Whitney’s spirit went straight home…

12 02 2012

Early this morning my son popped his head round the door and told me that Whitney Houston had, tragically, been found dead.

I picked up my dowser, as I always do, to check that she had passed safely and was pleased to hear that her spirit had left her body soon after her death.  I told my son that I was shown her arriving safely on the other side, dripping wet, being helped out of a bath, beautiful fluffy white towels lovingly enveloping her.  “It would be interesting to see what happened to her,” I added.

Around tea time today, my son again popped his head around the door and said matter of factly that Whitney had indeed been found drowned in her bath.  I asked if there was a message I could pass on and she cried “Hoo-ray!  Thank the Lord!” as she knew I would check on her to see if she had anything to pass down to this mortal world.  The portal of light between us was open so she was able to call several souls ‘missing from home’, including ‘male relatives of both Mariah Carey and Jessie James’ – as well as someone called ‘Rockafeller.’

I just read through the latest news on her death and came across a lovely photo of her, the caption underneath reading ‘Successor: Houston with Mariah Carey, one of the young singers who followed in her wake’……

The only Jessie James I had heard of was a civil war and 1860’s robber (like our Robin Hood) who had a brother Frank but my son tells me that Whitney must be talking of the American country pop singer and songwriter  Jessie James (Jessica Rose James, born 1988).   The ‘Rockefeller’ was American oil industrialist, investor and philanthropist, John Davison Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) Rather ironically, Rockefeller adhered to total abstinence from alcohol and tobacco throughout his life.  I asked what had kept him tied to the earth after his death (he inadvertently stayed more than the 3 months allowed for a spirit to follow the light home) and he said he had a lot of baggage to sort out.  (He also had a brother Frank!)

What Whitney said to me about her death has to be kept to myself I’m afraid, for obvious reasons, bless her.

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