Buoyancy aid for souls of Japan and Libya (+ Edward C Randall 1860-1935!)

21 03 2011

I have been so busy with both spirit rescues and working on the final layers of my book on famous spirits that I have had no time to keep up to date with my blogs, but I have nevertheless had many of you reading back through my past 83 – Thank you for your interest!

After the news broke about the terrible earthquake and tsunami that took Japan by storm, I dowsed for the poor souls of those killed and who were still in limbo from shock…their spirits not able to make the transition home because of the immense grief and sheer terror of the moment in which their lives were swept from under them.  I have also been checking those who have lost their lives in Libya and recent uprisings in the world news and helped 100’s in this fashion.

One thing I have not touched on much during my reports on spirit rescue over the past year or so is the fact that souls need time to come to terms with what has happened to them and often need me to step back (very difficult) for some time in the hope that they will get over the initial shock and find their own spiritual compass back into the light unaided.

It is in their best interests to arrive on the other side calm and reassured so that they can speedily be helped and redirected to an appropriate place of healing.  I therefore ask my guides only to connect me to the lost ones who are ready to leave but need a spiritual buoyancy aid, so to speak.  

We have up to 3 months after we die to stay in the ‘waiting room’ – after which it is not a good idea to loiter any longer as with every passing day the ‘spiritual umbilical cord’ through which our spirit passes back to the light of our origin becomes faint and it would seem like trying to find your way in dense fog with no sense of direction.

Initially only half a dozen Japanese souls needed help in this way (last Friday) but a day or so later there was a large cluster or of them (95) who were ready to be guided home.  Every day since (10 days) there have been more who are ready to go and yesterday there were 61, not counting those from the town of Minami Sanriku, which was effectively wiped off the map, reduced to matchwood and more than half of its 17,000 inhabitants swept away.  1,000 bodies were found on local beaches and I am given to understand (from my spiritual guides and helpers) that ‘of 3,500 dead, 19 needed a lifeline’ – in other words 3,481 of those that lost their lives went straight home afterwards… 

Yes it is a very sad and horrific time in yet another tragedy of epic proportions and at such a time who wants to linger on the subject of dying?  The only point I am making is that prayer is a very powerful energy and if we all pray for the souls of those who have recently died then the chances are that thought made matter will boost those spirits upwards, so that they do not become yet another statistic of ghosts stuck in the agonising limbo of their death experiences.

On a lighter note, an author called Edward C Randall (1860 -1935) was directed my way for help in this fashion just recently.  Imagine my surprise to discover that he wrote a book (as long ago as 1917) called The Dead Have Never Died!  His spirit has been trapped for 76 years and yet this is the very subject of which he wrote! (“Don’t YOU make that mistake will you?” my dear husband reminds me!  I gave him my solemn promise as I want to be up there when my family’s time eventually comes so we don’t miss one another LOL!)

I introduced my services to Edward C Randall…

Me:             “Hello, my name is JH (etc)….

Randall:  “I’m off!…Thank you my dear….”  (And with an enormous swirling of my dowser he was lifted from the dense earth plane and deposited safely on the other side.) Only two minutes (of earth time) later he spoke to me telepathically as follows:

Me:             “What made you stay behind?”

 Randall:  “I had to finish my investigations….”.

 Me:             What caused your death?…”

 Randall:  “Chickenpox!  It was dangerous in our day.”  

 Me:             “Can you describe your own death experience?”

 Randall:  “There was a blinding light.  I couldn’t see.  I shielded my eyes, determined to understand this process of death and stayed behind with not a notion of the consequences!!!  I was trapped with no body in a chamber between the physical and the afterworld!”

(He mentioned an Aunt Hilda or Maud, Muriel and other ‘wretches blinded by the light’….and my dowser spun another cluster of lost souls up to follow him.)  

Me:              “Do you have anything else you would like me to pass on for our information?”

Randall:   “It is quite bizarre.  I am still getting used to it!”


Angels in the Sky!  Our back garden March 2011

Angels in the Sky! Our back garden March 2011

If you google Edward C Randall’s book ‘The Dead Have Never Died’ you will see how similar his thoughts and works were to my own – with a few exceptions – almost a hundred years ago!

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