Outside security light, flashing tv topbox, moving objects – anything to attract attention to their plights!

22 10 2012

Life as a spirit rescuer takes up a lot of my time but having been to my neice’s wedding in Somerset and then to see some lovely friends in Wales at least I balanced it with lots of rest and play….and helping more spirits of course!  Just to keep my blogs up to date, as I have so many other commitments at the moment, the following is a brief record of some of my ‘adventures with spirit’ over one week last year….

The Wedding:  A wonderful time of love and sharing with family we only get to see a few times a year if we’re lucky!

The Bed and Breakfast: Apart from rock hard bed and pillows like flat slabs, the night was destined to be  a sleepless ones as lost souls from all around (the unfamiliar) area flocked to find safe passage into the light.  I don’t know who tells them where to find their portal to Home, but they invariably choose 3 am to call! Not only did the security light come on outside the complex but such a large batch arrived in the surreal burst of energy that the television set top box flashed a dozen times – like an ambulance siren – which lit up the room while they were transmuted onwards and upwards: ‘375 souls from Cheddar Fitzpaine to Bridgwater‘ enlightened my angels.  Placed  dowser back on side locker and tried to get some sleep but within a few minutes heard the dowser’s chain moving on the glass top (their only way of alerting me).  Leaned over, picked it up and moved another ‘3 stragglers’ over to the light.

Breakfast: Yummy full English.  Asked whether we’d slept well and hard bed aside couldn’t bring myself to tell the lovely, hard working couple what had happened.  Drove on up to the Brecon Beacons, over the Toll Bridge, the energies of several car accident victims brush my cheeks like an invisible veil along the way.  Feel the sorrow, loss and confusion of losing their lives in such an abrupt manner.

Arrive at our friends wonderful smallholding, set down a winding and narrow track.  Lovely welcome and after depositing our luggage for a couple of nights stay, invited to help feed the many animals, including hens, two goats and even a turkey and his two concubines (discovered that a male turkey is called a Stag).  Erica LOVES animals and works tirelessly putting them out in the fields, cleaning their pens, bringing them in, feeding them…I lost a few pounds, donning my (borrowed) wellies and dashing from field to barn and back again to keep her company, all the while chatting about her joys and her inevitable losses.

2.22 am:   Despite being completely zonked on heavenly mattress and pillows, awake with  a start!  Fumble for dowser in pitch black (quite adept at finding it with eyes closed now), heart still beating wildly with the shock.  With eyes still closed, allow dowser to do its thing.  Approximately 5 mts later, told by helper angels that another ‘350 earthbound spirits’ – but this time ANIMALS – passed through the portal of light, including a fox, goats, sheep and turkeys’….no doubt due to escorting and listening to Erica’s loving tales of her animal friends that afternoon (like attracts like)!

4 am: Awoke from a nightmare that our daughter was running across the sands (and I moved a group of 4 women to let her through saying ‘excuse me, my daughter has to swim out to that boat at sea.  Let her through please!’) but she fell flat on her face on the shoreline and many rushed to her aid, including me…..Now wide awake, once more grab dowser and this time ‘375 more lost souls from the sea of life needed a lift, from scuba divers to fisherman from ‘the Lizard to Weymouth’ .  Told husband come morning and he said guiltily ‘oh Laura rang earlier and said she and Leigh had been on a shipping vessel with his uncle yesterday afternoon’ (And he had forgotten to pass this message on!) Having  been at the wedding in Somerset they’d decided to make their way back to Nottingham via several friends and relatives.  Whilst on that shipping vessel our daughter had no doubt acted as a conduit to bring lost souls to me, as she has done many times, even when backpacking on the other side of the world in Australia…

- "Now that's another story!"

– “Now that’s another story!”

How earthbound spirits can give you headaches, paranoia and worse!

5 10 2012

This week a client cancelled her appointment with me the evening before, as she had ‘double booked’.  My husband usually throws his hands in the air when this happens as there are always plenty of others waiting in line to take her place…

This lady is hyper sensitive and it doesn’t help that she has a ley line running through her home – an energetic earth ‘artery’ that acts as a conduit to bring lost ones along the electrical current and into her space.  Over the years I have cleared 100’s of lost souls who congregate in her home – even spirit animals attached to her cats – as well as given her numerous one-to-one sessions to lift her spirits (ha ha) so that she has not needed a ‘clearing’ for many months.

The next day, however, she left a phone message explaining ‘I didn’t want to upset my friend by coming to you instead’  (!)… ‘She has lots of problems but having spent a couple of hours in her company I feel really unwell with dizziness and a headache…and I think the house if ‘full’ again and I really do need to book another appointment’… (Having cancelled many times in the same manner)….I was cooking a teatime meal when my husband also heard the message being left….‘oh no you don’t!‘ he said, closing the door so that I couldn’t hear the rest of the message…‘just leave it….you can’t be at her beck and call every hour of the day’…etc.

But within seconds my face tingled with spirit connection, rather like a water bomb of minute droplets landing on my head.  I always keep my dowser handy so surreptitiously took it from my jeans pocket and allowed it to take up the intake of lost souls and transmute them to the light.  I’ve become quite adept at stirring the curry or answering the door with one hand and hanging on to my furiously spinning dowser with the other, and was still clinging on 10 minutes later when my two guests arrived…

But it was worth it! 750 lost souls were released during those 10 mts, all  diverted to me via the client who left the message, and she also felt so much better afterwards.  Having been in the company of someone who drains all her energy and piles all her problems onto her, it had caused sudden feelings of dizziness and ‘ungroundedness’, usually caused by lost souls (and other emotional debris) attaching to her ‘roots’.  Just by hearing part of her message the lost souls were transferred to my own ‘mind waves’ – rather like electricity travels down a pathway of energy.  The spirits are inevitably looking for the portal of light that will transport them back to their original source.

If, therefore, you are a high-energy or very sensitive person and ungrounded at the same time, you can attract ‘ghosts’ into your energy field at any stage of your development, from childhood (I have many children on my books) through to old age (my oldest client being 92).  Blockages caused by stress and/or spirits in the emotional, spiritual or psychic levels of the aura can eventually lead to depression and physical dis-ease.

When I had post-natal depression cured by Electro-Convulsive Treatment (allowing an electrical conduit for the spirits to escape and ushering in my recovery), spent 6 weeks on strong antibiotics in hospital after open-heart surgery that saved my life due to heart disease (contracted at my daughter’s birth), I was taunted by earthbound spirits of the lowest quality – due to my near-dying state – but years later was able to help them leave the dark shadows of their nightmare existence.  My book Never Lose Heart (available via my website www.janehunting.co.uk and Amazon for £7.99) tells the story of how I never, ever, gave up hope.

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