Who does Pete Postlethwaite meet up with on the Other Side?!

6 01 2011

Anyone reading my blogs for the first time could be quite befuddled by what I now have to reveal!

I warmly welcone you to my world of spirit rescue and will just explain that, over the past eleven or so years I have regularly been checking in on those people who have died, just to make sure that they have passed safely.  It is all a little more intricate than face value as there are times when we need to hang about on the earth plane after the death of our physical body, for various reasons but mostly to come to terms with the fact that we have finished this particular round of ‘earthly experience’….

Sometimes, therefore, when I ‘hook’ on to someone’s spirit using my dowser (something I have practised for all these years and perfected in time) I often find that they are ready to jump aboard the vortex of light and love that carries them homewards – grateful for the ‘boost’ .  In my recent book (yet to be published) this happened when the late Princess Diana was reported to have been killled in that tragic road accident….her step-grandmother, the well-known author of love stories, Barbara Cartland, thanked me for helping her granddaughter to follow the light when in fact her natural instinct was to stay close to her boys.



 Well!  My dowser leapt up into the air, did a double back flip somersault and started rotating at the speed of light (well almost!) in a clockwise spin while my son and I ducked!  After approximately 6 seconds it stopped dead and quivered for a millisecond before swinging ‘yes,yes, yes!‘ in ecstacy as all his pain was gone.  (While Pete’s spirit was travelling homewards all I could hear him say was ‘moan, moan, moan’…..It turned out that he had been bravely fighting long term cancer and must have been in a lot of pain in his last days.  Interestingly, another lost soul under the category of ‘trivia’ followed him homewards, perhaps someone who had been floating endlessly around that same hospital in which Pete had spent his last physical moments.  Checking the wider hospital, another two were discovered and also helped.)

I was concerned, however, that I had ‘intervened’ with this famous actor’s intentions too soon and that he had needed more time to come to terms with his death.  After all, from my own personal research, we have at least 3 months to leave – but the longer we do leave it the harder it will be to be sure of catching that train!  I was not disappointed as when I re-turned to Pete’s spirit his message came back loud and clear!

“You’re a life saver my dear.  You popped the dummy back into my mouth; allowed me to return to the bosom of my family ; a baby in tights once more!”   (!!!) (Robin Hood:Men in Tights of 1993 – did he know I was based in Sherwood Forest country?  He obviously has a Sharp sense of humour!)

I needed to be quick with any questions as I am only granted a minute or so ‘post-rescue’ interview in most cases.

“Could you tell me what happened when you arrived? (back into the perfection of our origin)

“Stupendous reception!” he beamed.   “The mayor of London was even here! (?), Marmaduke the rocking horse (?) and Ben Glover the footballer, Silly Willy and the Wee Hen, Doctor Finlay’s mate….”  and he had to leave again, leaving me flummoxed to say the least!

It was 4 pm on 3/1/11 that his spirit passed; thanks to my son – who had ‘opened the curtains’ for him.

Later, I was allowed another ‘interview’ and quickly asked who the ‘Lord Mayor of London’ was.  The answer came back as George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) – an Irish playwright and co-founder of the LONDON School of Econonics (“ex-mayor of London being tongue in cheek, of course)

“Did you know him then?” (certainly not in THIS LIFETIME as he was only 3 or so when the latter himself died.) 

“We are great pals!” he confirmed, illustrating the fact that we all have ‘spirit mates’ (sometimes known as ‘spirit families’) with whom we travel and know well…but not necessarily at the exact same ‘earth time’ as we know it.

For those who are Christians and who may have read this far, I too am a Christian and have had many encounters with Jesus himself as well as the angels who administer to us constantly.  I was born with my faith and it has seen me through many life-threatening and life-changing encounters and placed me gently on the path that I now travel – full of light and love and having been healed to the extent that I feel nothing but pure joy in my (mended) heart.  It is through this unconditional love for all beings (including doggies, who will feature in my next blog) that I am able to help others on their physical and spiritual journeys and make sure that they return to the school room above, between lessons!

Following a bit of detective work, I ascertained that the actor who played in the TV series Dr Finlay (1993-1996) was David Rintoul (born 1948 as David Wilson) but what were the chances of finding that his ‘close ‘friend’ was in fact Ian Charleson (born 1949) – stage and film actor who is best known internationally for his starring role as Olympic athlete and missionary Eric Liddel in the Oscar winning film Chariots of Fire (1981) – and who died at the very young age of 40  in 1990. As a brilliant fellow actor who – like the modest Postlethwaite – was also described as one of the best actors of his kind, he had obviously been waiting at that stage door to welcome him and  to say hello to his friend ‘Dr Finlay’How exciting is that?

To return to the reason for this post, I have been given the task by those above to enlighten fellow travellers (all those who are presently reading this!) on the workings of our spirits and, having written over 70 blogs, I hope that I am succeeding in my efforts.  To begin at the beginning, my son had been watching his favourite actors in a DVD of  Sharp and within only minutes heard the news that one of the actors he so admired in this had died.  He came downstairs to seek me out (still working on polishing my book, while I had the time) and said ‘mum, can you check Pete Postlethwaite please…I’ve just heard that he has died….’



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