What else did granny’s spirit get up to?

15 08 2010

Part Six

After Sheila’s passing (meant in the truest sense of the word!) we had lots of her personal belongings to sift through, cupboards to clear and bags of clothes to send to the Salvation Army –  a favourite charity she thought highly of and donated to regularly -but I handled with great reverence the little green box stamped with her initials in gold…S.H. …which contained every little pin badge, button, lock of Michael’s hair and momento that ever meant anything to her.  There was a gold watch that had belonged to her mother and a couple of large ‘rocks’ – rings that I will never wear but suited my mother-in-law down to a tee.  It is quite easy to understand why she regarded my own (treasured) engagement ring as ‘pathetic’ when Michael and I became engaged (He had no qualms about buying it through a friend, wholesale, after I’d chosen it from a catalogue, but I love its dainty star shape and the fact that he fairly passed out with emotion when I agreed to marry him.  He had to go and lie down…without me!)

So the precious green box stayed locked with the original key, from which a gold tassle hung – and was tucked cosily into the bottom of a chest of drawers, along with photos and bits Michael could not bear to part with. 

A few months after her departure from this plane I was getting dressed in my room and pulled open my underwear drawer to get some socks.  To my absolute amazement – there, laying elegantly across my folded knickers, was Sheila’s mother’s gold watch!  I called Michael to witness this strange phenomena.   No-one else had access to Sheila’s jewel box, let alone knew where I had stashed it.  Michael scratched his head in amazement and I closed my eyes and tuned in to granny’s wavelength….I hadn’t spoken to her for weeks, glad that she had decided to settle  down (or ‘up!) on the other side and get on with the business of whatever it is you get on with once you’ve passed (like studying for another visit or in her case the personal scrolls of her family – known as the akashic records – which contain everything you have ever done on the earthplane and aspire to do before you return again!)

“I want you to have it!” she said simply.  And that was that!  I felt deeply honoured and will always treasure this family heirloom and the fact that she wished me, her daughter-in-law, to be the benefactor of such a precious item.  Her stunning diamond and sapphire engagement ring, she said, should be passed on to her precious granddaughter – as we had already envisaged.  How had she (a). opened the heavy drawer where the box was stored (b). removed the box and unlocked it (c). carried the watch upstairs and placed it in my undies drawer and (d). put everything back as it had been before?!

The answer came back that she had not metamorphed into a human and gone through the motions above but had in fact used the power of her mind to teleport the object – just as she had done with the three Irish coins before making them disappear again! “

“Is that really possible?” I asked….”Can anyone do that when they get to the other side?”

“Indeed not,” was the reply, “but in order to further the work you have started, it is a demonstration of the power of the  mind over matter.  Tell them about the garden…”   Now it was my turn to scratch my head.  But I cleared my mind and listened for further clues….”the blackbird!”

Of course!  The blackbird!  Well, granny often comes back in the form of a blackbird. (“Now you can use the word metamorphosed!” she laughed kindly as I had not apparently got it right above – she was a stickler for words and used to sit and jiggle her crossed leg while watching Countdown on tv and scribble away against the clock.  Just for her I checked that word’s meaning -‘ to change the form or nature of; transform’ .)

You may have heard stories like this before.  I certainly remember someone writing in a magazine once that whenever a family member died, a white owl would appear inside the house!  Now, years later I have experienced this phenomena myself, over and over again, with Sheila ‘popping up’ in various places over the past ten years.  One such time was when I left the house at dawn to go and run my first angel workshops about 60 miles away.  Having stashed all my resources in the car I reached out to close the door and jumped as I suddenly spotted a blackbird, sitting stock still on the garden wall not 2 feet away, just staring at me! 

” Don’t worry; all will go very well,” came Sheila’s telepathic thoughts.  “Take your time!”  This  had been a favourite saying of hers, used when I popped in to see if she wanted any shopping or in the early days to drop the children off with her while I dashed off somewhere….”Take your time dear,” she would say.  The workshops couldn’t have gone better. 

A couple of years later I was admitted to hospital with complications from a virus, which caused me to flush with burning heat from head to toe, my heart to race uncontrollably and then a cooling off period of violent tremors.  Very frightening and even more so when the cause could not be found.  Despite having survived open heart surgery that saved my life several years before, this time I felt I was dying for real.  I was discharged after 10 days but re-admitted almost immediately and 5 days later the blood tests at last came up with a diagnosis of Influenza A & B virus.    Throughout my admission I lay facing the one and only small window on that mixed ward and every day….at dusk…a black shape was silhouetted against the sky in the the only tree visible.  It was granny blackbird, calmy reassuring me night after night that it was okay.  That I was going to live another day.

A year or two later, Michael and I were staying at a B&B in Devon and I was taken ill in the night with yet another virus that went for my artificial heart valve and caused similar tachycardia and hot flushes.  When it didn’t abate, Michael phoned for help and first of all a fire engine arrived and two burly fireman rushed up to the room with breathing apparatus, then two medics were passing and took me in their ambulance to Exeter Royal Infirmary where I was parked in Casualty’s reception and hooked up to a monitor.  I drank copious amounts of water and reiki ‘d myself and within hours was released again as everything returned to normal.  Again it was dawn and as Michael came to collect me we walked down a dark alleyway to the car park and were ‘buzzed’ by a blackbird, that flew straight towards me and narrowly missed my head!  ‘Wait here!’ said Michael kindly, wrapping his jacket around me, ‘and I’ll bring the car round’ – and the blackbird re-appeared on the wooden panelled fence directly in front of me and SANG its heart out….the strangest song you have ever heard – that sounded almost human…..”Don’t worry Jane…everything will be alright from now on….you will never have to go through this again!  That’s a promise.”  



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