What if Spirits could blog?

30 06 2009

What if the spirits of famous people who have died and passed from this life could switch on a heavenly TV channel, watch a repeat of their old favourite programme entitled ‘Life on Earth During any Century’  aind were then able to blog their comments via a medium so that their views were distributed worldwide? 

What if a spirit lived in the 17th or other centuries?  Could they still pass messages through even though they have never heard of blogs, televisions or telephones?  For all these answers and more WATCH THIS BLOG!!!!

The owner of this site has taken it upon herself to channel such information whenever it is received into her ‘spiritual inbox’.  She has been receiving blogs from famous spirit people for a decade now and has decided to go public in order to advertise the book that has been channeled via Sir Walter Scott and hundreds of other well known writers, poets, comediens, actors, artists, singers, dancers, world leaders and more… SOON TO BE PUBLISHED!

This is a message site for famous spirits: People who have died and successfully crossed to the other side!   THEY WANT TO SPEAK TO THE WORLD!

CLEMENT FREUD (1924 – 2009) 

15 APRIL 2009  Clement  Freud died yesterday and in an instant I stopped in my tracks and dowsed for his still earthbound spirit: Before I could speak it registered his spirit taking off from the physical plane and as he landed safely on the other side he said dryly: 

“It’s over.”

Cottoning on to his droll humour, I was not particularly surprised when he said with a straight face and in a monotone voice:

“Tell them I’m happy: I’m smiling.” 

He pulled the corners of his mouth to the edge of his face to demonstrate “the act of smiling’”

His spirit then left my spiritual Inbox.   It was over in a flash and the thought fleetingly crossed my mind that perhaps I should not have intervened so quickly; after all, he had 3 months to think about it? (After which his spirit would lose direction and he would need assistance)  Clement was back on the line, anxious to speak to the world again:

“What did you die of?” came my involuntary but habitual question.

“Revoltinism” came the reply from Freud’s still active brainwaves.

“A combination,” he said “of revolting old age and revolutionary wit and sarcasm.”

“Really?”  I laughed.

“Also possessivitis….but time is running out I’m afraid” –  and the song Jennifer Juniper played, with the emphasis on ‘June’….  “Tell her I love her!”  (This turns out to be his wife)

19 April 2009 Am drawing my bedroom curtains and mindful of the overcast weather we’ve experienced over the past few days when Freud’s voice (from the other side) interrupts my thoughts:

“The weather for me has been a little inclement I must say…” (Surprisingly, he passes wind loudly and says “Pardon.”)  “I had to spit out a lot of pips in my time (Clement-time) but on the whole I was sweet and juicy.  I was required to divide myself into many segments to be sucked upon; sometimes quite sour and in need of spitting out, also… (repetition of ‘spit’ being carefully avoided please note carefully)…  Remnants got stuck in the teeth of many who were brave enough to challenge me…Jaw dropping audiences included…”

Of his ‘revoltinism’ of 4 days ago he now wishes to add “decrepitism” telling me that “it comes from the Greek ‘decrepitus’, which alludes to one sliding off one’s water butt and into the deep chasm of oblivion…”   I let him continue:

“Barney is here.”  He pats a stone tablet beside him and a large loose skinned dog bounces up to sit alongside.  “Say hello to the nice lady;” he says”-  She’s going to make you famous too!”

Back to his po-faced anachronism he says:

“It’s time to read the newspaper obituaries and see what they are saying about me. “ He turns the pages and reads a selection of words…”sarcasm; genius; wit; flair; comradeship; county borders (?)” (He laughs)  He passes me an envelope “for my missus” and asks me to gives it to her.    “It is quite bizarre really…”

“What is?”

“This colourful bazaar of infidels, morons and manic depressives…”

“Are you referring to the characters in my Book?” (Soon TO BE PUBLISHED see www.janehunting.co.uk )

“I can’t think why one would want to read such trash,” he said, turning to Barney and saying “pass me a copy” (ha ha). “Whoops; it’s out of print!…” (Barney shows me a paw print on the cover.)

Of course, I look up ‘decrepitus’ in the dictionary, which leads me to de crepitus: ‘the noise produced by a sudden discharge of wind from the bowels’ – explaining Freud’s windy re-entry noise.  He and Barney fall off their stools, laughing.

“Crepitus was also the Roman god of flatulence,” he enlightens me.  “Seriously.”

Researching in earnest, I soon discover through Wikipedia Mythology that ‘the earliest mention of a god of flatulence is somewhat obscure’ and that it is possible that the existence of this god is an invention. No ancient polytheistic source appears for such a deity.’  But then it goes on to say ‘The earliest mention of a god of flatulence is as an Egyptian, not a a Roman deity.  This comes from the hostile pen of the author of RECOGNITIONS’ and now Clement and Barney dance for joy as I reach the line…  ‘dubiously attributed to POPE CLEMENT!

And following the link to RECOGNITIONS the first words that came up were Clementine Literature’!

This surely proves that Freud has access to the still living’s past present and future records and that all this is Meant To Be!  He knew before I did that I would follow his leads!

“Roll out the barrel!” came the encouraging rendition from above, as others queued to speak through their very own SPIRIT BLOG!

 I8 May 2009 Awake in the early hours with JOHN LENNON (1940-80) in my spiritual viewfinder, who salutes and sings YELLOW SUBMARINE – “We all live in a yellow submarine’” (Paul McCartney and John Lennon recorded this on  May 26th and June 1st 1966).

Lennon’s mission?  To educate us on the workings of the spirit.  Whether you are still alive on earth or your spirit has returned to the faster vibrating energy of ‘the other side’ your spirit can still travel during sleep or deep relaxation (as borne out by many spiritual teachers past and present and in ‘our ‘new book)  His old buddy, British actor JOHN CLIVE (born 1938) – a member of the cast who played John’s voice in Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in July 1968 – is also SURFING THE SPIRITUAL WAVES and I tune in to make sure he is in his ‘rightful place’….

“Thanks ma’am…It’s like I’ve been going round and round in a ‘revolving’ door… Now I’m swimming along happily!’”  (Indicating we can rest our brains from the frantic circle of what’s on our human minds whilst asleep and awaken refreshed)  

“You are most welcome!” I reply.

Next I bump into the mind waves of actor LANCE PERCIVAL (born 1933) who tells me “I also starred in Johnno’s film playing the voice of ‘old Fred’!  He does not, however, need rescuing (I don’t always know whether who I bump into is still alive on the earth plane) and informs me:

“I was just roamin in the gloamin’I’ve got me teef in now!’’


Friday 26 June 2009

My son asks me if I’ve heard the news ‘about ‘Whacko Jacko’.

“Who?” (That’s how little I know about pop idols)

“He’ll be a good one for your book…” he said, but I resisted checking to see whether Michael Jackson’s spirit had flown.   It was too much of an assignment to handle as far as I was concerned..

Later on that morning I drive my children to IKEA when suddenly my face feels as though it has been jammed into a bucket of jellyfish! Jacko’s spirit is being diverted to me for assistance!  As soon as we arrive I go and hide in a toilet cubicle to speak to the childhood image I have seen of Michael Jackson playing in his own Neverland! Why would he seek me out?  I see an image of the Earth from the perspective of a child laying in the grass and realise this is the only place he feels truly happy.  He needs help to leave so I boost his energy and he lands safely in ‘nirvana’!

“Don’t stop me now!” he sings, twirling on his fantastic feet, and Queen’s song continues: “I’m having a good time!”  Then the record suddenly changes – “Yippee I Oh!  Yippee I Ay! Ghost Writers in the Sky!”  It is Jim Morrison, giving me a new name for their book! (This member of Doors appears in chapter 31 of Ghost Writers in the Sky – SOON TO BE PUBLISHED)

9 pm BUZZ!  Jackson is back in my spiritual inbox and there is not a moment to waste as I grab my notepad and scribble his words as they come:

“I like England!  It is very pretty.  Lambs skip in the fields.  Primroses.  Daffodils.  Pride!”

I hear an organ play; Church music….

Argh,, look what they’ve done to the world.  Isn’t it sad? Iconic status granted me but I am just like you and everyone else – all human beings with spirit which has broken off and floated away from the Godhead.  All born to be geniuses:  White suits?…We all own one!  Lift up your chins.  Be proud of your selves; your every achievement.”

“Is this Jacko?” I ask, just to be sure.

“Yes! Blog me!  My suit was ruined.  My pants torn.  My crown ripped from my head.  But I was innocent of all those charges laid before me.  I love.  I love my children.  I am love.  You are love.  We are all of the one Father.  Tweed suits?  Dirty suits?  White suits?  What colour suits you?   Look at yourselves.  Look what you’ve done to the world.  Isn’t it sad?”

I hear ‘grotto’ and ‘escapism’ and ‘slide onto your butts!’ and suddenly a tornado of spirits is sucked up as my dowser swirls on and on and on releasing over 6,000 spirits.  Jacko is ahead of them, leading them aboard “the Noah’s Ark.”  ‘Poor, rich, goslings of the golden son, flea bitten, vagrants, tramps, bums, waifs and strays.’

Jackson shows me a white gloved hand and points a white finger straight at my nose (at t the end of which the psychic chakra is situated).  He swirls a nifty two step, “a neat move’” and places a crown on my head.  He is gone.    

What of 1970’s iconic actress FARRAH FAWCETT, who died of cancer age 62 around the same time?

Upon checking that she is indeed resting in peace she replies with a simple:

      “Yes thank you.  God Bless you in all your timely work.” 

Friday 3 July 2009

The black thunder clouds which have gathered after a blistering hot week carry earthbound spirits from around the world who set off our Mondeo car alarm at 7.20 am and intermittently throughout most of the day.   Millions of souls are carried via the torrential rain (water is a conductor for spirit) and I spend hour upon hour moving them onwards and upwards.  


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25 06 2009

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