2,000 earthbound spirits released today!

30 05 2010

Just thought you might be interested in my day to day duties helping earthbound spirits to go back home to the light whilst helping those still alive (LOL!) to shake off their dark cloaks of fear, depression, stress, mental and emotional and even psychic ‘hangers-on’!

Thursday 27th May 2010 was a typical day for me, starting at 8.30 am with a one hour long distance healing and clearing of a friend’s energy centres – who happened to be flying to Egypt at the time!  (I had wondered whether I would be able to keep up with the speed of a jet (ie 500 mph?) but all I had to do was visualise myself standing behind her seat on the plane – and it worked a treat!)   

After a particularly traumatic break up with a long term boyfriend (with whom she is still in love) she had naturally been left feeling devastated, extremely low and weighed down by the world on her shoulders.  As soon as I ‘made contact’ with her, she understandably released a huge amount of emotional stress, indicated by the furious spinning of my dowser.  Then oceans of  spiritual stress released in the same way….followed by 22 earthbound spirits, who were detached from the psychic level – yet more spinning and such visuals as ‘a mad monk’, ‘a bandmaster’ and a ‘chappie in a kilt’ were glimpsed as they pushed their way into the vortex of light created by my dowsing.  All in all, my friend was 496 spirits lighter by the time I had finished.   I look forward to her feedback when she returns from her break….

2pm and a client arrives in my healing room for her usual reiki and crystal therapy session but instead tells me of a young friend of the family who has a severe form of leukemia and is about to undergo chemotherapy.  She felt drawn to telling me and I had no choice when my healers from the light automatically flew to his aid – on and on and on – and with every impression related back to my client she was able to confirm that his ‘poisoned blood’ had been as a result of his personal emotional and spiritual suffering.  For 55 minutes, earthbound spirits poured from his energy field! (and I was left with a very sore and flattened forefinger from clutching the madly swinging chain of my dowser, but oh such a satisfied feeling!).  When at last it stopped, we added up the spirits from each part of his body who had become trapped over many years in a like-attracts-like situation and whose low energies had no doubt contributed to the lad’s illness.  Trapped around his heart alone were  49 on the emotional level, 2 on the spiritual and behind his heart (older experiences) were 27 on the emotional and an astounding 101 on the psychic and 18 on the cosmic (a higher spinning level above the psychic aura)….At this stage my spiritual helpers called enthusiastically,

Hooray, Hooray!  Carry on!”

Around the throat (communication area) were 112 – several of whom called back ‘morons!’ as they left.  My client said this was the sort of expression the boy would use.  Altogether, 1,020 earthbound spirits were hooked out of the lad’s physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic bodies.  The next day, my client phoned with the news that the same evening (and after his first chemotherapy session) the boy was sitting up smiling and more like his old self and that his mother was delighted – and she had no doubt that our timely intervention had helped him enormously on his long road to complete recovery.

5.30 pm A psychic Carribean lady came to my healing room for a regular clearing of her energies and her home.  She invariably needs help in moving on ‘the naughty spooks’ who this time had ‘tapped her on the shoulder’ – cheeky things’ and even ‘walk RIGHT through ma home’‘even a black man was standing in my toilet!’ she squeeled – ‘and I says to him ‘Now YOU just get outa here!’  The garden was particularly bad this time, with her equally psychic daughter (who is a reiki student of mine and also discovered the gift of moving on spirits after she had received her level two attunements) saying she ‘washed her hands of it!’ – the energy was just too much for her to bear.

The moment I hooked on to my client’s wonderful crown energy 32 spirits left, followed by another 50!  When batches like this leave so quickly I close my eyes and do my best to report on the sort of characters I am releasing – although this is rather like trying to interview people as they race past me on a fast-moving escalater!  ‘Johnny, where’s your trousers?’; a ‘nanny’; a beekeeper; pet rabbits; someone who loves philadelphia cheese!  An Arthur Higginbottom; rats; weedkiller; something hidden in the bottom of a chest of drawers..….My lovely lady just looks bemused.  She picks them up from all over the place; attracted by her colourful personality but also her stressful situation with probate issues following her deceased husband’s indiscrepencies.  (He has come through to apologise more than once, but ‘that don’t help me now!’ she laughs)…. Many many levels of her energies are cleared over a period of almost an hour, followed by a relaxing but rejuvinating healing session and as a result her ‘swollen feet’ feel a lot better and she ‘feels so much lighter!’  50 (bikers; rockers; drug addicts; snorters; and a general ‘den of iniquity’) earthbound spirits are cleared from her back garden and 401 from her personal energy field.  By the time she leaves she has her old swing back in her step – and as her daughter arrives to collect her (having been cleared herself the day before of a similar amount of spiritual hitchhikers) she says ‘oh by the way, can you check MY house please – someone keeps going through to the kitchen and we hear footsteps upstairs in the evenings….. Happy to help!

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