the phantom chocolate pincher!

21 11 2010

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity!  Firstly my daughter and I whipped into Nottingham at 8.30 an to get a refund on a clingy jumper she’d persuaded me to buy -refusing to acknowledge that her mum is getting on a bit and not as svelt as her daughter any more (in other words there are bumps where there shouldn’t be!)  Back home for 11 am I ushered in a lovely lady in need of a clearing  and 454 spirits and two hours later she left, full of the joys of spring, feeling more like ‘herself’!

Next it was preparing the roast for my husband’s birthday celebration – being an old traditionalist his only heart’s desire was prawn cocktail, roast beef dinner and home made trifle (prepared in stages over a couple of days so that the sherry could soak into the soggy sponges….mmmmm!)  By mid afternoon we were preparing the dining table, getting out the best china, clearing the clutter from the hall and lighting the fire and I grabbed the box of Roses chocolates from the kitchen worktop, opening the top of the box enroute to the dining room to find a suitable glass bowl in which to tip them.  But I was distracted elsewhere and forgot about them sitting on top of the dresser in the dining room.  An hour or two later my husband said ‘shall I put these in a bowl?‘, picking up the opened box again….

“Oh yes….I see you’ve already been at them!” he laughed good naturedly.

“What?  No I haven’t!” I protested…”It must have been you!!!!‘  There was no one else home so I was puzzled to see that on top of the open box, just inside, was a crumpled purple sweet wrapper….empty of its chocolate!  Although being far too busy to think about ‘spooks’, I did sense a tingling around my cheekbones – apparent whenever spirit is around, so took my dowser from my pocket.

“Woah!”  I cried, as it flew into the air like a horse bucking, then swung to the left (this is when I hear spirit speak) and someone called back “It was the only way we could attract your attention ma’am!” – as he flung himself off into the spiritual vortex, indicated by the ferocious swinging of my dowser!   I also caught the word ‘cavalier’…..

Today I asked for more information and was given ‘Charles I’ … ‘inflicted with mortal wounds’…and ‘a supporter of the cause’ …so of course I had to investigate further.  I could find no connection between Cavaliers and King Charles I, only that the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel was named after this monarch!….”Huh?” I asked, bemused, “was this a dog who was in need of spirit rescue?”…

I took myself back to the previous evening’s conversation: Our daughter’s boyfriend had brought along his parents to join in Michael’s birthday celebration and rather embarrasingly they handed over the remnants of the presents they had wrapped for him and left for only a minute or two on the floor of their house.  ~Among the damaged packets was a round box that Alfie the mischievous Westie could not resist nibbling….and it contained chocolates!~  I reminisced about the day he jumped on to the kitchen table and rummaged through my handbag.  When I returned, all that was left was the wrapper of my favourite 50% cocoa chocolate, ripped up in scatterings all over the floor! We had also discussed next door’s Spaniel, whose tail never stops wagging!

My guides only now revealed that it had been the mischievous spirit of a dog who had fancied that purple wrapped choccy – strangely enough purple being the colour of the chakra associated with the third eye (the psychic ‘computer’).  Of all animals who need help, dogs and cats especially turn up on a daily basis as they are so closely connected to humans and often have difficulty leaving them.  Just in case there was more to report I looked on the net for information about this particular breed.  My mouth dropped open when I read that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is ‘prone to mitral valve disease, which leads to heart failure – the most common cause of death.’ 

The  instant I realised this, another 18 dogs who had died of this heart disease and not jumped their final hurdles homewards, frolicked home into the light!  This whole rescue mission was made even more poignant, as in 1984 my  own life was saved after I contracted mitral valve disease!

p.s. (Quote taken from Wikipedia: ‘During the 16th century, a small type of spaniel was popular among the nobility in England. The people of the time believed that these dogs could keep fleas away…’ ) ‘ Spot on’ I would say!’  (see previous blogs)

did claire rayner ‘come back and haunt’ the PM?

14 11 2010

‘Claire Rayner, iconic British agony aunt, died yesterday aged 79′ , read my diary entry of 13th October 2010 ‘and apparently her last words were for David Cameron, along the lines that if he messes up her beloved NHS she will come back and haunt him!’  Of course, what she meant was she would ‘hang back and haunt him’ as she would have to be a GHOST to do that!  Well David Cameron might breathe a sigh of relief to know that she didn’t hang about, so he need not worry!!

“It can still be arranged,” she laughed from her safe house on the other side, “Tell him I will still be looking over his shoulder!”  Seriously now, she said she was “fixated” with this subject, “depressed by the ruination and decline in hospital services and threats of even more cut backs…” but from an enlightened point of view she now flung her arms up and said “Hurrah for the NHS!”

My dad, who along with me, has had his fair share of Life-saving gold dust from this marvellous British institution, commented that she must have been very depressed as ‘she had spent the last three months in hospital undergoing intestinal surgery’….and before his words had left his lips a path of light was made open for a piebold pony (of one of Claire’s children?) that obviously hadn’t passed!  Dobbin or Bobbin …his brave spirit trotted over to a gleeful reunion with his old friends in spirit…followed by a ‘grandfather in cloggs’ and someone involved with ‘Berlin and the War’ and another named ‘Fergie’ – with it a torrent of  joy that never fails to make my eyes well up.  I understand that these spirits had all died of cancer or complications of the bowel and could well have ‘flown in’ because of Claire’s connection with ‘intestinal’ problems.

“I am now receiving a taste of my own medicine!” laughed this cheery ex-nurse, as “others are dishing out healing comfort to me, just a I did for others on earth!  It’s marvellous…WONDERFUL over here!” she exuded, “…just like that ‘spot on’ dry cleaner!”  Tee hee…she’d obviously been keeping up to date with my recent Blogs!

the spirits who spoke without moving their lips!

6 11 2010

Like a sheet of fly paper suddenly sticking to my face, I invariably attract lost souls along the motorways and road structures but on my recent trip to Cornwall there were only 15 in need of help (probably because we often travel this route and so it is cleared regularly)  However, when my husband read the newspaper that evening, announcing  ‘a million people a day die on the roads’  this started the ball rolling and the crystal swinging and 30 minutes later (and a black finger from the silver chain!) my spirit guides revealed that an astounding 3 million of those lost souls in this category (ie those who had died in road accidents in ‘Great Britain and Northern Ireland’, including those during ‘horse and cart’ times, and not passed) were sucked into the loving vortex of energy around my head – the turbo-charged action of my whirling dowser made even stronger by the fact we were on the St Michael Ley Line one of the earth’s magnetic arteries that pump energy all around her heart centre!  This  pulsating energy always brings with it a boost to all my spiritual activities as well as my health – and coming back up to the East Midlands is always a wrench.

There are several reasons why a person’s soul energy does not succeed in returning to its light of origin after a sudden and unexpected death, whether it is in the road or by violent means:

a.  Shock : Normally the spirit or etheric body rises gently from the physical body (which has been the vehicle for their earthly experience) as they leave for home.  In the case of sudden death the soul is literally wrenched from the body, without time for the person to prepare for the inevitable transition to the light.  He or she then finds themselves hovering above his or her body (just like in the ‘movies”).

b.  Unfinished business; a strong desire to stay earthbound:  It is not hard to imagine that being unprepared for this sudden end to everything they have been doing up until that moment will leave a person wanting to continue with their usual routine as though nothing has happened.  They will want to rush to their loved ones; reassure them; say goodbye; comfort them – but sadly cannot be seen or heard unless by someone psychically in tune with their souls.

This is why my work is so important to me.  When I ask my spirit helpers and advisors (we all have them!) whether I will see my ambition to clear the whole world of such floundering souls before it is MY turn to go, the answer is always “SPOT ON!”  (British slang meaning ‘just so’ or ‘exactly right”.)

“JOLLY HOCKEY STICKS!” came the unexpected follow up from my higher self and immediately I thought ‘well my American friends won’t understand that phrase will they?‘, which led me to search for a suitable explanation of its meaning.  I was once again being led by the nose as I found a BBC radio comedy programme Educating Archie from 1950 which featured a London born ventriloquist by the name of Peter Brough (1916-1999 – whose famous dummy, ‘Archie Andrews’ was sold at auction for £34,000 in 2005!) and critics unkindly said the radio was his ideal ‘medium’ (but perhaps that could be me?) as when he appeared on television his lips could be seen to be moving.  His American counterpart was Edgar Bergen (1903-1978) and people were equally scathing of his talent.  As it happens, neither verntriloquists had to move their lips to tell me they were not resting in peace – and were duly helped to return home!

(How I found them was the connection to Peter Brough’s 1950’s show ‘Educating Archie’:  In the radio series, Beryl Reid played the part of a ghastly schoolgirl named Monica, a parody of the sporty public-school type. She invented the phrase ‘jolly hockey-sticks!’ on the show because, as she said once, “I know what sort of thing my characters should say!” Her phrase struck a chord and it has passed into the language.

The message received back only minutes later from Edgar Bergen was:

It sure is a good thing when you wake up in the morning and find the sun shining!” (A reference to being stuck in the dark until his rescue).  And of my current mission to help souls such as himself? “Evolution declares it!” he said. (ie we will all evolve to speak without moving our lips….in other words by using the telepathic connection that allows me to speak with my rescuees!)

And Peter Brough said“Just a short word….Get off your butts and move on when your time comes!…And keep your mouths shut!”

Hilariously, Spot On is also a flea killer for dogs and ventriloquists traditionally practice speaking without moving their lips with phrases that include ‘My dog has fleas’  !  (Apparently you aim to say: ‘Ny dog has thleas.’ )

I also stumbled across the information that Peter’s father Arthur Brough (RIP) was also a ventriloquist and used his dummy Tim in the film Dead of Night (1945)!

As well as looking back on what Edgar Bergen above had to say, who says spirits don’t have a sense of humour?!


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