spirit rescue of american doctor stuck in chimney

6 09 2010

One morning last week I came down the stairs only to find Michael’s wide-eyed and sad face gazing up at mine as he asked: ‘Janey would you mind helping someone?’ 

“What on earth’s the matter?” I asked.

“I’ve just seen something tragic on the news.  Can you check someone called Jacquelyn Kotarac from California…?

“Of course,” I said, reaching into my dressing gown pocket for my dowser… “you know I don’t mind at all!” 

“Well I don’t like to keep bothering you” he said in his ever-thoughtful manner (knowing what a very busy time I am having with spirit rescue)…

Jacquelyn’s  spirit was immediately located via my dowsing and in only 6 seconds my helpers in the light had scooped her up into the arms of love where her soul was deposited gently back home…As I held her desperately suffering soul for those awful seconds my hand went up to my throat and grasped it tightly.  “Did she die of strangulation – she couldn’t breathe?” I asked.

He explained that, so very tragically, this well-liked, intelligent doctor had, in a moment of sheer madness and in order to get into her lover’s house, removed the top of a chimney and climbed down, only to get stuck 3 feet from the fireplace below.  Her body was discovered 3 days later as no-one could hear her calls for help. She had been unable to breathe and had therefore died a long and unimaginable asphyxiation.

“Don’t do anything so foolish in the name of love!” came her warning from the other side, just last night.  I grabbed a pen to record her thoughts and emotions.  “I was infatuated and ironically he was all I lived – and died – for.”  And to her family and friends she asks that they “forgive me for my foolish ways…”  Of her dying moments she spoke of enduring agony and desperation… “I thought I was destined to be stuck in that hell hole forever, but then a beautiful white angel pulled me up!”

Her advice for others was “Be in control of your lives.  Don’t let it all count for nothing.  It was not written that I should die in such a frivolous, pathetic manner, wearing my heart on my sleeve for all of mankind to know about.” (By ‘not written’ she means she had not planned to leave the earth this way: we all come down with a rough map of what we wish to achieve, which includes several options of how we will return….sadly, she therefore feels she wasted her given opportunity to experience the rest of her ‘planned’ life) 

At 11.45 pm my eyes stung with sympathy and love for her as I left her singing a rather melancholy ‘hallelujah… hallelujah…..hallelujah…halle..luuuu..jah’  and at midnight I awoke with this Donny Osmond song playing slowly on her personal akashic scroll on the other side (a record of all our gains and our losses in our lifetimes) :

                                    “And they call it puppy love,

                              But I guess they’ll never know

                              How a young heart really feels

                              And how I love(d) him so”

                              God Bless you Jacquelyn Kotarac from California x

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