The phantom lurcher who led me to rescue a Russian Vice Admiral!

15 01 2011

A local tv report about two lurcher-type dogs being found hung either side of a bridge left us stunned and speechless and praying that the cruel perpetrators would be caught.  Naturally, I checked the spirits of those poor dogs and was grateful that their souls had left immediately upon death. Around about this time I was downloading some happy Christmas pictures onto my computer when I noticed on two of them a bright golden light reflecting on the living room door  in the shape of a boney and starved ‘lurcher’ dog….! 

A phantom lurcher, Christmas Day 2010!

Immediately I dowsed and hooked on to the earthbound spirits of seven such dogs, sent for help via the law of attraction.   Some might say (as did two family members) that it was merely the sun reflecting on the door panel but immediately my husband was shown the photograph he exclaimed ‘oh my gosh….that looks like a starving animal!’  We also noticed that the picture following shows the creature in a slightly different pose, as though it had moved.  Regardless, at least seven suffering animals had been saved!

That night I was in a deep sleep when I was jolted awake by what I first took to be a bear, landing on top of my belly with a ‘splat!’  The resultant shriek awoke my husband, and I could only apologise and fumble for my dowser.  It had in fact been a dark coloured dog that had been ‘chucked’ somewhere to die.  Nice.  Along came the trapped souls of yet more poor dogs – rottweilers who’d been put to sleep and whose spirits did not rest, dachshunds, doberman pinschers, westies – the list amounted to 350 souls rescued (approximately 20 mts).

Later that day we were walking our collie cross Sam along the disused railway line, where he loves to run like a racehorse and catch us up before sniffing around in the undergrowth, then doing the same until we eventually arrive at the end.  However, having caught us up the second time he stopped dead in his tracks (ha ha, railway line) and stared ahead.  There was not a soul in sight, but he refused to budge, looking knowingly up at me.  I pulled my dowser from my pocket and tagged on to a spirit who disappeared almost as soon as I had hooked on to her.  Unusually she was called ‘Frederika’ – an unusual name that certainly didn’t sound English!  No sooner was she scooped up into the light again then Sam continued his frolicks!

A few minutes later a mother and young daughter appeared walking towards us with their black labrador and Sam looked nervous.  ‘It’s okay’ I reassured him; she’s a nice black labrador!’ A young dog, she he had stopped and stared because of Sam’s hesitation but after I’d explained to the owners that Sam had once been attacked by two black labs after sniffing around the third ‘female’ lab in their group, she reassured me that Gracie was a cutie and before long both she and Sam were waving their tails in companionship and, after a sniff and a chat, (dogs and humans in that order!) we moved on.

However, I soon spotted another family walking their two black labs (why did it have to be black labs?!), one of whom was muzzled and the other another young and frisky dog being kept on a very tight reign.  Once more I reassured Sam and also kept him close to me as they all passed – but not before the younger one lunged at him!  Not such a friendly bunch as the last lady and her daughter, I just caught the woman rebuking him as she pulled him away…”Tocka!!!” she snapped…

Immediately I heard ‘Tocka’ I heard ‘Tokarev’ and asked my husband if this word meant anything, as I felt sure that spirit had put it there.  “Oh, that’s a type of pistol,”  he said…”I think it’s named after a General…and then there’s also a ‘makarov’ pistol named after someone….”  Of course, when he said he thought they were named after people, and seeing as though dogs seemed to ‘leading’ me at this time, I tuned in to check that the souls of both these men were at peace.  I concentrated on the name  Tokarev – in case this was another case of synchronicity –  but was reassured this soul rested in peace.  I’ll just check…who was it?…’Makarov’? I asked Michael…but before I could verbalise his name I had the  spirit of a ‘landed gentry’  hooked onto my dowing tool and held on tightly as it FLUNG itself skywards then pulled to the left and right, before spinning in ever faster clockwise circles  for six or seven revolutions before suddenly halting.  It vibrated slightly (the arrival point) before swinging exhuberantly back and forth to indicate this Russian’s spirit was safely back at the home station!  He certainly came across as a very powerful man!

Once we’d started walking again, I was curious to see if Makarov had anything he would like to say and it was along the lines to thank me and also ‘ Tommy Boy’ (my husband!) for helping him…he also said of his last moments that he could not come to terms with what had happened to him.  “It was too much stress.  It was too soon!”   Michael  wondered whether this Russian (Vice Admiral as it turned out!) had called him a ‘tommy boy’ because the British troops were known as ‘tommy’s’ during the war.  Michael is also an ex-serviceman and very knowledgeable about rifles etc.- but how did he know this?)

Naturally, as soon as we’d peeled off our coats I was at the computer googling his name and found that indeed Makarev‘s full name was STEPAN OSIPOVISH MAKAROV(1849-1904) and he was a famous Russian Vice Admiral – ‘a highly accomplished and decorated commander of the Imperial Russian Navy and a distinguished oceanographer – and author of several books’ to boot!

He died at the very young age of 55, along with the crew of his flagship PETROPAVLOVSK,  when it struck a mine during  a sortie after a surprise Japanese attack in January 1904 when he assumed command of the Russian Squadron at Port Arthur (  – No wonder the poor man was stressed:  A talented and intelligent soul who felt he still had so much life to live. 

Reseraching some more into ‘tommy boy’,  the paybooks issued to all British soldiers during WW1 used the name ‘Tommy Atkins’ to illustrate how they should be filled in and a derivation of this became the generic name for a British soldier during WW2.   Although Vice Admiral Makarov had died before 1914 (the first world war) he would, of course, have been a ghostly observer of all that passed in the last 107 years! 

Stepan Osipovich Makarov (1849-1904)

“And by the way,” he now said, “Frederika was my ‘lady in waiting’……A Spirit Guide sent to assist in his rescue!  It was she who filled him in on the details about my husband’s knowledge of Tokorev’s and Makarov’s – all part of the worldwide web of spiritual knowledge!  Quite appropriately, when I felt drawn to look up the meaning of Frederika I discovered that it means Peaceful Ruler !  And guess what ….Makarov tells me that although he is very fond of black dogs, he won’t mind if I liken his portrait to another type of collie!  (Now would I be that rude????)

 “You’re a fine young woman Jane – keep it up!” he encouraged.

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