Ghostly C19th soldier spills rum on my Christmas cake!

6 11 2012

Every week I’ve carefully spooned a teaspoon of rum onto my homemade Christmas cake (the first I’ve ever made) and this weekend I carefully balanced the rim of the bottle on the teaspoon to do the same.  Whoops!  Some invisible being suddenly nudged my elbow, causing at least 2 tablespoons to splosh all over it.  I laughed it off, thinking the family would be in for a boozy surprise come Christmas day…

I joined my husband in another room for a cuppa, laughingly telling him that ‘someone’ was having a joke but he was pre-occupied with reading a book named Rifleman Costello (1841) about a friend of Costello’s, Tom Crawley, who thought he had seen the ghost of a Portugese soldier who had been killed at the Battle of Busaco during the Peninsular War. 

As I always do, I took out my dowser to check that the said ghost – if he did exist – was resting in peace and suddenly my husband gasped, having read on…  “IS he?” he asked.

“No,” I said, “so I’ve just passed him over, along with 6 other Portugese soldiers from that war who didn’t make it Home.

“Well listen to this he continued, reading from the book: ‘Tom Crawley recognised the ghost  soldier as he was a popular  Portugese who used to sell rum to the troops!‘ 

So it was the ghost of  that rum seller who had nudged my arm, leading me to find and help not only his lost spirit but many others:  I then dowsed the Battle of Busaco, as I had not heard of it before so never checked for casualties left behind, and sure enough 16 more lost souls were lifted, so grateful to have been found after over 200 years in purgatory.

When I also dowsed the ‘Peninsular War’ a huge amount of physical and emotional stress was removed from the land associated with the war and another 22 soldiers followed.  One of them looked as though he had material or some sort of garb draped about his head and shoulders so I assumed he was an Arab, but Michael said in the Peninsula War people used anything they could get their hands on such as leopard skins for example. I never cease to be educated – history was never my best subject at school!

I then spent another 20 mts clearing deeper levels of stress from the lands on which ‘atrocities’ were committed – on not only the physical but the emotional, spiritual, psychic and even higher layers.  In between these layers were pockets of lost souls amounting to another 17 earthbound souls who had been fighting the French.

In summary, the atrocities committed during the Peninsular war left energy blockages in the land, with lost souls sandwiched between.  The British and others were fighting the French as Napolean was trying to put one of his relatives on the throne of Spain so that he would control the whole area.  I had already dowsed Napolean’s army in the past, which explains why I found no ghosts on the French side!

When we tuck into our boozy Christmas cake then we will have to toast all those who were risen to new life all because of an ‘unknown’ rum seller 🙂 guided to my kitchen through the law of attraction!

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