Sexual predator summoned up by Ouija board

15 06 2012

In my job helping souls to find the way home I occasionally come across some cases that need handling with kid gloves.  Not every ghost is willing or able to be helped back into the light of their origin.  I need to judge each case separately and sometimes I will find a cursing, nasty soul at the end of the line, having been hooked away from my client and towards me with the use of my dowser, which acts like a spiritual fishing rod…

A very lovely lady came to see me this week with a strange and terrifying problem.  Ever since childhood she had felt a dark ‘blob’ of energy loitering in her family home, built on open fields over 42 years previously.  She regularly crossed her fingers as she dropped off to sleep at night time and there was always a freezing cold spot at the top of the stairs.  One day her mother confessed to her that she had been dabbling with a Ouija board when her daughter was only a baby….She told her she had summoned up a character calling himself ‘Mad Max’ and was so terrified she had turned to her Bible and thrown the glass through which he communicated into the fire.

My client had also had a negative experience in a later grown-up relationship but eventually met the man of her dreams (2 years ago) and moved into her current home.  At first  the atmosphere was okay and she thought that perhaps it was a case of fear  creating more fear in her old family home.  Then the nightmare began.  One night she felt as though she was being watched, even though she was alone in her bedroom.  My client was obviously finding it difficult to describe the terror she was experiencing, so I told her that I could read between the lines and was going to help her…

“No!” she said…”I need to tell you everything so that you can help me properly.”  She took a deep breath and continued: “My legs were suddenly forced back…” (She started to cry)…”and all I can say is that I tried to sit up but couldn’t move…I was frozen with fear…It was as though some ‘thing’ was…” and she couldn’t continue.  Just as she reached this part of her horrific story an icey blast of negative energy flew from her solar plexus straight towards me, with the intention of taking possession of me instead.  I immediately protected myself by reinforcing the barrier of Light I constantly have in place, and with the help of Archangel Azrael (the Angel of Death, of whom I will talk afterwards) I grabbed this vile energy with the use of my dowser, which flung itself wildly in the air….much to the amazement of my client!

We fought.  The Light won and the thing that called itself ‘Mad Max’ was gone from this lady forever.  Immediately, the first of what turned out to be a whole host (over 250) of lost souls were  rescued from this lady’s personal energy field, mostly from what is called the base or root chakra, which develops during the first few years of childhood. I also tuned in to her old family home and with the power of my imagination checked every nook and cranny and moved 44 more lost souls, at least 2 of whom were evil.  This is a very unusual case to come across as 99% of lost souls are just people like you and me who have wandered into the wilderness of no-man’s land when they should have taken the train home at the first opportunity!

I filled the lady with positive vibrations (reiki, crystal healing and vibrational chakra cleansing music) after which she rose from the couch like a beautiful Madonnas, completely free of fear, negative attachments and the evil result of her mother ‘playing’ with that Ouija board. ‘Thank you, thank you so much’ she texted me the next morning. You don’t need me to emphasise how stupid and dangerous it is, therefore, to play with ‘psychic toys’ such as Oija boards….Why take the risk?

Archangel Azrael has been helping me many times this week: Despite his frightening description as the Angel of Death, he helps to shield me from absorbing my clients’ negative energies, including evil entities such as those described above.  He is there to help the lost souls too, escorting them onwards as only loving Angels can!  I hope this blog has been of interest to my readers and would greatly appreciate any comments you might leave to that effect.  Thankyou and God Bless us All!

West Bridgford 2012

West Bridgford 2012

Would you really say ‘boo’ to a ghost?

2 08 2010

A few weeks ago Derren Brown set out to investigate an American  ‘serious ghost hunter’, who called himself a ‘demonologist’.  This man had apparently investigated 1,000’s of haunted houses ‘making the ghostly and demonic come out so they can be dealt with’…..This is when I sat up and took notice.  Firstly, I cringe when I hear people categorise ‘ghosts and demons’  into the same pile of fear and misunderstanding.

1.  A Ghost is just a person like you or me who has failed, for some reason or another, to make the transition back to the light after their death.  A ghost could therefore be your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend, granny, grandfather….or a mere stranger.  What would you give to help such a loved one…or a mere stranger…out of their terrifying predicament?

2.  A demon is not of the light AND IS AS RARE AS HENS’ TEETH!  The chance of meeting a real life (or death) demon are virtually nil.  However, if you have a card on your table which reads ‘Evil on it (duh!) – as did the woman in the documentary who was being bothered by a ‘demon’ who ‘ordered her to kill her husband’ ….well then you are asking for trouble anyway!  LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.  The same goes for those who choose to gamble with OIJA BOARDS!  If you choose to play games with the dead you are rolling a dice with the dark side!

A demon is actually not human at all.  It is an energy. It is a conglomoration of  negative thought forms such as FEAR, ANGER, HATRED, JEALOUSY, VIOLENCE, DEATH and CARNAGE that  creates a beingIt thrives on these thought forms.  But a nasty, angry, frustrated, vindictive person  who dies and becomes a ghost is just that: a ghost, not a demon. Just as when he or she was alive, a ghost such as this is not an ex-someone you wish to share your space with, especially if they throw things about and wish to harm you.  But even a person such as this can be persuaded to move into the light (if you know what you are doing!) – where they themselves take a look at the way they lived their life and decide upon the course needed to balance their actions.  This is called karma. Don’t forget that people who behave like this are usually reacting to the learnt experiences of their lifetimes, ie negative early parenting, abuse, bullying at school, damage to their personal power etc.

It is very rare to actually see a ghost. If you do, don’t be afraid.  It is fear of the unknown that makes your hackles rise, your heart race.  It is a misunderstanding of the nature of ghosts that feeds your fear, but here we  have a paradox:  People love to hear about hauntings; they love to sit on the edge of their seats while so called ‘ghost hunters’ creep about in the dark, their eyeballs glowing with special effects, gasping and twitching at every strange noise!  And yet they are usually men of a scientific nature.  I have no wish to change their views on the natural movement of energy from one state to another at the death of the physical body, but when they act all macho and brave when they enter a haunted location, only to taunt these so-called ‘green blobs of jelly’ – LOL!  it is sad.  Sad for the ghosts and sad that they themselves could one day find themselves in the same predicament.

In the Victorian era people used to pay to stare at lunatic assylum inmates, poor souls.  We have moved on from bear baiting and freak shows so why is it so hard for people to step into the shoes of a lost soul and imagine their confusion and suffering?  The majority of human beings misunderstand the nature of a ghost‘Come out and show you are a man!’ or ‘knock three times to show us you are here!‘  How ridiculous is this?  Would you say that to your own loved ones? 

Watching that programme the other night I tuned in and helped dozens of souls labelled as ‘demons’  – from little old ladies to naughty children, and mischievous and confused souls.  The ghosthunter really believed that he was helping ordinary people be rid of what he saw as ‘negative forces of evil’.  A house he described as being ‘possessed by demons to be driven out’ in fact contained 22 ordinary people just like you and me who had become lost after their deaths. Just try it for yourself.  If you sense a ghostly presence do not be afraid but speak out loud to the person, just as you would if someone fell at your feet in the street or was involved in some sort of accident. Say something like:

“I know you are lost and I would like to help you.  Look towards the light and see that someone is calling you home!’  Offer to hold their hand and help them into the light, but be sure to tune in to the vibration of pure love by saying a prayer at the same time.  You have to step out of the fear and into the love!  It doesn’t matter if you can’t see them.  Just act out this kind offer of help.  When I met my first ghost I said the Lord’s Prayer , at the same time asking God to release the lost soul from his predicament.   If you wish with all your heart for the ghost to move into the light (and don’t forget he or she is suffering; imagine what it must be like when nobody can hear, see or feel you and you are stuck in limbo)  then you are opening up a tunnel of love and light, along which they can escape.  If you need any help with this just get in touch!

In the eleven years I have been working with troubled, confused and disorientated ghosties I have only ever had to deal with evil entites a handful of times (That’s MILLIONS of souls who are just lost and need a loving, guiding hand homewards again!)  Yes, because of the very nature of my work I have been psychically attacked by a genuine nasty or two…but they always find LOVE and LIGHT repellant and soon scarper back to the darkness, which incidentally is not ‘night time’ but is a black hole out of which it will never crawl unless it has negative energy to feed upon.  Imagine if we all existed in the essence of love and positivity; these (very rare) evil creepy crawlies could not exist!  The essential thing is to be fearless, as it is fear that lights their fire!  Surround yourself with protective angels (just ask!); know that you are safe; think loving thoughts.  

Derren Brown achieves his results using a combination of, in his own words,  “magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship:  ‘I admit cheating, as it’s all part of the game. I hope some of the fun for the viewer comes from not knowing what’s real and what isn’t. I am an entertainer first and foremost, and I am careful not to cross any moral line that would take me into manipulating people’s real-life decisions or belief systems’…Having remained calm and charming in this American ghostbuster’s home, whilst his trusting victim shared what he passionately believed were exciting revelations of sound recordings, footage of a live ‘exorcism’ and ghostly photographs, our man finally moved in for the kill.  Cooly and calmly he ‘exposed the loopholes’ in this Ghostbuster’s dreams by inviting men of science to poo-poo the voices he thought he heard on his machine as mere ‘static’ and even labelling the cases of ‘possession’ as something that the medical world knows happens to highly stressed people now and again.   The latter showed ‘evidence’ of a woman arching her back during a ‘medical’ fit. 

During this latter footage I grasped the opportunity to dowse the poor woman and in that short time removed 40 earthbound souls and allowed them to enter the light of home.  Think of it from an energetic point of view.  We are all made of electrical charges (atoms) and if there is some interference from another source of electricity that is not on the same ‘wavelength’ as our own (negatively charged, depressed ghosts for example) there eventually becomes a breakdown in our electrical circuit

Back to the above programme, the ghostbuster was visibly stressed by DB’s attempts to discredit the work for which he lived.  He swore; he reacted like anyone would who felt duped by someone he had grown to trust.  Did our man notice the look of betrayal and dismay on that man’s face?  I did:  Shockingly, at the culmination of the programme a few lines announced the sad death of this middle-aged man  (only 40 and just months after filming) ‘due to a physical illness’.  I checked the condition of his soul.  This man – who had moved gracefully through the veil and finally found the truth about life after death – said of the programme:

“Don’t believe a word of it! Poppycock!  Ghosts DO exist.  I am one of the lucky ones.  (He didn’t become another ghostly statistic) Please say hello to my wife and reassure her I have passed to a better life….DB has exclusivity to wind people up… I was stressed!  His so-called investigation totally unnerved me.  Men of science speak through their butts!  Their time will come.  He discredited me.  I felt raw.  Radio waves ARE the voices of the dead!”

Of course, every soul is entitled to his opinion, even after he or she has moved safely to another world.  Would you still say ‘boo’ to a ghost?

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