How did granny’s spirit travel back to the light?

13 08 2010

Part Five

Granny had finally traversed that life-saving tunnel of light and found herself back at home with her Mother (who tragically died in childbirth when she was 2), her Father (a northern Irish farmer, who also suffered from alzheimers), her Victorian Grandmother (who had brought her up), her kind and rosy-cheeked engineer husband Kenneth (who, sadly, died almost 20 years before her at the relatively young age of 63) – and countless other family members, friends and acquantences from not only her recent lifetime but that of many others!  

When I asked her today about her experience of leaving and arriving on the other side, she told me they had all “enjoyed a little shindig” (a large and noisy party of people!) after she had arrived on her ‘kohlrabi ‘ …”Kohlrabi?  What is that?” I asked, bemused.  The name rang a bell somewhere but, flummoxed, I resorted to looking it up on the internet….To my delight the first site I was directed to was called Vegetarians in Paradise (LOL!) and I’m sure the owner won’t mind me showing you the following, as it  fits so perfectly!:

On the Highest Perch

Kohlrabi Strives for Comeback

How did she do that?  Oh how Sheila herself strove to come back….but instead elected to become a Spirit Guide to her family!  – Acting as a mentor, intervening when needed, leading us in the right direction through our intuition and, as in this case, through her ‘direct line’ to my mind – and her wit!  When I read the following on this website it made even more sense that she chose a kohlrabi as her  (metaphorical) ‘form of transport to the Light!’ –

Kohlrabi For those unfamiliar with this jewel of a vegetable, its appearance somewhat resembles a hot air balloon. Picture the turnip-shaped globe as the passenger section; its multiple stems that sprout from all parts of its globular form resemble the many vertical ropes, and the deep green leaves at the top represent the parachute. Kohlrabi is often mistakenly referred to as a root vegetable, but in fact it grows just above ground, forming a unique, turnip-shaped swelling at the base of the stem.’

Sheila’s family were indeed farmers, but neither her son Michael nor myself ever heard her mention such a vegetable. 

“Dad grew it on the farm,” she says, “You should try it.  It’s packed full of healthy vitamins and nutrients and will give you a great lift” (ha ha)

Come to think of it, her granddaughter only said today ‘Mum, I’m thinking seriously about becoming a vegetarian…‘  Better pass this on then!

Well you learn something new every day!

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