tsunami of souls

23 08 2010

On 7th August a very interesting tv programme entitled ’10 things you don’t know about tsunamis’ came on just as I plonked down to eat my plate of shepherds pie.  As I watched with interest I suddenly felt a loss of balance, reminiscent of a frightening bout of viral vertigo I once suffered, when placing one foot after another to ascend the stairs was impossible as I’d lost all sense of place.   I carried on eating my supper, lifting my eyes from my plate to scan the room, which had become all lopsided….then it hit me!  A wave of energy so powerful I only had a moment to grab my dowser for the antidote!

With fork in my right hand and madly spinning dowser in my left I had no time to warn my husband that I struggled to hold on to the life raft to which victims of the Indian tsunami of 2004 clung for their dear lives currently being discussed via this programme!  My head spun along with my dowser and it was all I could do not to fall over with the sheer force of spiritual energy engulfing my own!  I glanced up at the clock, still clutching my dowser tightly between finger and thumb, and noticed it was 7.05 pm.  At 7.15 pm the storm had passed – a full 10 minute rescue mission of 500 souls who had not made the transition home…(of an estimated 150,000 deaths) My spirit guides usually give me a statement that categorises the souls rescued and this came back as ‘tantamount to purgatory…’  In all my 10 years of spirit rescue I have never been hit by a tsunami of energy quite like it!

I put down my dowser to sweep my own plate clean just in time to hear the commentator talk of a meteor hitting the earth’s sea bed causing a tsunami ‘as high as the sea water was deep’  – My rescue squad was already on the ball as I snatched back my dowser and allowed it to spin from 7.17 until 17.24 pm – 300 plus ‘warriors and beasties’ passed this time.  It was thought that ‘an unimaginable several giant tsunami waves’  caused the dinasaurs to suddenly become extinct.

The commentator then spoke of Atlantis and Plato’s writings of the inhabitants of this land being ‘swallowed by the sea…   In 1630 BC a cataclismic geological event occurred … civilisation was wiped from the pages of history’…I made sketchy notes between rescue missions and can’t be sure of the facts here but it sounded like the effects of the eruption of the  ‘Santarina Volcano that instantly drowned 10’s of 1,000’s of people, picking them up and pulling the Minoan people straight out to sea.’…From 7.25 until 7.30 pm 52 souls who had not made the transition – an incredible 3.5,ooo years ago! – now rejoined their kin on the other side of the shore.

The subject now returned to Hawaii and Japan, described as ‘tsunami capitals of the world, constantly bombarded by earthquakes and eruptions in the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii has suffered 137 tsunamis in the past 200 years!’  From 7.30 until 7.32 pm another 16 were lifted from the sea. ‘Britains worst natural disaster was 400 years ago in 1607 when a storm surge/tsunami raced up the Bristol channel at dawn and 2,000 people drowned’ – 7.34 until 7.38 another 32 joined those who had passed naturally.

Now moving to WW2 and the Japanese capture of many Pacific islands in 1944, an attempt was made to create ‘artificial tsunamis  by dropping bombs in the ocean’ but this ‘didn’t work so 2,000 tons of explosives were set off in an inlet’ –  from 7.38 until 7.40 pm another 33 souls from this time in history floundered in the waves but were pulled to safety…To conclude, over a 35 minute period of constant spinning of my dowser a total of 933 souls (including ‘beasties’!) were safely lifted from the purgatory of being stuck between death and new life and deposited safely on their golden beach

With regard to the tragic, overwhelming floods and consequent massive loss of life in Pakistan and more recently China, I check on a daily basis for poor souls stuck in limbo, or needing a helping hand, a little ‘re-direction’ or ‘explanation of the consequences of staying earthbound’  – and as with most natural disasters on such a scale, the first three days between 30 and 50 such people took advantage of this offer, before it scaled down to between 1 and 5 over each of the next two and three weeks.  The way in which people suffer such terror before the ending of their lives is unbelievable but evidence of life after death continues to be proven with the passing of every grateful soul!

So surprised had I been to have been knocked sideways by such a spiritual tsunami on an otherwise calm Saturday evening, you could have knocked me down with a feather!   But then it was a ‘shepherd‘s pie I was consuming……

American Ghosts use British answerphone for help

28 07 2010

My dear friend Lisa emailed me to say she was discussing  ‘Tsunamis’ and telling her work colleague about her experiences of the hurricane season in America (where she used to live) when suddenly their answer machine switched itself on – even though it is no longer connected to their telephone system!  Similar to those ‘ghost rappers’ who switched on our redundant radio (see a previous blog), Lisa and her friend  heard a ‘background noise’, which made her feel ‘a bit strange’… (no doubt the combined energies of these lost souls pushing at her own!)

It was late and I was rather tired as I dowsed Lisa’s answer machine ….(Mike was listening to a noisy Victorian Pharmacy programme on the tv – and  a well-meaning woman was cackling loudly) and so I strained to hear the locations of ‘Colorado’ and ‘Mississippi’ – Visions of their last terrifying moments – flyng debris, logs gushing down rivers, houses smashing like matchsticks – were accompanied by screams and cries for help as each soul in turn was thrown a lifeline.  My spirit guides said they were ‘from the backwaters’…..and in only a few minutes of clutching tightly to my dowser (for dear life!) 125 earthbound spirits were saved.  On yet another like-attracts-like basis, by talking about the subject, Lisa had provided the perfect portal for their rescue!

As I type this blog, news has just come in of a plane crashing into the Margalla hills after leaving Karachi and killing all 146 passengers on board, as well as the 6 crew.

My first instinct when I hear of such tragedies is to tune in and offer help to any souls who may still be entangled in the horror of the crash – and one by one I was able to hook 3 such shocked souls up and into the light.  This puts into perspective the natural pull of the deceased person to return to their original birthplace on the other side – only 3 becoming disorientated (and in danger of becoming stuck in this state of fear and confusion for ever) out of a total of 152.

Lisa is a light worker in her own right and trusty assistant to lost souls.  All she had to do was direct them to me so that I could rescue them.

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