what have tree spirit orbs come to say?

29 08 2010

A couple of Tree Spirits saying hello!

Whilst walking in the Black Down Hills during our recent B&B trip to Surrey I loved every moment, despite the showers and the murky mist when we trekked deeper into the woods, and greeted all of nature with a friendly hello.  Yes, some humans would feel silly talking to trees and mushrooms and the ‘little people’ who are on a different dimension to us, but can nevertheless hear what humans are thinking (yes, thinking….there is no need to speak out loud; they sense if you love them or not!)  These two characters on the right (now you can’t say they don’t have characters in their ‘faces’) gave themselves fancy names like Geronimo and Renaldo (bless!)…

Just to prove that they have spirit, they stepped to the side of their physical bodies and posed, one above the other, for the camera!  It was not all jolly however, as they kept saying to me ‘help us!’   They want to remind “human beans” at every opportunity that they are also living beings with feelings…..

Handle with Care!” was also the simple message of this other Tree Spirit – a wood nymph who gave me the exotic name of Nadia, who also posed for the camera so that she could make her ‘voice’ heard.  Her role is to take care of and guard every living thing in the woods.  Nature spirits exist alongside human spirit but they do get a raw deal from some human ‘beans’….Things are slowly changing as people are learning more and more to respect the world they were given as a playground.   Just being in beautiful woods and trees like the picture taken below makes many want to jump for joy, but I also weep with pity for the treatment our friends sometimes receive.  Respect.  That’s all nature requires…..and a whole lot of loving.  Try pausing underneath your favourite tree…if you don’t already do so…and sending love direct from your heart.  It may help to close your eyes, but if you are sincere in sharing your love of all things bright and beautiful and all things great and small you will feel their love come back to you threefold.  It starts with a tingling sensation; a shudder through your spine.  As I have spoken to the same Copper Birch on our dog-walking route for 10 years now I have got to know her every moods.  I call her ‘Daphne’ because that is the name she gave me (telepathically) and now the spirit of Daphne wanders further afield and has visited me in my own garden!  Geronimo,  Renaldo, Nadia and all the millions of other nature spirits present hope you enjoy sharing in the pictures below, taken in their very very special woods!

Isn't She Lovely...?

Copyright Jane Hunting, Geronimo, Renaldo and Nadia 2010

a full moon brings lost souls from the crimean war to light

28 08 2010

"wot's she up too?'

Monday 23rd August

2010 finds us in a brilliant Sussex B & B with just a little hope of a peaceful few days away from spirit rescue… As I write in my diary I hear a little tap-tapping on the window sill and look up to see a cheeky little blue tit looking straight at me!  Just as I sketch him quickly onto my page (he looks a little scary) another joins him as if to say ‘don’t be nosey.  What are you looking at anyway?’

My dear husband ventured out into the dark, tree lined tunnels of roads to find us some supper, insisting I ‘stay put as you are exhausted’ and having found a garage forecourt to buy ham rolls, crisps and flapjacks he made his way carefully back along the spooky lanes, peering into the darkness for the right turn off.  As he slowed at the tiny junction he saw a deer standing in that space, just looking at him!  Beautifully proportioned, it seemed to smile at him (“yes, sort of!”) as if to say ‘this way, deer!’

Later settling into blissful sleep, I was suddenly awoken by a bright light in my eyes!  It was a full moon, just having reached the brow of the rooftop and lining up perfectly with the one inch crack at the side of the drawn curtains!  “Wake up JB!” it seemed to say.  I glanced at the clock and groaned.  It was 4.30 am, so I smiled knowingly, flung the duvet back and trudged over to admire its beauty in full, climbing back into bed with a smile on my face.  I was bathed in angelic moonlight, my heart racing with an injection of energy that seemed to emanate from the moon herself….

I glugged down copious amounts of water (always necessary when handling large amounts of energy) and took a deep relaxing breath, at the same time feeling for my trusty dowser and allowing it to leap into the air and settle into a naturally strong, whirling dynamo rhythmn.  Michael woke up and offered to lend me a prop, as it was going to be a long mission.  As he lay with arm bent, holding my elbow, the dowser spun on and on and on as spirit after spirit rescue was instigated.  Too tired to interact with my rescue team (angels and spirit guides of individuals) I just caught snippets of directions such as “inland” and “go south”.

This session was particularly trying and I had to keep transferring the dowser, at a suitable split second pause between individuals passing, to my right hand (not such a good technique, however, and almost knocking my poor husband senseless like a sling-shot out of control) and back again to my left.  As the clock approached quarter to 5 the queue had shortened to only a few, and they now took their leisurely time!  At last, mission accomplished, it had to be 4.44 am when all 610 spirits were safely deposited back, of course! (The angelic energy vibration)

However, it is not just a case of going back to sleep after such a project – and this is where Michael comes in with his insights (and is the gentleman who leaps out of bed to find pen and paper so we don’t forget come ‘morning’!)  Visuals and clues return from the other side, so that I know whose souls I have just helped to save  – Those gathered together to be herded gently into a pen of safety and taken home to the warmth, happiness and pure joy of re-uniting with loved ones, where they will undergo a period of rest, recuperation and then analysis of their earthly adventures.  Thoughts drifted through as follows, which Michael scribbed down for me:

Wassailling (? Someone thinks this is some sort of game involving soaking a rag in wine and passing it along); the song ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’; 3 French Hens; a Flemish market; (go south) a beer festival; long horn cattle; a very cross ‘baron’; someone flicking a switch (fascination with electricity, especially if that soul was born centuries ago); I see pigs, then more pigs, and a man wearing a smock and gaiters; a roundhouse; a Sussex clock maker peering through little glasses; ‘rural pursuits’; a hay barn; wenches; taverns – then I see a very clear picture of men’s feet in battered boots, the soles hanging off; crowded/huddled together, wearing hats like upturned flower pots with little peaks…”  

“Can I speak?” asks Michael…”I’m reading Heroes of the Crimea (by Michael Barthorp) about the Crimea War and how the British suffered terribly from poor clothing and equipment (fighting the Russians) and particularly their boots, which fell apart…They also wore what is called a SHAKO – which is like an inverted flower pot!  They would probably have been crowded together to protect themselves from the cold!  With no previous knowledge of what book Michael had had his nose stuck in all afternoon, while I dozed, it is incredible to know that souls in need of rescue came through the fact that he read those words – energy attracting energy! 

Perhaps that little blue-tit knew before we did? Having written all this information into my diary I snapped it shut and found myself saying ‘tally-ho’!’ Come morning, we ventured to the dining room for a traditional English fry up – and there on the wall was a painting of a Hunting scene (‘tally ho’ being the cry of the riders – Hunting being our surname), another containing country folk of all description and longhorn cattle, another showing a priest collecting his pig as part of the tithes from tenant farmers…then there was the lovely Sussex grandfather clock…(clock-maker peering through little glasses)…

Next morning, in my next Blog…..visitations of a more mysterious, earthly kind….. adventures with nature spirits in the misty, swirling woodlands…..oooooo!

tsunami of souls

23 08 2010

On 7th August a very interesting tv programme entitled ’10 things you don’t know about tsunamis’ came on just as I plonked down to eat my plate of shepherds pie.  As I watched with interest I suddenly felt a loss of balance, reminiscent of a frightening bout of viral vertigo I once suffered, when placing one foot after another to ascend the stairs was impossible as I’d lost all sense of place.   I carried on eating my supper, lifting my eyes from my plate to scan the room, which had become all lopsided….then it hit me!  A wave of energy so powerful I only had a moment to grab my dowser for the antidote!

With fork in my right hand and madly spinning dowser in my left I had no time to warn my husband that I struggled to hold on to the life raft to which victims of the Indian tsunami of 2004 clung for their dear lives currently being discussed via this programme!  My head spun along with my dowser and it was all I could do not to fall over with the sheer force of spiritual energy engulfing my own!  I glanced up at the clock, still clutching my dowser tightly between finger and thumb, and noticed it was 7.05 pm.  At 7.15 pm the storm had passed – a full 10 minute rescue mission of 500 souls who had not made the transition home…(of an estimated 150,000 deaths) My spirit guides usually give me a statement that categorises the souls rescued and this came back as ‘tantamount to purgatory…’  In all my 10 years of spirit rescue I have never been hit by a tsunami of energy quite like it!

I put down my dowser to sweep my own plate clean just in time to hear the commentator talk of a meteor hitting the earth’s sea bed causing a tsunami ‘as high as the sea water was deep’  – My rescue squad was already on the ball as I snatched back my dowser and allowed it to spin from 7.17 until 17.24 pm – 300 plus ‘warriors and beasties’ passed this time.  It was thought that ‘an unimaginable several giant tsunami waves’  caused the dinasaurs to suddenly become extinct.

The commentator then spoke of Atlantis and Plato’s writings of the inhabitants of this land being ‘swallowed by the sea…   In 1630 BC a cataclismic geological event occurred … civilisation was wiped from the pages of history’…I made sketchy notes between rescue missions and can’t be sure of the facts here but it sounded like the effects of the eruption of the  ‘Santarina Volcano that instantly drowned 10’s of 1,000’s of people, picking them up and pulling the Minoan people straight out to sea.’…From 7.25 until 7.30 pm 52 souls who had not made the transition – an incredible 3.5,ooo years ago! – now rejoined their kin on the other side of the shore.

The subject now returned to Hawaii and Japan, described as ‘tsunami capitals of the world, constantly bombarded by earthquakes and eruptions in the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii has suffered 137 tsunamis in the past 200 years!’  From 7.30 until 7.32 pm another 16 were lifted from the sea. ‘Britains worst natural disaster was 400 years ago in 1607 when a storm surge/tsunami raced up the Bristol channel at dawn and 2,000 people drowned’ – 7.34 until 7.38 another 32 joined those who had passed naturally.

Now moving to WW2 and the Japanese capture of many Pacific islands in 1944, an attempt was made to create ‘artificial tsunamis  by dropping bombs in the ocean’ but this ‘didn’t work so 2,000 tons of explosives were set off in an inlet’ –  from 7.38 until 7.40 pm another 33 souls from this time in history floundered in the waves but were pulled to safety…To conclude, over a 35 minute period of constant spinning of my dowser a total of 933 souls (including ‘beasties’!) were safely lifted from the purgatory of being stuck between death and new life and deposited safely on their golden beach

With regard to the tragic, overwhelming floods and consequent massive loss of life in Pakistan and more recently China, I check on a daily basis for poor souls stuck in limbo, or needing a helping hand, a little ‘re-direction’ or ‘explanation of the consequences of staying earthbound’  – and as with most natural disasters on such a scale, the first three days between 30 and 50 such people took advantage of this offer, before it scaled down to between 1 and 5 over each of the next two and three weeks.  The way in which people suffer such terror before the ending of their lives is unbelievable but evidence of life after death continues to be proven with the passing of every grateful soul!

So surprised had I been to have been knocked sideways by such a spiritual tsunami on an otherwise calm Saturday evening, you could have knocked me down with a feather!   But then it was a ‘shepherd‘s pie I was consuming……

What’s granny’s spirit doing smoking on the job?

18 08 2010

Part Seven

Our daughter Laura, having recently secured a new job, was called into the Bosses’ office to discuss her future career path.  Back home, Michael was reading a book by the name of Praerie Traveller by a Captain Marcery (written a long time ago, in 1859) about his own pioneering and route finding travels in the USA.

I sat thinking about Laura and what a rollercoaster of a journey she’d travelled.  After suffering from ME at the tender age of 12 to 15 and missing much schooling, she had been kick-started into recovery by a healer from Cornwall.  The morning after her hands-on healing – during which he said the ME virus ‘lives in the gut’ – she awoke with breath smelling like roses!  So what he said made sense…. Despite this setback in her health and her education she gained a good degree in Psychology and went on to achieve an MSc in Health Psychology – aiming for her dream of helping others to heal themselves through healthy lifestyle choices and the like.  However, out of 90 candidates for what she thought was the perfect research job at the University, she ended up competing with one other person – who was chosen because she ‘had experience’ in that field of research.  Not to be downhearted, she applied for a similar post only 2 weeks later and despite giving ‘an excellent presentation’ and being told ‘we want you on our team!’ the academics responsible for placing candidates once more chose the girl with some experience in that field.  It is a familiar story; one which many graduates are hearing in this economic climatic:  No experience no job no job no experience!  As she was revved up to give her all to the second interview I thought to tune in and ask her deceased grandmama – now acting in the role of spirit guide – what  advice she could give….the answer came back simply as “advancement”…..

In the meantime, Laura’s current boss made her an offer in a completely different field of sales and business development, having employed her as a receptionist in his small up and coming firm.  It was a battle between her heart and her head but now I took my dowser from my back pocket and asked granny if she was able to give any advice (spirit guides are only permitted to do just that…guide.  They can’t look into the future and advise us which road to take although they can ‘nudge’ us intuitively in the right direction…)

“Yes, yes, yes!” swung granny’s answer to my question ‘will Laura rise to the challenge?‘ (although I already knew that doors had been closed on what she saw as her ‘perfect job’ in order to guide her into this, for her own ‘advancement’)  “With gusto!”  she replied.  As her personal spirit guide, Sheila will have looked at the plan drawn up by Laura before she came to earth and, despite her disappointment at being pipped to the post for the University job, it was all meant to be.

“So what are you up to?”  I asked Sheila, just out of interest.  To my amusement she said she had been ‘smoking rolled-up Capstans’ (cigarettes)!”  I was taken aback.  Surely not?  Surely in heaven they wouldn’t want to – or need to – smoke?

“Did your mum ever smoke?” I asked Michael, who frowned over the top of his book.

“Oh yes!  She always kept a packet in the house (I had never seen her smoke in the 25 years I had know her) “When cigarettes were in short supply during war time she and May used to prick the end of a cigarette when they got to the stub and suck through the little hole like this….(a demonstration!) Yeuk!  I asked what Kenneth was up to (Michael’s father) and she said he was ‘digging trenches/enjoying the trench experience’ – something I have to work out as it is probably a metaphor for something else….

After telling me that granny loved to smoke in her younger days Michael returned his nose to his book but immediately exclaimed ‘oh how strange…the very next words in my book are: ‘very dense smokes may be raised’  (speaking of Indian smoke signals)!

When Laura called round on her way home from work, to let us know how her important initiation with her man bosses had gone, she was in full flow with the story and then she suddenly paused:

“You know, I’m sure granny was with me – between (the boss) and me…I saw a..a…a..”

“…wisp of energy?” I volunteered.


“…flash of light?  Ectoplasm??” I urged.

“No…No… I can’t think of the word…I’ve been using my brain too much …oh yes, I would describe it as rings of white smoke.”  Michael and I exchanged amazed looks….

“You’re JOKING,” he exclaimed.

“What?” Why?”  We told her of my communication with granny and her dad’s book on ‘very dense smokes may be raised…’ and she laughed….

“Oh and I have always felt a very strong connection with Native American Indians!”   So granny was lolling across the desk between Laura and her Boss, blowing rolled up Capstan smoke signals to her granddaughter and no doubt influencing her conversation.  What would you do with her?

This was one occasion when it was obviously quite acceptable to smoke on the job!

This is the final part of my story about granny – from her taking possession of my own spirit upon her death so that I would feel exactly what it was like to live through her eyes (such an honour and a token of her love) to all the shenannigans in the previous six posts – which I hope you will have enjoyed as well as learnt something you didn’t know about the workings of the human soul.  No doubt there will be other ‘granny’ stories to tell you about in the future but do please continue to log on for my everyday adventures with spirit!

What else did granny’s spirit get up to?

15 08 2010

Part Six

After Sheila’s passing (meant in the truest sense of the word!) we had lots of her personal belongings to sift through, cupboards to clear and bags of clothes to send to the Salvation Army –  a favourite charity she thought highly of and donated to regularly -but I handled with great reverence the little green box stamped with her initials in gold…S.H. …which contained every little pin badge, button, lock of Michael’s hair and momento that ever meant anything to her.  There was a gold watch that had belonged to her mother and a couple of large ‘rocks’ – rings that I will never wear but suited my mother-in-law down to a tee.  It is quite easy to understand why she regarded my own (treasured) engagement ring as ‘pathetic’ when Michael and I became engaged (He had no qualms about buying it through a friend, wholesale, after I’d chosen it from a catalogue, but I love its dainty star shape and the fact that he fairly passed out with emotion when I agreed to marry him.  He had to go and lie down…without me!)

So the precious green box stayed locked with the original key, from which a gold tassle hung – and was tucked cosily into the bottom of a chest of drawers, along with photos and bits Michael could not bear to part with. 

A few months after her departure from this plane I was getting dressed in my room and pulled open my underwear drawer to get some socks.  To my absolute amazement – there, laying elegantly across my folded knickers, was Sheila’s mother’s gold watch!  I called Michael to witness this strange phenomena.   No-one else had access to Sheila’s jewel box, let alone knew where I had stashed it.  Michael scratched his head in amazement and I closed my eyes and tuned in to granny’s wavelength….I hadn’t spoken to her for weeks, glad that she had decided to settle  down (or ‘up!) on the other side and get on with the business of whatever it is you get on with once you’ve passed (like studying for another visit or in her case the personal scrolls of her family – known as the akashic records – which contain everything you have ever done on the earthplane and aspire to do before you return again!)

“I want you to have it!” she said simply.  And that was that!  I felt deeply honoured and will always treasure this family heirloom and the fact that she wished me, her daughter-in-law, to be the benefactor of such a precious item.  Her stunning diamond and sapphire engagement ring, she said, should be passed on to her precious granddaughter – as we had already envisaged.  How had she (a). opened the heavy drawer where the box was stored (b). removed the box and unlocked it (c). carried the watch upstairs and placed it in my undies drawer and (d). put everything back as it had been before?!

The answer came back that she had not metamorphed into a human and gone through the motions above but had in fact used the power of her mind to teleport the object – just as she had done with the three Irish coins before making them disappear again! “

“Is that really possible?” I asked….”Can anyone do that when they get to the other side?”

“Indeed not,” was the reply, “but in order to further the work you have started, it is a demonstration of the power of the  mind over matter.  Tell them about the garden…”   Now it was my turn to scratch my head.  But I cleared my mind and listened for further clues….”the blackbird!”

Of course!  The blackbird!  Well, granny often comes back in the form of a blackbird. (“Now you can use the word metamorphosed!” she laughed kindly as I had not apparently got it right above – she was a stickler for words and used to sit and jiggle her crossed leg while watching Countdown on tv and scribble away against the clock.  Just for her I checked that word’s meaning -‘ to change the form or nature of; transform’ .)

You may have heard stories like this before.  I certainly remember someone writing in a magazine once that whenever a family member died, a white owl would appear inside the house!  Now, years later I have experienced this phenomena myself, over and over again, with Sheila ‘popping up’ in various places over the past ten years.  One such time was when I left the house at dawn to go and run my first angel workshops about 60 miles away.  Having stashed all my resources in the car I reached out to close the door and jumped as I suddenly spotted a blackbird, sitting stock still on the garden wall not 2 feet away, just staring at me! 

” Don’t worry; all will go very well,” came Sheila’s telepathic thoughts.  “Take your time!”  This  had been a favourite saying of hers, used when I popped in to see if she wanted any shopping or in the early days to drop the children off with her while I dashed off somewhere….”Take your time dear,” she would say.  The workshops couldn’t have gone better. 

A couple of years later I was admitted to hospital with complications from a virus, which caused me to flush with burning heat from head to toe, my heart to race uncontrollably and then a cooling off period of violent tremors.  Very frightening and even more so when the cause could not be found.  Despite having survived open heart surgery that saved my life several years before, this time I felt I was dying for real.  I was discharged after 10 days but re-admitted almost immediately and 5 days later the blood tests at last came up with a diagnosis of Influenza A & B virus.    Throughout my admission I lay facing the one and only small window on that mixed ward and every day….at dusk…a black shape was silhouetted against the sky in the the only tree visible.  It was granny blackbird, calmy reassuring me night after night that it was okay.  That I was going to live another day.

A year or two later, Michael and I were staying at a B&B in Devon and I was taken ill in the night with yet another virus that went for my artificial heart valve and caused similar tachycardia and hot flushes.  When it didn’t abate, Michael phoned for help and first of all a fire engine arrived and two burly fireman rushed up to the room with breathing apparatus, then two medics were passing and took me in their ambulance to Exeter Royal Infirmary where I was parked in Casualty’s reception and hooked up to a monitor.  I drank copious amounts of water and reiki ‘d myself and within hours was released again as everything returned to normal.  Again it was dawn and as Michael came to collect me we walked down a dark alleyway to the car park and were ‘buzzed’ by a blackbird, that flew straight towards me and narrowly missed my head!  ‘Wait here!’ said Michael kindly, wrapping his jacket around me, ‘and I’ll bring the car round’ – and the blackbird re-appeared on the wooden panelled fence directly in front of me and SANG its heart out….the strangest song you have ever heard – that sounded almost human…..”Don’t worry Jane…everything will be alright from now on….you will never have to go through this again!  That’s a promise.”  



How did granny’s spirit travel back to the light?

13 08 2010

Part Five

Granny had finally traversed that life-saving tunnel of light and found herself back at home with her Mother (who tragically died in childbirth when she was 2), her Father (a northern Irish farmer, who also suffered from alzheimers), her Victorian Grandmother (who had brought her up), her kind and rosy-cheeked engineer husband Kenneth (who, sadly, died almost 20 years before her at the relatively young age of 63) – and countless other family members, friends and acquantences from not only her recent lifetime but that of many others!  

When I asked her today about her experience of leaving and arriving on the other side, she told me they had all “enjoyed a little shindig” (a large and noisy party of people!) after she had arrived on her ‘kohlrabi ‘ …”Kohlrabi?  What is that?” I asked, bemused.  The name rang a bell somewhere but, flummoxed, I resorted to looking it up on the internet….To my delight the first site I was directed to was called Vegetarians in Paradise (LOL!) and I’m sure the owner won’t mind me showing you the following, as it  fits so perfectly!:

On the Highest Perch

Kohlrabi Strives for Comeback

How did she do that?  Oh how Sheila herself strove to come back….but instead elected to become a Spirit Guide to her family!  – Acting as a mentor, intervening when needed, leading us in the right direction through our intuition and, as in this case, through her ‘direct line’ to my mind – and her wit!  When I read the following on this website www.vegparadise.com it made even more sense that she chose a kohlrabi as her  (metaphorical) ‘form of transport to the Light!’ –

Kohlrabi For those unfamiliar with this jewel of a vegetable, its appearance somewhat resembles a hot air balloon. Picture the turnip-shaped globe as the passenger section; its multiple stems that sprout from all parts of its globular form resemble the many vertical ropes, and the deep green leaves at the top represent the parachute. Kohlrabi is often mistakenly referred to as a root vegetable, but in fact it grows just above ground, forming a unique, turnip-shaped swelling at the base of the stem.’

Sheila’s family were indeed farmers, but neither her son Michael nor myself ever heard her mention such a vegetable. 

“Dad grew it on the farm,” she says, “You should try it.  It’s packed full of healthy vitamins and nutrients and will give you a great lift” (ha ha)

Come to think of it, her granddaughter only said today ‘Mum, I’m thinking seriously about becoming a vegetarian…‘  Better pass this on then!

Well you learn something new every day!

The power of granny’s mind over matter!

11 08 2010

Part four:

Whilst the body is no longer the vehicle for our journey on earth and is therefore redundant after death, the mind – with all its memories (good and bad) – remains part of the spirit’s back-pack if you like.  Once safely home on the other side this back-pack will be opened and every little thought, word and deed analysed by the owner.  As I have already revealed (in the last three parts of this story) Granny was a feisty one, with a very determined nature and powerful presence, particularly when still alive – so what had changed?

People are naturally scared of  ghosts because to ‘haunt’ their previous homes and accompany their loved ones to places without the dense, physical body of their former selves seems quite bizarre to the human psyche.  To understand that we are using the dense and growing physicality of a body to house our developing spirit, from the day we are born to the day we die, is one thing, but to be convinced that there is a still living ‘other part’ of us  that survives (much lighter in energy and spinning at a higher vibration, with emotional, spiritual and even psychic levels which spin even fasteris not generally talked about among the level-headed, religious and scientifically minded fraternity.  Yet Sheila belonged to all those latter groups – and in death was determined to prove that the mind and the spirit live on!

She hung around for 3 months, her trade mark being a white ‘flash’ of energy most often seen by our daughter and usually when in a ‘sticky’ situation, whether working behind the counter when a ‘difficult’ customer entered the shop in which she worked or during exams when she felt her grandmother’s presence strongly encourage her towards the right answer when she was torn between two! (A great scholar, granny would never advocate cheating!)  But the most incredible acts of ‘magic’ that Sheila performed were months and even years after she finally decided to move over:

Enroute to London (a place granny loved beyond all others) to celebrate Laura’s 18th birthday the following  Christmas we stopped at a motorway services for a break.  It was raining heavily so I pulled into a parking lot as close to the building as possible while the other three passengers – Laura, her boyfriend Leigh and my husband Michael – fumbled inside the claustrophobic vehicle for brollies in order to make a dash for it…But as I opened the driver’s door, there on the paving – as though they had been placed there a split second earlier – were three absolutely bone-dry newly minted IRISH coins!! 

“Oh, I see granny’s come with us!” I laughed, picking up the precious coins and keeping them safely in my palm until I could gather the others to witness this miracle of mind-creating-matter!

Good grief…they’re not even wet!” said Michael. Leigh, not yet used to the strange ways of our family, just took in the vision of three perfect Irish coins in my palm and the fact that Laura’s granny was Irish through and through and loved travelling to London with the family in her ‘living’ days….  The coins looked all shiny and had Irish markings – one each of copper, silver and bronze colours – and wishing to keep them safely for obvious reasons Michael tucked them firmly into the tightly skinned compartment contained deep within his wallet and we went on our way….

It was not until 3 days later that one of us suddenly remembered what had happened and Michael exclaimed in excitement, rushing to retrieve his wallet.  All three coins had gone.  De-materialised as mysteriously as they had materialised! We can’t say we were not disappointed, but we can say that all four of us witnessed a physical manifestation of Sheila’s ‘after life evidence’ from a very determined woman!

To be continued:

“I’ll come back and haunt you!”

10 08 2010

Part Three:

Indeed, Sheila kept to her word!  Pehaps not how she intentionally threatened at the time but nevertheless she gave her now grown-up son the fright of his life only 2 weeks after her funeral.  I had retired to bed before my husband and on the brink of sleep had found myself communicating with his Mum, whose loving presence permeated the room.  Still in an emotional state because of all that had gone before between us; still thinking through the incredible circumstances of her after-death visitation and wondering how she had travelled on a bolt of lightning….I wallowed in her loving energy as we had gentle words between us: 

 “You know you mustn’t stay behind on our account,” I said to her….

I’m just so happy to be free of the restriction of my physical self!” she laughed, “I’m in no hurry to go anywhere soon….Just leave me be…”

In the meantime, Michael had turned off the downstairs lights and ventured up to join me, only to nip back down again…. Seconds later, however, he shot back upstairs like a startled rabbit and leapt into bed beside me, setting my own heart racing with shock! 

“What on earth’s wrong…?” I cried, jolted from my relaxed stupor.

“I…I think I just saw a GHOST,” he whimpered, squeezing my hand tightly, his eyeballs glowing with fear in the darkness.  

“What happened…?”

“… I realised I’d left the light on in the vestibule and as I crossed the hall I sensed there was a presence moving from right to left, going from one door across the hall to another…. As it moved into the second doorway I saw (what can only be described as) a column of mist from shoulder height downwards…!”  Suddenly it dawned on me what had happened and I explained that as I had  been talking to his Mum only seconds before, it must have been her….and I reassured him that her spirit was obviously still inquisitive about the changes to her home…

He sighed with relief, and although still shaken, was able to laugh at the memory of his Mum’s words, spoken in anger at his childhood: “I’ll come back and haunt you one day!” 

However, as she hadn’t actually gone anywhere after the separation of her lighter spiritual energy from her denser physical body – merely floated about on the earth plane – she hadn’t technically ‘come back’ …as she hadn’t yet left!  From over a decade of working in spirit rescue I have ascertained that for approximately 3 months of our earth time (time as we know it doesn’t exist on the other side) the umbilical cord of light which connects our physical body to our spiritual home of origin remains in place and acts as an escape tunnel .  However, over earth time this dissipates slowly until eventually the person who has died loses all sense of direction and becomes stuck in the twilight zone.  As a mere whisper of their former selves, is it any wonder that the light body is often seen as a mist-like substance?

What else did granny get up to?  You wouldn’t believe it!

To be continued:

Granny’s after death shennanigans

7 08 2010

Part Two:

Sixteen year old Laura was sick on the day of granny’s funeral and I said I would leave my phone on vibrate in case she needed me home urgently.  As it happened she was very relaxed and slept peacefully throughout our absence, dreaming that granny was with her, stroking her hair. 

 “I thought I saw a wisp of her energy in the bedroom just after you left,” she said, “but I know it was only granny coming to visit.”

As friends and neighbours crossed the threshhold for Sheila’s after-funeral tea party there was a sudden loud crack of thunder out of an otherwise clear blue sky  – only the second and the last of that summer of 2ooo! – and they turned to look up into the sky.

“Oh it’s just Sheila welcoming you to our home!” I laughed, knowing they would never believe such a thing.

Doing what I do, I was well aware that Sheila was in no hurry to pass over.  She was too busy noseying around her old home, for one!  Since she had been in care for almost two years and unable to see the structural changes we had made to the house (new plumbing, re-wiring, knocking down a small cloakroom to enlarge the kitchen etc.) she was naturally inquisitive.   For the next couple of months her spirit came and went – Often she was round at her sister’s home keeping an eye – and May firmly believed that what I was passing on from her sister was real.  She recalled how Sheila, in the later stages of living with her alzheimers, had said things like ‘who is that lady standing in the corner?’  or ‘sitting on the settee’ – naturally scaring her out of her wits!  Did this mean that  Sheila was seeing spirit – whether earthbound, or family and friends from the other side?  I am assured from the other side that this is so…. When in her ‘right mind’ she had showed no tendency to psychic abilities….Indeed she had a very logical, mathematical attitude to everthing, writing notes from shopping lists to how to drive (she never did as it was impossible to read her notes and operate the gears and the pedals simultaneously!) 

Whilst still at school, Laura had a Saturday job working for a holistic company at a little stall in Nottingham’s Broadmarsh shopping centre.  At quiet times she perched on a stool studying for her exams, one eye on potential customers.  On one such occasion she rang me in a bit of a tizz, saying:

“I think granny is around….I’ve just seen a white swirling energy around the stall only moments after a whole lot of bottles and stock items suddenly flung themselves all over the floor…..with not a customer within 100 yards!”

Tuning in from afar, I was informed by Sheila in no uncertain terms that the ‘dirty old men’ hanging around her granddaughter had been firmly dealt with!  There was no reason to doubt that she had given the earthbound spirits short shrift – and Laura was left to clear up up the cuffuffle!  I was left to seek out the two vagrants and apologise, helping them to leave their wandering status (they were both alcoholics) – but unable to persuade granny to go into the light…at least not just yet:  She was too busy enjoying her newfound ability to teleport at will….which was a little unsettling as you could never be sure of privacy and often found yourself looking over your shoulder…for various reasons!

One day I was in the kitchen doing the washing up at the sink overlooking the garden when I felt a firm, warm hand on my shoulder and turning my head expected to see our son standing there – as this is a particular gesture of his.  Instead there was just empty space filled with love and my cheeks once again overflowed with joy at granny’s desire to make amends for the way she had treated me during her lifetime.

I emphasised that there was no need to apologise – that I know her fears and attitudes were moulded into her personality due to her experience of losing her mother (for one) aged only 2, of her father’s unintentional use of her as a labourer on their farm, her responsibility for bringing up her little sister, her step-mother’s favouritism for  her half-sisters…and so it went on…added to which she had been bombed out 3 times in London during the Blitz .  All this had made her a hard woman.

When Michael was small he exhibited a lot of the Irish genes and was his own little man, which irritated his plant-loving mother to the point where she once chased him with a kitchen knife when he lopped all the heads off her beautiful dahlias with his imaginary sword games, and locked him in the cellar.  When she released him hours later she was dismayed to find him grinning all over his cheeky 7 year old chops and holding up a toy car left by a previous occupant of the house…. There was many a time, in her exasperation, that she threatened to ‘come back and haunt you!’… but he didn’t take her seriously, until now….

To be continued!

The miracle of granny’s death and new life

5 08 2010

Part One:

I’ve decided to write this real life story in separate blogs, as it takes place over a ten year period from 2000 to date, and contains incredible details of granny’s amazing death experience, her in-between time as a ‘ghost’ and her after-life shennanigans….!

My strong and upright mother-in-law died a very demeaning death from the dreaded disease of alzheimers.  She had always dressed smartly and carried a handbag on her arm, was very polite to strangers and neighbours but a little scarey when her Irish roots occasionally let rip….a real force to be reckoned with when it came to protecting her family!   When her son once narrrowly missed a mother and a child in her pushchair as they stepped into the path of his reversing car, he had shouted ‘you stupid woman!’ to her.  Quite rightly too, the woman’s husband approached the open car window and said ‘don’t speak to my wife like that!‘ – and had the surprise of his life when the kindly old lady sitting in the back seat had leapt forward weilding her handbag at the bemused chap and shouted ‘you shut your gob!’ 

A very intelligent woman who played bridge regularly and once won a prize for completing the Sunday Telegrap’s crossword, it was quite a shock when we realised she was losing her short term memory.  Aged 82 and after only a year she declined rapidly, trying to leave her home at dead of night to ‘go and find a job’ or ‘check up on dad’, who had passed on many years previously and, worst of all, unwittingly abusing the sister who tried so lovingly to care for her.  And for whom she had cared for all her life after the death of their mother during her birth.  Eventually she needed constant supervision and it was a relief when she said ‘this place means nothing to me anyway’ and moved without a fuss.  

Normally such a kind and empathic person, she had always said ‘poor wee things’ when she saw anybody in a wheelchair or not in their right mind and ironically,  ‘I hope I don’t ever get like that’…so when, several months down the line, she had become a shadow of her former self, it broke our hearts.

Now here we were, visiting again in her nice room overlooking the grounds of the pleasant care home, but a nurse laughed nervously as we entered, saying she didn’t particularly feel comfortable around Sheila as ‘strange things sometimes happen’.

What do you mean?” Michael asked….

Well I was making the bed and out of the corner of my eye I could see the pillow I’d placed on the table was moving…and it started to spin round and round of its own accord…getting faster and faster! Your mum was just sitting staring at me and I felt it quite unnerving,” she laughed, understandably bewildered.

What did you do?” he asked.

I just knocked it on to the floor…it was scarey!” she admitted, and then slunk out of the room.   I looked at Sheila, who always had a mischievous twinkle in her eye, despite her lack of awareness of who we were.  I had ‘introduced’ her to our teenage son and daughter in turn, as they were unlikely to see their granny again on this side of the veil.  Her face lit up like a lamp as love just poured from her eyes and she took each of them by their hands and said ‘so pleased to meet you!’ 

And so it was that several months down the line the nursing home warned us of Sheila’s inevitable but sharp decline and her refusal to eat.  Michael took a week off work and together we sat beside his mum, now a bag of bones, and talked lovingly to her of her ‘days on the farm in Ireland, her adventures in Berlin, when she worked for Sir Paul Chambers with the Claims Commission at the end of the war – and where she met Michael’s father Kenneth.’  She did not move; her breathing was rasping and it seemed her time was fast approaching.

However, she held on to life as we know it by a thin thread. Michael had to return to work, so I offered to sit with her.  I decided to be honest with her and let her know how terrified I had been of her, as a young bride who somehow felt she never lived up to her mother-in-law’s high expectations for her only son. Many a time I trembled at the powerful disapproving looks flashed towards her husband and wondered what it was I had done this time….was it the way I held my cutlery….or the fact I said ‘pleased to meet you’ instead of ‘how do you do?’  Sheila had been brought up by a strict Victorian grandmother and it showed!

Whilst still in her own home but sliding backwards into her child-like personality,  I continued to set her hair in rollers each week, and was touched when she turned to gaze at my little star-shaped diamond engagement ring, taken off while I squirted mousse over the rollers to set them in.

“Oh what a lovely ring!” she had cried, bringing joy to my heart:  Twenty years earlier she had refused to come to our wedding, saying – among other hurtful things (due to fear) – that Michael had bought me a ‘pathetic’ ring.  One advantage of losing her memory was that she also lost her memory of all that had passed between us.  Each time I set her hair and gave her strict instructions not to remove the rollers until her hair was dry (“of course I won’t…I’m not that silly!“) – and wrote a note to this effect which she clutched to her bosom as I left – I would return home only to get a frantic phone call from May to say “she took them out when I wasn’t looking!”

After 3 hours sitting with Sheila (her sister lost for words) I decided to return home for a bit of shut eye and return around tea time.  Ten minutes later I felt my tired bones relax onto my soft bed and closed my eyes.  Suddenly a flash of lightning flung them open again and my head was drawn towards the source of the light at the windowIn that split second, I felt my mother-in law’s spirit overlap with my own and knew that she had come to see me.  In that split second I knew everything about her; I felt every emotion she had ever felt; I understood her totally.  There was a clap of thunder…and the phone rang.  It was the matron at the nursing home.  ‘Sheile is worsening.  Can you return asap?’

I hurriedly dressed again, picked May up from her house and was at the home within minutes.  As the matron opened the heavy front door she lowered her head sadly. 

“I’m sorry.  She’s gone….”

“There was a rumble of thunder…” I said.

That’s when she went.”

To be continued:

Would you really say ‘boo’ to a ghost?

2 08 2010

A few weeks ago Derren Brown set out to investigate an American  ‘serious ghost hunter’, who called himself a ‘demonologist’.  This man had apparently investigated 1,000’s of haunted houses ‘making the ghostly and demonic come out so they can be dealt with’…..This is when I sat up and took notice.  Firstly, I cringe when I hear people categorise ‘ghosts and demons’  into the same pile of fear and misunderstanding.

1.  A Ghost is just a person like you or me who has failed, for some reason or another, to make the transition back to the light after their death.  A ghost could therefore be your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend, granny, grandfather….or a mere stranger.  What would you give to help such a loved one…or a mere stranger…out of their terrifying predicament?

2.  A demon is not of the light AND IS AS RARE AS HENS’ TEETH!  The chance of meeting a real life (or death) demon are virtually nil.  However, if you have a card on your table which reads ‘Evil on it (duh!) – as did the woman in the documentary who was being bothered by a ‘demon’ who ‘ordered her to kill her husband’ ….well then you are asking for trouble anyway!  LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.  The same goes for those who choose to gamble with OIJA BOARDS!  If you choose to play games with the dead you are rolling a dice with the dark side!

A demon is actually not human at all.  It is an energy. It is a conglomoration of  negative thought forms such as FEAR, ANGER, HATRED, JEALOUSY, VIOLENCE, DEATH and CARNAGE that  creates a beingIt thrives on these thought forms.  But a nasty, angry, frustrated, vindictive person  who dies and becomes a ghost is just that: a ghost, not a demon. Just as when he or she was alive, a ghost such as this is not an ex-someone you wish to share your space with, especially if they throw things about and wish to harm you.  But even a person such as this can be persuaded to move into the light (if you know what you are doing!) – where they themselves take a look at the way they lived their life and decide upon the course needed to balance their actions.  This is called karma. Don’t forget that people who behave like this are usually reacting to the learnt experiences of their lifetimes, ie negative early parenting, abuse, bullying at school, damage to their personal power etc.

It is very rare to actually see a ghost. If you do, don’t be afraid.  It is fear of the unknown that makes your hackles rise, your heart race.  It is a misunderstanding of the nature of ghosts that feeds your fear, but here we  have a paradox:  People love to hear about hauntings; they love to sit on the edge of their seats while so called ‘ghost hunters’ creep about in the dark, their eyeballs glowing with special effects, gasping and twitching at every strange noise!  And yet they are usually men of a scientific nature.  I have no wish to change their views on the natural movement of energy from one state to another at the death of the physical body, but when they act all macho and brave when they enter a haunted location, only to taunt these so-called ‘green blobs of jelly’ – LOL!  it is sad.  Sad for the ghosts and sad that they themselves could one day find themselves in the same predicament.

In the Victorian era people used to pay to stare at lunatic assylum inmates, poor souls.  We have moved on from bear baiting and freak shows so why is it so hard for people to step into the shoes of a lost soul and imagine their confusion and suffering?  The majority of human beings misunderstand the nature of a ghost‘Come out and show you are a man!’ or ‘knock three times to show us you are here!‘  How ridiculous is this?  Would you say that to your own loved ones? 

Watching that programme the other night I tuned in and helped dozens of souls labelled as ‘demons’  – from little old ladies to naughty children, and mischievous and confused souls.  The ghosthunter really believed that he was helping ordinary people be rid of what he saw as ‘negative forces of evil’.  A house he described as being ‘possessed by demons to be driven out’ in fact contained 22 ordinary people just like you and me who had become lost after their deaths. Just try it for yourself.  If you sense a ghostly presence do not be afraid but speak out loud to the person, just as you would if someone fell at your feet in the street or was involved in some sort of accident. Say something like:

“I know you are lost and I would like to help you.  Look towards the light and see that someone is calling you home!’  Offer to hold their hand and help them into the light, but be sure to tune in to the vibration of pure love by saying a prayer at the same time.  You have to step out of the fear and into the love!  It doesn’t matter if you can’t see them.  Just act out this kind offer of help.  When I met my first ghost I said the Lord’s Prayer , at the same time asking God to release the lost soul from his predicament.   If you wish with all your heart for the ghost to move into the light (and don’t forget he or she is suffering; imagine what it must be like when nobody can hear, see or feel you and you are stuck in limbo)  then you are opening up a tunnel of love and light, along which they can escape.  If you need any help with this just get in touch!

In the eleven years I have been working with troubled, confused and disorientated ghosties I have only ever had to deal with evil entites a handful of times (That’s MILLIONS of souls who are just lost and need a loving, guiding hand homewards again!)  Yes, because of the very nature of my work I have been psychically attacked by a genuine nasty or two…but they always find LOVE and LIGHT repellant and soon scarper back to the darkness, which incidentally is not ‘night time’ but is a black hole out of which it will never crawl unless it has negative energy to feed upon.  Imagine if we all existed in the essence of love and positivity; these (very rare) evil creepy crawlies could not exist!  The essential thing is to be fearless, as it is fear that lights their fire!  Surround yourself with protective angels (just ask!); know that you are safe; think loving thoughts.  

Derren Brown achieves his results using a combination of, in his own words,  “magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship:  ‘I admit cheating, as it’s all part of the game. I hope some of the fun for the viewer comes from not knowing what’s real and what isn’t. I am an entertainer first and foremost, and I am careful not to cross any moral line that would take me into manipulating people’s real-life decisions or belief systems’…Having remained calm and charming in this American ghostbuster’s home, whilst his trusting victim shared what he passionately believed were exciting revelations of sound recordings, footage of a live ‘exorcism’ and ghostly photographs, our man finally moved in for the kill.  Cooly and calmly he ‘exposed the loopholes’ in this Ghostbuster’s dreams by inviting men of science to poo-poo the voices he thought he heard on his machine as mere ‘static’ and even labelling the cases of ‘possession’ as something that the medical world knows happens to highly stressed people now and again.   The latter showed ‘evidence’ of a woman arching her back during a ‘medical’ fit. 

During this latter footage I grasped the opportunity to dowse the poor woman and in that short time removed 40 earthbound souls and allowed them to enter the light of home.  Think of it from an energetic point of view.  We are all made of electrical charges (atoms) and if there is some interference from another source of electricity that is not on the same ‘wavelength’ as our own (negatively charged, depressed ghosts for example) there eventually becomes a breakdown in our electrical circuit

Back to the above programme, the ghostbuster was visibly stressed by DB’s attempts to discredit the work for which he lived.  He swore; he reacted like anyone would who felt duped by someone he had grown to trust.  Did our man notice the look of betrayal and dismay on that man’s face?  I did:  Shockingly, at the culmination of the programme a few lines announced the sad death of this middle-aged man  (only 40 and just months after filming) ‘due to a physical illness’.  I checked the condition of his soul.  This man – who had moved gracefully through the veil and finally found the truth about life after death – said of the programme:

“Don’t believe a word of it! Poppycock!  Ghosts DO exist.  I am one of the lucky ones.  (He didn’t become another ghostly statistic) Please say hello to my wife and reassure her I have passed to a better life….DB has exclusivity to wind people up… I was stressed!  His so-called investigation totally unnerved me.  Men of science speak through their butts!  Their time will come.  He discredited me.  I felt raw.  Radio waves ARE the voices of the dead!”

Of course, every soul is entitled to his opinion, even after he or she has moved safely to another world.  Would you still say ‘boo’ to a ghost?

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