Ghosts have Feelings too…Lyndon B Johnson (1908-1973) included!

23 07 2009

Monday 20 July 2009

Unable to sleep because of severe shooting pains in my right foot, I cupped it in my hands and sent myself healing. Immediately a  face appeared to my right (I had my eyes closed) ; a big masculine face, frowning deeply through strong dark eyebrows, thin dark strands of hair falling in damp spindles over his sweaty forehead. He floated there in the void for an age as I waited for an introduction which never came. Who is he? I asked my spiritual guides.  By his tortured expression he was in the throes of agony and I had to help him. Still grasping my right foot, I allowed his name to float to me;:

“Who was Lyndon B Johnson again?” I asked my husband as I opened the vortex of light so that my spirit visitor could find his way home. (The ghosts of six hundred and sixty soldiers also rushed into the vortex alongside him, one of whom had been ‘shot in the foot.’)

“Oh, he was one of the presidents of the United States: Responsible, I think, for the escalation in the Vietnam war…” Perhaps this explained the soldiers who passed with him? Perhaps he had gathered the ghosts of this terrible, grueling conflict together to bring them for help, which would explain the beads of sweat dripping from his frowning forehead? Perhaps he felt he had to pay his penance?

How ironic that the 36th President of the United States should be wandering in purgatory for 36 years!  It transpires that he succeeded the assassinated John F Kennedy, someone who contributed to Ghost Writers in the Sky. Who says that this Blog is not Spirit Led?

“He and I are buddies…” came Johnson and Kennedy’s twinned voices from the other side!

“Why did  LBJ remain earthbound after his death all those years ago? I asked.

“I couldn’t stand the conflict; I couldn’t face myself; the guilt…the shame” (Ironically, he died the same day as a ceasefire was signed by Vietnam) As he spoke, several soldiers in combats patted him reassuringly on his big shoulders and he shed a tear for the compassion which now surrounds him: The unconditional love and forgiveness that is wending its way into the ‘hole’ of the world.

Another two lost souls were ‘sent for’ and joined LBJ – ‘Pappy’ O’Daniel’, who it turns out was W Lee O’Daniel (1890-1969), the Governor of Texas at the time Johnson ran for the Senate in 1941 and Senator Richard Russell (1897-1971) When asked what kept them earthbound, the former joked he was ‘old and crusty’ (he was once part of a group named the Doughboys!) and the latter ‘Devotion to Duty – Here I Am!’ –

“Here we are again; happy as can be!’’

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