Crystal dowsers swing by themselves!

20 11 2012

Just back from a glorious week in Cornwall visiting my parents, but never off duty!  My dad had accumulated over 300 lost souls in his energy field due to chronic neck and shoulder pain (which was relieved after I’d cleared them) and mum had to be cleared every evening due to alzheimers disease attracting them to her (she kept asking how many people were in the house as she could obviously sense them). It’s handy for them having a ghost truster (not buster!) for a daughter but if anyone is suffering from stress, whether it be physical in dad’s case or mental in mum’s, then over time they will attract lost souls on a like-attracts-like basis, especially if they have the psychic gene so the lost ones know where to gather to get help!

The most unusual case of lost souls making themselves known to me was, however, when we visited an indoor market in Truro.  Attracted by the New Age look of one stall I stepped inside to have a nosey at all the goodies within and noticed a circular stand with at least twelve assorted crystal dowsers displayed, hanging by their individual chains.  Within a few seconds of entering the shop, both the quartz crystal dowsers on the stand started to swing neatly forwards and backwards….apparently all by themselves!  The owner of the stall wandered in just afterwards and I pointed this out to her, explaining that I specialise in helping trapped souls, who I suspected had gathered in her shop for help.

“Go ahead!” she said, sweeping her hand in the air while she carried on chatting.  (It is so refreshing to be able to do my thing without people thinking I am potty!) I took my OWN dowser from my pocket and picked up and released eleven lost souls, including a caravener, a yachtsman, a homeless person and a nymphomaniac 🙂 ! (I wasn’t tempted to comment on the latter’s attraction to the market!) The spirits themselves had obviously gathered together and used their combined kinetic energies to cause the quartz crystal dowsers to swing. 

View from my parents' house, Marazion, Cornwall 2012

View from my parents’ house, Marazion, Cornwall 2012

It is interesting to note that it was only the quartz pendulums that responded.  Quartz is known to amplify the energy field of the area in which it resides.  As well as powering the first radio’s and watches it has been revered for hundreds of years by Native American Indians and Mexican natives believed the spirits of quartz were the souls of the dead.  Is it any wonder that in crystal healing it is known as the Master Healer…?

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