Why does a person’s soul become trapped on earth as a ghost?

5 03 2010

Last summer Michael and I set off for a family wedding in a quintessentially English village church in Surrey. It was a beautiful day, only temporarily marred by a hold up enroute, a long delay on the M1 just before our turn-off.   Four lanes of traffic crawled past a motorway services where onlookers hung over the car park railings sipping their cool drinks.  After about 40 minutes we passed four fire engines and three ambulances standing silently at the scene of what had obviously been a tragic accident, a car roof having been cut away to get to the occupants of a smashed car, and the sight of personal belongings still strewn across the carriageway was heartwrenching. 

My throat and whole being suddenly burst asunder with emotion as I picked up on the anguish, despair and confusion of a young woman, obviously killed in the crash.  Her physical body now gone, her soul hovered above the scene – unsurprisingly lost in an agitated state, crying and wringing her hands – tragically stuck in that moment in time that had taken her and another family member’s lives so suddenly.

All in a second I grabbed my dowser to speak with her and calm her so that she could follow the correct escape route.   In the suddenness of her death her life had been sucked down the nightmarish plughole of fear and disbelief, caught like an insect trapped in a vortex of horror.  What I did was support her and hold her steady long enough for her spirit to be redirected up and into the pure white vortex of love and peace.  She was so grateful to find herself still alive in every sense of the word!

      “Mary, Mother of God!” she cried, as she realised what a wonderful world she had returned to.   A second person, who I only recognised as a lost and confused male, wandered in a dream-like state between this world and the next and was released in that same second.  

Two weeks later I received confirmation (from the other side) that this was indeed a little boy, child of the mother who now thanked me on both their behalfs, “from the bottom of our hearts!”  This story highlights the difference between a slow, expected death, which allows the soul to come to terms with the fact that they are leaving one plane of existence for another – passing automatically into a different, more highly evolved world, which in its joy has no comparison to ours! – and a death which is totally unexpected and cruelly snatches life as we know it from their physical bodies.

When a person loses their life in a sudden road crash or similar unexpected way they literally don’t know what has hit them and can wander about dazed and confused for days, weeks, months, years – or even an eternity!

Other causes of people’s spirits becoming trapped include being in a mentally confused state  such as inebriation, drug addiction, paranoia or extreme stress (and therefore unable to see the light calling them home) as well as consciously staying behind in the hope of effecting an outcome after their death (for example, guiding a relative to something they feel is important or exerting revenge upon someone).   From my twelve years research into and helping lost souls it has become apparent that three months is the limit of how long it is safe to linger (and sometimes it is necessary to take some time to come to terms with one’s death and arrive in the light in a calm and relaxed state) – after which someone like myself is needed to help you join your relatives, friends and past-life buddies all waiting for you back home! 

For more examples, please see my book ‘Ghosts in a New Light -Haunted Waterways’ (which can be ordered for £6.99 via my website www.janehunting.co.uk )  Next time you hear ‘ghost hunters’ implore a trapped spirit to ‘make a noise’, ‘move furniture’ or perform like circus animals for the cameras and other scientific instruments, or even to ‘prove you are a man!’ (and entertain us still living humans) – which I heard with my own ears on a well known TV programme – just stop and think for a moment.  That poor trapped spirit of a once living person could well be your own relative – or in years to come – YOU!

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