The real Twilight Zone!

30 06 2012

My husband and son are avid admirers of the television series The Twilight Zone (1959-64) in which Rod Serling tells gripping stories of people like us who find themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations.  We never cease to be amazed at how many of them contain modern day examples of what have become (for our family at least) commonplace experiences.    Being a collector of film and tv memorabilia our son has a decorative transparent plastic sign declaring ‘THE TWILIGHT ZONE’ hanging from his bedroom door by a large metal chain.  Rob Serling would no doubt tell the tale a lot more eloquently and with more suspense than myself but one morning I was alone in the house when a loud crash emanated from upstairs…

I crept up expecting to find a pile of dvd’s or similar had fallen to the floor (usually caused by disruptive spirits!) but my heart sank when I saw that that our son’s precious TWILIGHT ZONE sign had been lifted by some supernatural means and dropped heavily onto the wooden floor, its large chain splattered across the floor, the chunky sign askew in its holder – but amazingly not chipped or damaged in any way!  Suddenly my cheekbones tingled as they do when spirit is present in any form – and all became clear…

“Oh I seeee!” I laughed out loud…”Very funny!” –

On a like-attracts-like basis, a whole bunch of deceased fans of supernatural film and television –  who had obviously stayed too long on earth after their natural deaths and become stuck in the twilight zone –  were crowding in on me for assistance, so I asked them to form an orderly queue.  As well as the ability to interfere with electrical frequencies (see my last blog), lost souls can also tamper with solid objects such as this very appropriately named Twilight Zone sign and invariably not cause any damage.  I took my dowser from my pocket and tuned in to and escorted towards the light each lost soul that had been sent my way  – a total of 25.

During the writing of this blog, my mobile rang.  It was our son, a volunteer in the local Oxfam shop.  “Mum, I’ve got a stonker of a headache all of a sudden…Do you think you could tune in for me?”  “Sure,” I replied…”Crikey, there are some very impatient souls waiting to be helped home!” I laughed as my dowser flew violently as it hooked onto each one….(and I didn’t mean any elderly shoppers in the charity shop either :-)).  As I tuned in long distance to the shop the ‘lost ones’ poured through the pearly gates at a huge rate of knots as I began counting them through… ‘32,33,34…76,77,78,79,80…Crumbs; what are you doing at the moment?’ I asked, realising there was some psychic connection going on between us. “Sorting and pricing DVD’s” he answered!!! Over the next hour (his headache abating immediately I started to clear the energies) I periodically checked the shop to find that more and more ‘disruptive ghosties’ were dropping in for help and as I publish this blog we have reached 172 souls, all rescued from their own individual Twilight Zone!

Sexual predator summoned up by Ouija board

15 06 2012

In my job helping souls to find the way home I occasionally come across some cases that need handling with kid gloves.  Not every ghost is willing or able to be helped back into the light of their origin.  I need to judge each case separately and sometimes I will find a cursing, nasty soul at the end of the line, having been hooked away from my client and towards me with the use of my dowser, which acts like a spiritual fishing rod…

A very lovely lady came to see me this week with a strange and terrifying problem.  Ever since childhood she had felt a dark ‘blob’ of energy loitering in her family home, built on open fields over 42 years previously.  She regularly crossed her fingers as she dropped off to sleep at night time and there was always a freezing cold spot at the top of the stairs.  One day her mother confessed to her that she had been dabbling with a Ouija board when her daughter was only a baby….She told her she had summoned up a character calling himself ‘Mad Max’ and was so terrified she had turned to her Bible and thrown the glass through which he communicated into the fire.

My client had also had a negative experience in a later grown-up relationship but eventually met the man of her dreams (2 years ago) and moved into her current home.  At first  the atmosphere was okay and she thought that perhaps it was a case of fear  creating more fear in her old family home.  Then the nightmare began.  One night she felt as though she was being watched, even though she was alone in her bedroom.  My client was obviously finding it difficult to describe the terror she was experiencing, so I told her that I could read between the lines and was going to help her…

“No!” she said…”I need to tell you everything so that you can help me properly.”  She took a deep breath and continued: “My legs were suddenly forced back…” (She started to cry)…”and all I can say is that I tried to sit up but couldn’t move…I was frozen with fear…It was as though some ‘thing’ was…” and she couldn’t continue.  Just as she reached this part of her horrific story an icey blast of negative energy flew from her solar plexus straight towards me, with the intention of taking possession of me instead.  I immediately protected myself by reinforcing the barrier of Light I constantly have in place, and with the help of Archangel Azrael (the Angel of Death, of whom I will talk afterwards) I grabbed this vile energy with the use of my dowser, which flung itself wildly in the air….much to the amazement of my client!

We fought.  The Light won and the thing that called itself ‘Mad Max’ was gone from this lady forever.  Immediately, the first of what turned out to be a whole host (over 250) of lost souls were  rescued from this lady’s personal energy field, mostly from what is called the base or root chakra, which develops during the first few years of childhood. I also tuned in to her old family home and with the power of my imagination checked every nook and cranny and moved 44 more lost souls, at least 2 of whom were evil.  This is a very unusual case to come across as 99% of lost souls are just people like you and me who have wandered into the wilderness of no-man’s land when they should have taken the train home at the first opportunity!

I filled the lady with positive vibrations (reiki, crystal healing and vibrational chakra cleansing music) after which she rose from the couch like a beautiful Madonnas, completely free of fear, negative attachments and the evil result of her mother ‘playing’ with that Ouija board. ‘Thank you, thank you so much’ she texted me the next morning. You don’t need me to emphasise how stupid and dangerous it is, therefore, to play with ‘psychic toys’ such as Oija boards….Why take the risk?

Archangel Azrael has been helping me many times this week: Despite his frightening description as the Angel of Death, he helps to shield me from absorbing my clients’ negative energies, including evil entities such as those described above.  He is there to help the lost souls too, escorting them onwards as only loving Angels can!  I hope this blog has been of interest to my readers and would greatly appreciate any comments you might leave to that effect.  Thankyou and God Bless us All!

West Bridgford 2012

West Bridgford 2012

Buried Alive in a Past Life…

14 06 2012

My oldest ever client came to see me this morning, aged 93! She was as sharp as a button, having driven here in her own car and was full of questions of a spiritual nature.  How can so many spirits get stuck in you?  Where do they go when YOU die?  Why can’t they go with you when you go?  I will answer all those questions in a moment but what was particularly interesting is that this lady is herself quite psychic and up until she met me could hear spirit (her guide) nagging at her to get in touch with me – originally to feed her love of angels. During that initial cup of tea I’d unexpectedly channelled a message from her deceased brother Alan: ‘Nice spread you’ve put on, ***** !’  We both had to laugh, me because she’d put a few little sticks dipped in chocolate and one iced slice cut into 6 dainty pieces on a plate for me and her because that was a typical comment he would make.  ‘You’ve done more for me than any one of those people at the spiritualist church!’ she said, delighted.

This morning, as well as removing masses of emotional and psychic stress, I found over 100 spirit attachments and removed them from her, passing them on to the light, some of whom she recognised:

This lady died from a prick on the finger…” I said out loud as my dowser spun this lost, trapped soul home…

That was my grandmother!” she cried…”I never met her but she apparently stuck the brissle from a hard brush in her finger and  died as a result…”

Angel of Light

During the course of our conversation on ‘fears’ trapping energy in one’s emotional, spiritual and psychic bodies she said that she has always had an ‘irrational fear’ of being buried alive, to such an extent that she has left ‘instructions for the undertaker to double check before he puts the lid on my coffin!  As soon as she told me this I knew that there were lost souls from her time in a past life when she had been in a ‘volcanic eruption’….At the next same moment she and I said in unison: ‘Mount Vesuvias!’

I had been given this name by spirit…but she had already suspected that she had been involved in a volvanic disaster as she had, as a little girl, dreams about running away clutching her mother’s hand when a deep gash in the earth opened in front of her!   I immediately tuned in to AD 79 and did a ‘search and rescue’ of what turned out to be  350 souls who  had died in this terrible disaster (that led to the burying and destruction of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum) and not had time to make the transition to the light.  They had literally been frozen in physical time and space as lost souls. I then checked my client’s chakras and found another 12 lost souls coming through her heart.  I asked her for the level of her fear of being buried alive and it was still 10/10.  I asked her to ‘tap’ sharply on her crown the words ‘even though I have a morbid fear of being buried alive, I completely love and accept myself’ – Immediately, another 8 trapped souls were released from her own energy field.  We worked on all the other ‘tapping points’ connecting her meridian lines and this time masses of emotional stress was released.  Only when this has been cleared did it allow another 4 souls to become untangled from their shared memories of another time.  Her ‘fear’ level has dropped to 7/10 and we have more work to do, but I have no doubt in my mind that we can eventually ask her undertaker to remove that note!

In answer to her questions above: How can so many spirits get stuck in you?  Where do they go when YOU die?  Why can’t they go with you when you go?, even though she had over 100 souls attached to her, these have no physical body and are connected through thoughts, fears and experiences of her own lifetime.  Rather like invisible ‘lifelines’ attached to a particular area.  Through these channels one can experience the same emotions that an attached person did when he or she was alive, whether they be positive or negative.  Therefore, dependant upon many other factors (empathy, psychic tendencies etc), a whole host of visitors can become attached to an individual.  When YOU die and move into the Light these lost souls are unable to piggy-back you and therefore get left behind along with your own physical body, able to wander the earth at will.  As I understand it, when you come back to earth for another lifetime you pick them up again.  This will explain why even new-born babies sometimes need clearing.  A 6 year old girl I once successfully treated for a hole in her heart (there since birth) had 100’s of spirit entities flying through that hole for onward transmission.  Eventually, when I had rescued them all, the hole disappeared, much to the amazement of the specialist at the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital! The emotional stress that had accompanied them and caused her lower heart chamber to swell was also removed and she now has a normal heart.  She was, then, born with souls attached to her heart in need of a helping hand – (and heart! :-))

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