Caught on Camera – My Spirit Guide!

7 03 2012
Spot the Orb?

Spot the Orb?

Two white doves were taking a drink from my fountain when they looked startled.  Yes, I was taking their photograph through the kitchen window, but they seemed to notice something unseen to the human eye, to their left (our right).  After the pictures were downloaded to my computer I zoomed in to have a closer look…

A closer look...

A closer look…

Floating inside an ORB – top right – was quite clearly the face of a man.  I dowsed to ask who he was…. He was not a lost soul in need of help to go home… He was not a ‘nature spirit’….He was Fraser, one of my very first Spirit Guides, with me since I started on my writing journey, channelling the thoughts and words of wisdom from those in the spirit world (‘Ghostwriters in the Sky – A Soul is Forever, Not Just a Lifetime’ ) soon to be published.

I will attempt to crop the picture a little more and change the colour saturation so that you can see him a little closer, but Fraser told me (after a decade of working with him!) that his name is spelt PHRASER – Not a word to be found in the dictionary but obviously someone from the spirit world who has helped me with phrasing my words during my writing career!  Sometimes, while in full flow with my writing (Ghostwriters has taken 5 years to prepare!), I would stop and contemplate my next word or ‘PHRASE’ and the words would slot into my mind – often words of which I’d never heard.  (Imagine my joy at looking them up in the dictionary and discovering they were perfect!)

PHRASER is bald, wears glasses – and I am so grateful that he manifested himself inside an ORB so that I could show him off to you!  We all have Spirit Guides watching over us.  They are people we have known in other lifetimes – friends, family, loved ones – who elect to watch over and guide us during this lifetime.  Isn’t that AMAZING? 🙂

 Now do you see him?



5 responses

9 03 2012

Yes it is AMAZING sis..thanks for sharing x Could you tell me who my spirit guide is? is it the same as my guardian angle? suffrojet?? I was filling out forms for social services yesterday to get extra help for TJ with his carers, and i just kept writing stuff down that just seemed to be flowing off my pen and when i read it back it was worded perfectly and i showed TJs key worker and she seemed quite impressed and everything was calm and pleasent as usually im stressed and frustrated when these people come into my home! Thanks for letting us meet the lovely PHRASER….. XXX

9 03 2012

Sophia is my guardian angle i use to talk to her all the time i used to when i was in the bath..a long time ago when i was going through a sad time..i need to get in touch with her again, although i know she is here when i need her xx

9 03 2012

Yay! Well there’s a perfect example Sis of how your guides are putting words into your head…It usually happens if you are ‘in the flow’ and you’ve recently been cleared, allowing you to access your Higher Self (knowledge from above/your Guides). If you had been stressed and frustrated it would have blocked that flow….:-)

I think Sophia has the energy of a ‘suffrogette’ – women who fight for democracy and justice (and hence helping you to fill out the social services forms yesterday) This is your true nature and our Guardian Angel always reflects your best ‘bits’!!!

Just tuned in to your higher self to see whether you have a specific Spirit Guide with you at the moment (found 2 stuck spirits, one of which was named Aiden or Aden, the other a ‘matchstick man’ – now moved out?) Your present guide is called Rupert 🙂 and he is ‘helping you to floss your teeth’. This sounds weird but is usually metaphorical – your teeth are closely associated with your 3rd eye/throat chakras – if these are blocked you will be unable to access the messages of your Guides/Higher Self….So he will be leading you to ways of letting go of frustration and emotions. “Make time for yourself” being the main message.

Sophia is also the name of Mum’s Guardian Angel, did you know? 🙂

Thanks so much for leaving a message as usual Sis. Hopefully it will encourage others to ask questions about their own spiritual selves. Much love as always, JB xxxxxxxxx

12 05 2012
Wendy Blease

Love the fountain Jane, I have noticed a few orbs swimming a round me and home again of late, thanks to your blog I remembered I should dowse to see who they are, thanks you for bringing this back to me. Wendy xx

28 04 2015

I do apologise for not responding to your lovely, encouraging response above Wendy! I have had very little time of late to concentrate on writing up my ever increasing work with the spirit world and strive to keep a balance with my family and earthly responsibilities too . I’m so glad my blog jogged your memory and hope you are still enjoying your gift to the fullest!! Jane xxx

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