How Can a Death in the Family bring about a New Beginning for those Left Behind?

29 05 2022

Someone close to me asked me to write a blog on the remarkable, heart wrenching loss of her fiancé, whose name I will change along with hers to protect their privacy. ‘Are you sure?” I asked her, after all it is only a few weeks….
“I’m sure,” she confirmed bravely.
Sarah found Reggie in his home struggling for breath and called an ambulance. He had suffered a heart attack but was successfully resuscitated in hospital, albeit on life support. Reggie had emphysema as well as liver problems, on top of which he was being treated for a chest infection.

As regular followers of my blog you will know that I can correspond with spirit of all genres: This not only means with those who have died and left their physical bodies but also the guardian Angels, guides and personality of the still living person. The first thing I did, therefore, was tune into Reggie’s energy field. I asked to speak to his guardian Angel, … ‘Is there hope for Reggie’s survival?‘ The answer came back as ‘brain dead’ ~ but how could I convey this to Sarah, when we were so close? (Between heart attacks his brain had been starved of oxygen). I found a way of telling her gently that Reggie wished to leave the earth plane and not to be kept alive by machines, which she accepted in theory… but how can you give up hope when you are holding a loved one’s hand and willing them to LIVE? She said that she would say her goodbyes when she took her grandson to see him that afternoon. However, she went to Reggie’s house to feed his cat, who was sitting on a pile of his clothes, and as she shook them and hung them in his wardrobe she felt his presence (spirit can travel, regardless of whether the body is still ‘living’). Understandably, she begged him not to go…..When a person is ready to move into the light it is important to let them go!  Sarah told me that Reggie believed in all the work I do and I had it on good authority that he wished me to share their story… He appeared to me, beaming, and said ‘brilliant!’ when he realised this was going to happen, bless him!

Because he loves Sarah so much, how could he resist staying and fighting to recover, even if it meant he would need round to clock nursing, unable to speak or feed himself? At the same time, I battled with my own emotions, naturally wanting to send him healing light. I asked his guardian Angel what to do… and the answer was ‘where there is life there is hope’ so I continued to clear all the levels of his aura. This amounted to 675 rescued lost souls, who would otherwise have been left earthbound, stranded after the death of Reggie’s physical body: Souls drawn to him throughout his Lifetime, some on a like-attracts-like basis and now others during the latter part of his suffering who the Angels were gathering to ride the Love waves back to their spiritual Home: People who were on life support like him, who suffered and died from heart attacks, emphysema and liver problems  and indeed any lost souls still wandering the hospital wards.

The professionals in charge of Reggie’s care suspected that he had irreversible brain damage and after a scan explained gently to his family that it would be kinder to switch off the life support machines. Again, the words go in but the hope is stronger, and it was several days before Reggie left, relieved to be Going Home. The Light is a beautiful place. At Reggie’s funeral he showed himself to me, sitting casually on a wooden chair, wearing a light grey suit, hand on chin and listening to Sarah’s sad eulogy. She played their favourite song. There was not a dry eye in the building. Grief has to be worked through, and in a person’s own time. When I told Sophie that Reggie was still alive in the spiritual dimension, and that he would always love her, she naturally believed me. That grey suit he wore to his own funeral turned out to be the one she had picked out to wear in his coffin, which made her smile. And Reggie?  His soul lives on to Love another day, but this time in Eternity.

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