Mischievous Ghost traps little girl in her grandma’s Attic!

14 04 2014

‘Mischievous Ghost traps little girl in her grandma’s Attic!’ Can you imagine what the papers would say if they got hold of some of the stories I have to share with you, my regular readers? 😀 A lady from the outskirts of Nottingham phoned asking for my help. She had been given my number by a friend, who had heard of their family plight from the lady’s workman husband.

“All sorts of goings-on happen in our house,” she explained, “things being moved about, strange bangs and noises at all times of the day, but I am not scared…” However, when it came to the safety of her grandchildren, she decided it was time to take action. “My 3 year old granddaughter was playing when I heard her screaming for help from the attic. It wasn’t til I shouted up that the door suddenly sprung open…and when I got to her she was telling someone ‘get OFF Emma…get OFF!’ (To a so-called ‘imaginary friend’!)

The lady went on to say that her other grandchild, also aged 3, often visits and is as good as gold. Both grandchildren are well behaved and know not to touch her ornaments on the windowsill, but the day before her daughter had ticked off her little boy for breaking/moving one of them. The caller said it was obviously not him and decided to tell her daughter about the other crazy things happening…”I’ve been scratched several times,” she said. “Only yesterday I was bent down getting something from the kitchen cupboard when I felt a searing pain on my back, and when my daughter lifted my jumper she said there was a long scratch mark, which had actually drawn blood.”

The lady gave me her address and I tuned in long distance to investigate. I visualised the house room by room, starting at the kitchen and after removing a lot of physical energy with my dowser I found 8 lost souls were eager to leave, so fast that I couldn’t see any of them in detail, just an impression of a mop, rolled up sleeves and old fashioned long white ‘skivvy’ clothes. ‘Was it one of these souls who scratched her?’ I asked my guides. The answer came back as ‘Vanity’ and ‘Jealous!’ In the main hall of the house I found 10 more lost souls, mostly children of a bygone rural age, one of them being called ‘Emma’, who was described as ‘a bit of an imp’ It was she who had been playing with the 3 year old granddaughter and prevented her from leaving the attic. I asked for more details and was told she had lived in the 17th Century and had died of inflammation of the throat, causing her to choke. She had lived in a thatched cottage that once stood on the grounds of the 1970’s built Estate. The ornaments on the window sill had been played with by the curious band of child ghosts.

I moved on to see the two main rooms in the house and suddenly heard “Open window! Open window…Fire!!” I could see tiny little leaded windows from the inside of a thatched cottage, but there were no more souls to help ~ they must have been in the group of 18 already moved on. On the landing under the attic I heard someone say ‘Burns night. Get out!’ (Suggestion of a fire again) and another 13 poured through time out of the attic, including a man in an old fashioned sailor’s uniform. I was told these lost souls were connected to items stored in the attic (like attracts like energy and they would have been connected to the owners of the objects or their history).

In one bedroom I got another visual of a thatch , in another I saw the spirit of a woman rocking a baby in a wooden cradle. I asked my guides if the baby was at rest and she was (‘Yes, she died long ago’), but not the lady who mourned for her. Her name was Fanny and I asked whether she would like help to go the light. At that moment a voice called her from the other side. “Your chance to ESCAPE Fanny!” then someone else called (quite spookily, although I am quite used to these things!) “Nor….man…..Nor….man”. Fanny looked up and her spirit was sucked up in that instant, along with 21 others . I understand that she was ‘the Matriarch’ and was jealous of the lady of the 20th Century house. The one who had scratched her and drawn blood. Her own child (grown to a toddler) had drowned ‘in the babbling brook, now a river’. Finally, I checked two other bedrooms and again glimpsed straw bedding of a previous century but now ‘not a soul is stirring,’ confirmed my guides, ‘not even a mouse’

After a total of 52 souls rescued through history I checked the lady’s two little grandchildren were ok and asked that the house now be filled with peace and light: another day’s satisfying work! ❤

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