Bedlam as the angels help calm a demented man threatening to skin

5 01 2014

I awoke from a queer dream to hear Sammy the dog whimpering and going on, so let him into the adjoining room of our holiday cottage (dogs not allowed in bedrooms) and settled him, at the same time checking him for unearthly attachments (he is a very sensitive dog). Sure enough, there were 10 animal spirits stuck to him (ie those animals who had died and not moved on to the spiritual plane and were attracted to him because of his fear of the wind and noises outside.) After releasing and moving them on I crawled back to bed, but checked both my sleeping husband and myself in case we had been ‘infected’. Strangely enough, we each had 12 earthbound (human) spirits stuck in our own energy fields, now removed via my flying dowser. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned on my side.

Immediately I closed my eyes I saw a fearsome man’s face snarling at me and leapt up, my heart beating frantically. Was I still dreaming? I closed my eyes once more and there he was again, a demented man holding aloft a large knife and threatening to ‘skin your dog alive’!

‘No! No you don’t….’ I ordered him (and Sammy was whimpering again from next door). I jumped back up in my bed and grabbed my dowser (an aid to ‘catching’ lost souls). The response was frantic, likened to trying to reel in a huge fighting shark, so I stopped to regain my equilibrium. I tried again, but he was too entrenched in madness for me to deal with alone. It had been a while since I needed the help of the Angelic Brigade. I centred myself and visualised the still snarling man being surrounded by pure love and light ~ and not only were his earthly chains cut but those of another 23 ~ in-mates of the place called Bedlam, a Lunatic Asylum which really existed in London 700 years ago. After sinking back into a deep sleep I awoke again, this time with palpitations. Nothing that needed medical treatment, but tons of emotional stress dropped on my physical self whilst ushering such lost, helpless, emotionally stressed souls through to the pearly gates and paradise. All it took was a minute or so’s whirling of my dowser to lift this stress from my heart, returning it to a normal rhythm ~ just like that!

All became clear when I recalled the previous evening’s revelry. Whilst my daughter, her friend and I laughed raucously over a board game, my husband and her friend’s boyfriend were distracted by a Time Team television programme in the background, about Bedlam. I merely caught eye of some drawings of ‘treatments’ metered out to ‘mad people’ to ‘shake the madness out of them’. This had obviously been enough for me to reach out to those ghosts not at rest and therefore draw them, albeit unconsciously, into my energy field. And there was me, thinking 2014 was going to be a quiet one!

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