the roguish spirit who found it necessary to throw a cabbage!

13 09 2010

These lovely white pigeons/doves  gather regularly in our garden but as  I prepared breakfast this morning I kept glancing towards the little fountain in the garden as one of them  ‘peeped’ at me from behind the stone plynth and was still there, doing nothing in particular, when I washed up my porridge bowl 10 mts later.  “Hello! I said, ‘what are you up to?’  When I later checked my emails I found the following message from my neice, whose request to look at her daughter had resulted in a successful clearing of  approximately 550 spirits the previous day….”Just out of interest, before you cleared ****** we had a very naughty spirit here I’m sure, turning my washing machine on in front of 5 of us, adults! and then a cabbage I had on the side by the back door for my guinea pigs flew at the back of my friend’s husband’s legs making quite a noise. We did all find this amusing and I am just interested if you get any info on this soul as I got the impression he was of a bit of a joker!! xxxxx

I replied: “Yes, there were also 17 in the house I seem to remember and the only clue I have to the person who threw the cabbage is that he was singing the strange song ‘mouldy old dough’ (seemed a bit of a rogue!) and as I am checking now for any more info to come through I hear ‘sacramento’ and ‘los angeles’ and 20 more go through that link!  Is there some connection with your friend’s husband and California where these places are I wonder?…”

I decided to listen to this ’70’s  ‘mouldy old dough’ song on YouTube and laughed to find it was by a British pop group named Leiutenant Pigeon! (1972-78) (My watcher, this morning?) and the first thing on the video is (understandably) a pigeon, followed by a band member wearing a wizard’s hat (me?) and Leiutenant Pigeon is playing a tin whistle (gathering together the lost souls?) AND is dressed in a Robin Hood outfit (Nottingham being my location!)….The characters both in the band and the audience were just like the ‘Californian dreamers ‘ whose souls had danced home to my dowsing! –   The words ‘mouldy old dough’ are the only three words in the song and just happen to be sung by the roguish, ‘playfully mischievous’  sort of character who threw that cabbage in my neice’s kitchen!   “Oh my goodness….” replied my neice when I shared this with her…”How strange, my first thoughts were that this spirit was urging me to contact you for help!!! I will look now on Youtube, enjoy the rest of your fun packed day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Stranger things have happened, but when I looked up this oddly named British band I noticed they were from Coventry (in the West Midlands and only 38 miles from Nottingham in the East Midlands) so was it a mere ‘coincidence’ that the next call for help that very evening was from a Landlord in Coventry?    
Four consecutive tenants who had stayed in his let property have had a dreadful time of it; the first a middle aged man who felt a compulsion to kill his wife and kids, then two brothers who fought each other almost to the death, the next a tragic woman who committed suicide in the house and finally a long term tenant who wrote to him to break her tenancy saying she could no longer stand the ‘weird goings on’ after poltergeist activity (such as the fridge slamming) and – terrifyingly for her – seeing the ghost of the dripping wet suicide victim….! 
I tuned in to the address and, unsurprisingly, immediately felt spirits pushing on the floodgates to get home!  The young woman who had committed suicide by drowning herself threw her wet arms around me when she realised I was about to release her from what she described as ‘ misery; imprisonment’;…my heart it was broken’  and – AMAZING THOUGH IT MAY SOUND – she herself suffered from depression and was ‘infected’ with earthbound spirits who had been drawn to her desperately low energies….another example of  like attracts like.  Another 43 spirits who were left floating over her dead body (and therefore in this Landlord’s home) were also directed home to the light.
On closer inspection of the house I found one room to be FULL of negative thought forms – the clinging, stifling energy hanging in the atmosphere as a result of all the heartache, sorrow, addiction, fear, murder, torture and obscenity that had been perpetrated in and around  that spot – not necessarily in that building but on that particular ground over many hundreds of years to the present time.   The visions I witnessed are too vile to share here with you, but the dark energy had developed a sort of self-perpetrating den of iniquity – obviously effecting all who tried to live a normal life within it.
As well as the 43 attached to the young woman another 60 earthbound spirits were detected and passed safely from the house and the grounds on which it stood  – after which I thoroughly cleansed it by sending love and light and joyful energy to replace it.   This perfectly illustrates how the effects of both negative energetic imprints from the past, as well as the misery of trapped souls, can have a serious impct on the lives of ordinary people.  (One thing I will share with you is that mentally ill people were amongst those who passed to the accompaniment of another eccentric song “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Ha” – summing up the sheer madness contained within those walls!)    
Finally, and explaining why that old rogue of a spirit threw that cabbage and sang me that song…The expression ‘mouldy old dough’ certainly describes perfectly the state of dough if it has ‘not had a chance to rise’ – just like those poor souls.   Indeed I dowsed all four members of Leiutenant Pigeon and was taken aback to find that Robert Woodward (playing the tin whistle and wearing the Robin Hood outfit in the video) snatched this opportunity to leave the earthplane (I heard ‘lung cancer’) – Quickly followed by his mother Hilda, who believe it or not was a member of the band and is recorded as having died in 1999 – “Obsessive!” was her departing word as she shot off with her son, no doubt to bake him some fresh dough and cook him some cabbage soup!
There is much colaboration between spirit guides (those guardians we all have watching over us and who whisper guiding directions and prompt intuitive decisions to keep us on our earthly path) and souls in the light and if someone is ‘late home’ they will do their best to decide on a course of action to attract attention to the lost ones.  How clever of them to come up with the ‘mouldy old dough’ analagy so that they could further our understanding of the workings of spirit!   I’ve just realised, that ‘very naughty spirit’ also, blatantly, turned on my neice’s washing machine didn’t he, perhaps hinting that the mouldy old dough needed a good cleansing before being set on a fast spin homewards?! 

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