce, ferocious battles, dead and dying crying out for mercy, women wailing for their men; then to a slower pace of peace pipes, head-dresses, beads… the soil turned upside down…..


Utter Peace

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21 08 2012
Mauricio Pletz

I simply want to say I am new to weblog and actually liked your blog site. Probably I’m going to bookmark your website . You really come with remarkable article content. Thank you for sharing with us your website.

11 05 2015

Thank you Mauricio. I truly appreciate your comment.

10 05 2015

Here is an honest question. I am reading about the Irish famine as I have to teach it to tell the truth about the Anglo-Irish past to students. It is heart-wrenching evidence. I am wondering, if tormented souls from this dreadful time, or, lets say the brutal conquest of the American continent are still with us, would there be no way of sending them to communicate their stories to the policy makers today, would it not be possible, before sending them into the light, to find a way of making sure they communicate what happened to them to those who destroy the planet by their unbridled greed or to those who cause famines in the third world at present? I think their presence may create the moment of hesitation bankers and corporate suits might need before thy gamble away the future of mankind. Is there any way of enabling that kind of communication or exchange? …It seems so strange to me that these poor souls should haunt innocent people instead of making their presence felt by those who act without a conscience towards their fellow human beings…

11 05 2015

Hello Bini. Thank you for your honest question. I am afraid that getting such policy makers, bankers or corporates to listen would be like pushing water uphill but one can only hope and pray that the channelled book I am shortly to publish, where those that have passed (famous spirits, including those who caused and engaged in wars) dictate their messages to me, will reach their desk and their ears and most of all their consciences. This project took me over 5 years and contains dire warnings for humanity. When you say it seems so strange that these poor souls should haunt innocent people it is not a case of choosing people to haunt but rather an opportunity for them to hitch a lift to their first love, the light of our origin. An example of someone who almost made the decision to stay behind and ‘haunt’ the oppressors of the Native American Indians is the actor Marlon Brando. The call of the other side and Eternal rest was far too tempting for him, and I am privileged to include his thoughts in one of my chapters. I empathise entirely with your angst Bini and all I can hope for is that my book will be a sell out when the time comes! With warmest wishes, Jane

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