ghostly puppeteer of michael bentine!

20 09 2010

Last weekend I was invited by the London Ghost Club to give a talk to them about the canal ghosts I met and subsequently rescued, documented in my first book Ghosts in a New Light – Haunted Waterways, published in 2006. (Available to order through my website  The talk went down a treat and I was pleased that, rather than take offence at the fact that I was, therefore, likely to remove the psychic phenomena and investigative findings of their ghost ‘hunts’, they were mesmerised by what I had to say – and have even invited me back! 

The chairman of the Club asked whether I could see into the future, and I was pleased to report that I was not that unfortunate…‘Michael Bentine’ he informed me, ‘once gave a talk to us  and said he had mistakenly been given an injection of a pure culture of typhoid.’ (Another man died immediately but Bentine was left in a coma for six weeks. When he regained consciousness his eyesight was ruined, leaving him myopic for the rest of his life)   ‘…after which he knew when people were going to die as he ‘saw’ a skull superimposed over them …including his own son.  Although I share in Bentine’s ability to see pictures (called ‘clairvoyancy) and also the fact that, like him, I was brought back from the brink of death after what is known as a ‘near death experience’, I could never imagine the fear that Bentine must have felt when he saw the skull superimposed over his very own son, who was soon to die in a plane crash. What a terrible legacy to have to bear.  It is a little ironic that he was left with myopia, as this is the physical manifestation of extreme short sightedness, and yet the effect of his near-death experience was the psychic manifestation of  long sightedness of a terrifying sort, resulting in these morbid glimpses of the future. 

When I met up with a friend for coffee the following Monday, as soon as I mentioned Michael Bentine Lisa wracked her brains to work out what his name meant to her….I immediately intuited a ‘puppet on a string’ dancing over her left shoulder and she frowned: “Did he have puppets?” Like most intuitives she knew there was something significant in this ‘message’…   Later that day I discovered that he had stayed earthbound after his death and was now relying on me to pull the strings to get him home again!  Naturally I obliged, once away from the public surroundings of the coffee shop, and he was off too quickly to record any message of enlightenment.

That evening, just as I jumped gratefully into my warm bed and flung the bedclothes over myself, I was zapped with the familiar electrical prickle of spirit communication and tuned in to listen.  ‘We’ve got a puzzle for you…” came a  spirit guide’s announcement. (Oh, not again…not now.) “Where did Bentine go after he died?” (To the other side?) “No. We mean before you rescued his spirit….! (Well are you going to enlighten me?) “The London Palladium; Billy Cotton’s Band Show...” came the clue, before spirit shot off again and I tucked this conundrum under my pillow for a couple of days.  After all, there was no rush to put all these clues together… 

Inquisitive to find out who Michael Bentine was, I looked him up on google. and discovered he was a British comedian, actor and writer who DID have a connection to puppets, writing and presenting the comical long-running children’s series Michael Bentine’s Potty Time from 1973-80, using bearded puppets of a dubious nature! (Again, thanks to the wonders of today’s worldwideweb I was able to see this for myself through YouTube and get to know him a bit better!)   Explaining his willingness to address the Ghost Club when he was alive, I was excited to read that he had a life long interest in the paranormal (living from 1922 to 1996) as his Peruvian father was totally committed to verifying psychic phenomena and his family home therefore was constantly full of psychics and mediums! 

Believing in the existence of life after death, he was delighted to show his never-ending humour by appearing momentarily from the other side, clutching his throat in a humorous way and emphasising how he wished me to talk on the subject of ‘possession’ – something close to my heart as the core of my healing work is moving spirits from the energies of living people to lighten their load (Many examples of the success of this are verified by my clients under the Guest Book section of my website )    In many cases this could be described as ‘possession’ as the emotional body of  the spirit in distress, fear or any type of anxst will have a detrimental effect on its human host’s physical health

With yet another clever reference to puppets, he apparently wrote some fascinating views about how Adolf Hitler ended up using so many individuals ‘like a puppeteer’…  I also discovered that in 1954 (when I made my own appearance onto the stage of life) he was offered a TV series by the BBC – a children’s puppet series called ‘The Bumblies’!  No wonder he played with a puppet on Lisa’s shoulder!

I retrieved that clue from under my pillow and spent an hour researching old London Palladium appearances and,  sure enough, Billy Cotton and his Band Show appeared in 1959 and indeed Michael Bentine in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Was this the clue to which the spirit guide alluded or was it just to run me by the fact that amongst those appearing over the years are well-loved comedians such as Eric Morecambe, Frankie Howard Tony Hancock Joan SimsMike and Bernie Winters, Tommy Cooper, Spike Milligan,  Dandy Nicholls and  Charlie Drake?  –  All of whom appear  in my latest book, channelled to me over a period of 3 years and who are no doubt pulling the strings from up there to get their book published asap!

“About time!” Bentine complained when at last I had a moment to see what he had to say from the other side and his  unexpected comment on puppets was “We’re ALL  puppets dancing to the song of life!”   I asked him what made him stay earthbound and his strange amswer was ‘I’d had enough!’   I asked him what he meant by this and he explained that the horrific ‘sight’ of the afterlife had scared him witless. “I thought heaven consisted of a load of numb skulls floating about” ….and looking around at his London Palladium chums he now shares his space with he (jokingly) said “I wasn’t far wrong!”     

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