German U-Boat Kapitan lifted from the seabed after 68 years

24 11 2013

Mike was watching The Battle of the Atlantic on Sunday last, with Jules Holland talking about German casualties from WWI and the finding of submarine wrecks on the seabed. Once again, my cheeks sizzled with the electric current along which lost souls travel and 12 of them arrived in my safe house for onward transmission via the angels.

“We have suffered in silence for so long ~ Thank you!” a spokesperson said gratefully. (Thank you Jules Holland and everyone involved in the conception and making of the programme too!)

A little later on in the programme the focus was on one particular German U boat, identified as U1014. It was destroyed while under water in 1945 and all 48 men on board were killed by the depth charge….most younger than 22…so sad. Just one of these men remained stuck, unable to come to terms with what had happened to his men. He simply called himself the Kapitan. He was very young, and very good looking. He saluted as he moved over to join his comrades, but it was not the salute of a Nazi, rather a salute of Gratitude. Husband Mike was excited that we had the number of the U-boat as he could find out this young Kapitan’s name and details. Sure enough, it was Wolfgang Glaser who was the ‘Oberleutnant zur See’ of that submarine (and who had touched my heart and my soul so strongly)…He was just 25 years old, and had commanded for less than 3 weeks. The year before, the sub had rammed her sister boat U1015 in the Baltic Sea, which sank, costing the lives of 36 ~ Is it any wonder that this young man could not rest in peace?

To put all this into perspective though, 36,000 merchant seamen, 30,000 German submariners and 37,000 Allied sailors lost their lives in WW2.
I have just asked whether any of these men are still lost and just 9 needed a helping hand…and 7 from The Lusitania.

The majority of us pass safely and smoothly at the end of our physical lifetimes on earth ~ onto bigger and better things, of course!

Heavenly bells from mobile mean ‘Angels calling’!…

8 11 2013

Last Saturday, Mikey and I had a cosy night in and watched Downton Abbey (Brilliant!), then I took grand-doggie Alfie out into the dark garden to pay a call. Suddenly a loud ring emanated from inside ~ not a ring tone I recognised as our house phone or either of our mobiles…Sure enough, the loud ringing WAS coming from my mobile, but the screen didn’t register a call coming in, so there was no way Michael (still inside) could answer it.

Is it an alarm of some sort?…” I asked my bemused husband.

Siren!” came the answer from my helper angels…Electricity is a conductor of spirit energy and this was yet another ingenious way to alert me to those who had not been automatically redirected to the Bus Stop for Lost Souls I have set up in the garden (the subject of a future post). I took my dowser and moved over 50 individual lost souls under the general heading of ‘South Africa’. Immediately I recalled that the head butler (Carson) in the Downton Abbey episode, just viewed, made a typical racist comment of the era when asking a black jazz singer if he had ever been to South Africa. This is the magic of the mindwaves! By merely hearing those words I sent out a message to any lost souls connected to them to come here for shelter and onward transmission to the Light…..The old fashioned bell ring tone emanating from my mobile stopped the moment the souls were safely Home!

Two days later, more magic was afoot…I heard the emergency bell ringing again from my mobile, but ~ at the same time! ~ my usual melodious ring tone alerted me to an earthly real-time incoming call! They were both ringing at the same time, which was incredible! I swiped to speak to my client asking to book an appointment for a reiki and clearing session….And the angelic tone was obviously put on hold as I heard a beep beep engaged tone throughout out conversation. “Can you hear it your end?” I asked my client, but she could not. As soon as we’d finished chatting and she hung up, the loud bell siren once more called out from my mobile ~ and once more nothing but the usual screen saver showed and so there was no physical way of answering it. I took my dowser and moved 75 lost souls ~ who had come from the client who had booked a session!!!! Amazingly, they’d been transmuted via my mobile for a quickie onward transmission to the Light ~ probably because my next available appointment was not until the following week …and obviously they could not wait that long! 😀

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