the lady phantom in the garden of the big house

22 12 2010

A good friend of mine asked me to check out the babysitter’s house in which her beloved dog Poppy was staying for a couple of nights.  This may sound a little unnecessary, but Poppy is a very sensitive dog who tends to pick up other animals with ease – those that have, like their human counterparts, died and have not moved on for some reason.  My friend suspected that the kitchen in which Poppy’s bed had been placed, although under a warm radiater, felt a little ‘cold’.  She also mentioned that there was ‘an old house nearby’ just in case that needed a bit of clearing – and that the son of her babysitters had recently died from cancer – and that it had been ‘a blessed release’ for him.

The house in which Poppy was lodging had been made into several separate apartments and the nice couple with whom she had entrusted her ‘baby’ owned a complete level to the side of the building.  I set too with my spiritual ‘scouts’ and found that her instinct had been correct as a ‘Norman’, a ‘Woodruff’, a ‘Sarah connected with a letting’ ,  a ‘Phill who choked’, a ‘Dianne reluctant to leave, who suffered from housewives knee’ (a painful condition caused by continuous kneeling to scrub floors etc), and finally someone with a ‘Berlin’ connection, made 6 in all detected around the kitchen area.   These lost souls are attracted to lightworkers (and their animals) and my friend had been doing her own ‘cleansing’ before I was called upon to ‘tidy up’ a bit!  I checked the rest of the building, which was clear of any more ghosts, but needed cleansing of negative thought forms that had stuck to the fabric of it due to the pain and suffering of its inhabitants over the years.
Setting my long distance dowsing to work on the old house nearby that she had mentioned, I found an association with ‘Firs’ – perhaps the name of the house or the trees in the garden?  – and immediately picked up the phantom of an old white haired lady who clutched her bun in anguish as she tripped around the garden in a long white gown.  She refused to speak with me, calling me ‘an outsider’ and  was extremely stressed and lost.  I could see the snow in which she was barefoot and was anxious to calm her and get her to listen to my offer of help.  It seemed that my words fell on deaf ears but all was put right when a relative on the other side by the name of Desmond –  who was quickly joined by another called  Ruby – appeared at the entrance to the enticing tunnel of love and encouraged her to leave.  It is always an amusing sight when such a character with bare feet and wearing a long white gown suddenly lifts weightlessly from the earthly plane and floats effortlessly through the tunnel!  3 more lost souls emerged from around the old house, connected in some way to  a messy area of rubbish/garbage -could these have been tramps I wondered as, due to the speed with which they were transported home I did not have time to get a good look at them?!

Not the Big House, but our own, from where I cleared the spirits

I put special clearing symbols over the house to go deeper, which resulted in something sinister emerging: The lady I had just rescued was apparently named Myrtle – and a long way back in history (Victorian times) – seemed to have been buried in the garden of this old house!  I heard ‘consequence’ or it could have been ‘consecrate’ and the confirmation that she had been  ‘buried there in the garden’ …  I was also given the knowledge that she was 72, and that it was ‘consecrated ground’ that she was telling me.  I don’t know if it was normal or legal to bury people in your back garden in those times? (research needed when I have time!)
I returned to the rest of the building in which Poppy was staying and filled it with angelic light from top to bottom, resulting in three more who were ‘hiding’ but were quite happily ‘evicted’ back into the light. 

“That makes a bakers’ dozen!” called back a spirit with a sense of humour,  reassuring me that all 13 had ‘risen safely’ ha ha! 
Finally I just thought I would check the babysitters’ son who had died of cancer – and found myself giving him a helping hand – as he was still hovering, gratefuly saying ‘give ma and pa my love’ , before leaving.  He had been planning to stay for his own funeral and would not necessarily have remained long enough to become stuck on the earthplane (3 months is the limit, from eleven years experience in helping souls to leave).  He had politely taken up the offer of a lift but I was concerned that perhaps I had been a little too eager – as  people need time to come to terms with their death.  As I hoped I had done the right thing by him his answer echoed back along that tunnel of love….. ‘It’s alright; you did the right thing out of a loving heart…‘  Thank goodness!

A few days later my friend gave me feedback about the apparently large old house in which Edward the VII once stayed with one of his mistresses! It is occasionally open to the public but only partially restored and ‘eats money’, is a ‘mish-mash of stuff, and when the roof leaked onto the brand new upholstered chairs, they left it because it was ‘authentic’!  She had visited it with a Women’s Club one last winter evening and said:

“It looks like something out of the Munsters!  I am not joking…so I am not surprised that there was someone buried in the garden!!!” Finally, she said ‘My concern was that when I went to drop Poppy off, they had a skip outside and were obviously doing something to the building.‘ – (‘3 more lost souls emerged from around the old house, connected in some way to  a messy area of rubbish/garbage…’) …More proof that like attracts like and if she hadn’t clocked her eyes on that skip those 3 souls would probably still be buried under the rubbish of  their own twilight, nightmare world…!

And if she hadn’t been concerned about her sensitive canine, that  white-haired old lady would still be running about in this snow, Bless her. Happy Christmas one and all!



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