lost souls lifted from His Holiness the Pope!

18 09 2010

Just before 6pm on Friday 17th September 2010 I happened to switch on the television to see the live broadcast of the procession of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI’s Popemobile heading to his next location at Westminster Abbey, central London.  He gave off an air of humble peity as he waved gently at the adoring crowd lining the pavements for the first stately visit of a Pope since the church began and, even though I am not a Catholic myself and have been disgusted at the child abuse scandal, I smiled at the peace emanating from him.  I did, however, hear the call of many earthbound souls from the emotional level of His Holiness…..and as Big Ben’s first chime donged I had located the first, then the second and the third of the poor souls stuck  to the Pope in the hope of salvation….

Then four, five and six and as I moved around the Pope’s aura of emotional energy I found and rescued more and more and more, until approximately 26 souls had been saved.  Turning then to the energy inside the Popemobile yet more leapt towards the light as my dowser hooked onto each individual lost soul and leapt into a clockwise spin and deposited their grateful selves into the light.  

Just as Big Ben donged his sixth chime the job had been done, leaving both the Pope, his Popemobile and accompanying entourage inside completely lifted of the emotional and clinging cloud of stress that had been caused by the desperate and emotional souls looking for a lift to salvation!

At that very moment, the smiling face of one of the male escorts inside the Popemobile turned and beamed towrds the camera….almost as though he knew and was waving off the spirits of his fellow humankind  The song that has been sung very many times to me from the other side,’ The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’, came floating across the veil, reminding me that ‘at six o’clock their mummies and daddies will take them home to bed, because they’re tired little Teddy Bears!‘ 

You may think this a little frivolous when discussing important people like the Pope harbouring earthbound spirits, but he is a human being like the rest of his flock, and he, like all of us, can provide a harbour for the lost who are just trying to get back home….and having enjoyed their picnic (or not) it was obviously their time to be taken home to sleep peacefully on the other side.

Perhaps it was my knowledge that His Holiness had dispersed with piggy-backing energy that was not his own, but he did seem a lot lighter and enthusiastic during his address in Westminster Abbey – and to my delight the tv commentater spoke the words that were in my mind: “…the Pope spoke so forcefully!”   I don’t know what he would make of the work I do, but it is my faith which is the core of my healing practice, without which I would not be here now  passing on this good news of light, healing and LIFE EVERLASTING!   Amen to that Jack, as my husband would say!

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