A C16th Conquistador gets a lift Home for Christmas!

23 12 2012


                 “Oh no, not more spirits….Can’t a dog get any sleep round here?”

Christmas is always a busy time for Spirit Rescue work!  Last night I hardly slept a wink with over 190 lost souls being directed to me for help, including a ‘conquistador’.  It was a windy night and the dog was so disturbed by all the rattlings, both real and supernatural, that he leapt on to our bed and tried to share our pillows at 5.45 am!  When I had eventually fallen asleep at 1.30 am I was jolted awake again by the sound of a canonball or similar falling heavily onto a hard surface and sending my physical heart racing, then on another occasion the sound of a door banging – not in the physical realm but the spiritual. I caught sight (through my Third Eye) of a young man with a mop of wild black hair, dodging behind the door of my heart. 

“Who are you?  Can I help you?” I asked.

“No… No… I am lost, I am lost!”  was his reply. 

“Just listen to me…I can help you,” I said, trying to hold him steady as his spirit floundered wildly, determined as he was not to be found. 

“I cannot leave you!” he begged, “I need to protect you!”

I explained that he would be able to protect me better if first of all he went back to his spiritual Home …“and you could get some new, clean clothes (he looked like a ragamuffin) and a good meal,”….and it worked a treat.  With me holding him steady ‘this end’ and my white guides encouraging him from ‘the other’,  he made it home for a truly White Christmas.  Afterwards my guides explained he was a ‘conquistador’ who had been protecting a castle when he died (hence the canonballs?) A conquistador was a Spanish or Portuguese explorer-soldier from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries.

He had been one of the many hundreds of lost souls sent my way over the past weeks, most of whom returned happily to the other side.  Occasionally though, some prefer to stay close to me and hide in my energy field, so stay undetected for days at a time.  I had been aware of something dragging me down spiritually for 2 days (they bring their emotional baggage of fear, shock, hatred etc. depending on their personalities) and was most grateful for the canonball and slamming door alerting me awake in time to see my ‘protector’ trying to stay hidden!

On his way out of my earthly space my soldier called back ‘Bonita’, which I assumed was his Spanish name.  When I looked this up I not only found it is a girl’s name but is also Spanish for ‘pretty’.  I think my conquistador had a little crush on me! 🙂

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