What secrets did the haunted Oxburgh Hall reveal?

15 08 2012

Whilst on our recent weekend in Norfolk we came across the National Trust’s Oxburgh Hall and our hearts lifted: the perfect place to  utilise our annual membership.  After parking up, we joined a long queue at the gate when a car alarm sounded from the otherwise deserted car park on our left and I quietly moved over 6 lost souls who had obviously come to greet us! We were stunned by the magnificent hall with its moat and wonderful grounds and were swept inside with all the other visitors, taking in the huge portraits of the Bedingfield family’s 500 year history, huge carved fireplaces and lushly decorated rooms.  We were drawn to the massive windows and enchanting vista of the garden and estate and as we stood gazing I jumped to feel the sting of someone slap a man around the face (somewhere in the mists of history) in that very spot.   I sneaked my dowser between myself and the window and passed a man over who described himself as ‘a coxwain’.  I whispered this information to Mike and he said this was remarkable as he had just been studying a list of naval officers connected with the family: “A coxwain“, he said, “was a petty officer in the days of flagships and later I believe on submarines and the like…” 

After being shown through a secret door concealed in a huge bookcase I wandered over to admire a massive, intracately carved fireplace in the next room and as I stood gazing at it I was suddenly engulfed with such a feeling of terror that my eyes whelled up with tears of shock and grief. This sort of thing didn’t usually happen to me as I could normally handle whatever lost souls experienced.  I could only grasp my throat and hurry from the room whilst Mike explained to the Volunteer that his wife was a ‘little psychic’. She frowned and said that only moments before another lady had also hurried away from the fireplace! We later caught up with this lady, who lives in a haunted cottage, (now cleared by me) and also felt that something dreadful had happened in that room. I soon regained my composure and we completed the tour of the house, including a bedroom that also had emotionally sad imprints and a Priest Hole which was, surprisingly, light and clean of energy (This is where Catholic Priests were hidden by the family during Henry VIII’s Reformation, under the threat of death if they were discovered.) When I was able to escape to the privacy of the (outside) Ladies, I released 12 lost souls from those rooms, one by the name of Lady Caroline.  She thanked me from the bottom of her heart for helping her, implying that she had lost her infant, strangled at birth…nothing sinister, the poor child choked by the umbilical cord.  (Perhaps why I clutched my throat?) ‘I lost my head’ she added. I felt a great empathy with her as my own daughter would have suffered this same fate if we had not been so fortunate to live in this 21st century of medical care…

We decided to return the next day and explore the gardens and grounds.  That night I was (typically) awoken at 4 am by the hot water heater in the ensuite ‘boiling’ and passed on another 38 lost souls who had followed me home from the House and area who had gathered in the room. Untypically, I felt very emotional again and had to clear myself of another 61 who had jumped aboard!

The next day we did a quick tour of the Hall again to see if the energies were any lighter and as expected there was nothing dark about it this time.  As I passed into that same room my cheekbones tingled (an indication that a spirit is interacting with me, this time from the other side) and I swung round to see a portrait of a mature Bedingfield lady on the wall and knew immediately that she was talking to me when she said: ‘Thank you so much for what you have done….There are many secrets woven into the fabric of this great building…’ – and then she returned again to spirit. We shared a joke when seconds later I overheard a male volunteer say to a visitor: ‘Oh yes, this home has always had a happy atmosphere’…

After enjoying the woodlands and moat we popped into the tearoom for a cuppa, although Mike was eager to move on as we had planned to visit another special place enroute back to Nottingham. To our right there was a large table of at least 16 people, laughing and joking over their refreshments and coffees.  Despite this, I was surprised and slightly amused to see a red-cheeked overweight ghost lady in cook’s uniform rush up to me from the left of our little table, dragging behind her a pale young girl dressed as a scullery maid‘Thank goodness we got ‘ere in time!’ she puffed…(showing that word gets around in the spirit world) ‘I will help you in a moment,’ I said kindly, ‘could you just take a seat until I get back to the car…‘  She was ‘ever so grateful’ and  very polite and she and Daisy sat down on a long bench, waiting. ‘This is nice,” she said to Daisy, patting her hand reassuringly. “Reminds me of Christmas in the big ‘ouse!”  She must have been referring to the raucous cameraderie at the long table – and perhaps the anticipation of opening a ‘Christmas’ present!  Mike came back from the shop to rejoin me and while we chatted I (once again!) suddenly whelled up.  This time because I saw the cook take a white handkerchief and dab the maid’s face.  What she said brought tears of empathy and gave huge insights to the understanding of their predicament. ‘Wipe your face Daisy…You’re going home to see your MUM!

(To be continued in my next Blog)

Dad sees Mum’s Guardian Angel!

10 08 2012

Last week, my dad was unable to sleep and decided to go downstairs and watch television.  It was 3 am as he opened the door to their bedroom and, lifting his eyes, he stopped in his tracks.  Standing at the end of the long corridor was, in his words, ‘a twelve year old caucasian girl wearing the feather robes of a Maori . They were peacock feathers,’ he said, ‘and she was completely surrounded by a golden glow…’  WOW!  My Dad is a big strong chap, ex-Army Physical Training Corps, and what he says goes.  There was no reason to suppose he would doubt his own eyes. ‘Because of what you do,’ he added, ‘I wasn’t frightened and was about to say ‘hello’ when she disappeared again, just like that!’

We were visiting my parents’ home in Cornwall and I took the above photo of the magical FULL MOON from the bedroom window, overlooking the sea.  I decided to investigate and asked spirit who the young girl was.  The answer came back as LOIS and the penny dropped.  Ten or so years earlier, whilst asking for the names of my parents’ guardian angels, Mum’s angel had danced her way onto a stage, on tip-toe.  She danced a perfect pirouette and this showed me that Mum’s energy was then light and joyful and that she perfectly executed her role on life’s stage, with discipline and hard work.  Her Angel’s name was given then as ELOIS. Taking the E away showed me that mum was not quite herself now.  Perhaps the E stood for Energy.  Our Guardian Angels are a reflection of our own personalities and now that Mum is older and not as much in control of her thoughts and routine, Lois came to my father as a young girl.  She is still feisty (as in the Maori’s) and peacocks represent pride as well as beauty. It is very rare to see an angel, let alone the angel who watches over your wife, and I believe this was to reassure him and help him discipline his own mind to his wife’s ‘change down in gear’.

Many moons ago, when our children were small and my husband was struggling through university in Glasgow, I also had the honour of seeing his Guardian Angel! Interestingly, he is quite religious and prays constantly for his family, and his angel reflected this too.  I awoke at 2 am one morning to see a golden light hovering above him.  I looked closer and in this fire I could make out the cherubic, innocent but highly intelligent face of a tiny angel – just its face. Just as you might see depicted in Victorian churches! Behind the ears were much more intense vibrations that seemed to represent wings.  With this intense feeling of love and perfection that stirred my heart and soul I received the simple message it was conveying to my husband, via me.  ‘Everthing will be okay’ … The angel disappeared again and I had amnesia for 3 whole days!  It was as though a switch suddenly came on and I remembered again…”I saw your guardian Angel the other night!” I exclaimed, and had to tell him at least twenty times, so delighted was he.  And everything was alright.  He passed his degree with ‘flying’ colours!

It is obvious to me now then that our personal angels are a representative of our beliefs, desires, habits and personalities reflected back to us by the light.  They are there to guard and guide us, to bring good news, to warn us of adversities or to save us from catastrophe but most of all to LOVE us! One angel reading I did for a lady recently described her as a ‘carpenter’.  This doesn’t necessarily mean she will carve things out of wood, but that she can create or carve out a future for herself. I knew nothing of her career (she was studying medicine but had recently had to drop out due to illness) but just after the reading and healing details of a ‘carpentry class’ was put into her path, for which she enrolled – so who knows!!  I love tuning into new babies to find out what their specific qualities are and generally speaking this comes to fruition.  So you see, my work with the spirit world is not all doom and gloom!

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