‘Who says ghosts don’t have feelings?’

16 04 2013
Cornish sunset with Sam

Cornish sunset with Sam Apr 2013

Dad had to take his car for it’s MOT so we followed in our car and while we waited for the old girl to be passed fit we called in at the nearest pub for a bite to eat.  The Grade II Listed pub was very quiet and as soon as we settled in our seats I sensed a visitor from the past hovering near the dark, wooden bar.  Perhaps, after a decade of sticking up for ghost’s rights I am getting slightly bold in my approach, but after the publican had taken our orders I came out with it:  “Have you seen any ghosts in here?” He hardly flinched. “No, not personally, but others get the hairs standing up on the back of their necks now and then…” 

“Jane’s a ghostbuster!”  my Dad announced proudly, while I tried to correct him, as it conjures up images of men in white coats with extermination apparatus taking pot shots at green slime!!  Rather than retreat to the privacy of the Ladies I was encouraged by the family to dowse there and then and there was a very fast take-up of  30 lost souls flying through the portal of love and light.  Several of them were miners and the ghostly fellow who’d given everyone goosbumps at the bar said proudly that ‘Prince Albert paid us a visit you know!’ 

I later had an opportunity for a quiet word with the publican and when I told him this he said ‘that’s true!‘.  He then pointed to a row of small framed black and white prints high above the bar (where the man I’d seen had been slouching in a long mac and flat cap) and said ‘thats Prince Albert there…the one in the white hat.  He visited the village after a tragedy on the coal face in which many miners lost their lives.’   It was obviously enough to convince him of my ability to help as he then told me about the home he once lived in that had some so-called activity (although he hadn’t experienced it himself) when a woman and her child were said to haunt it.  I tuned in there and then and moved on twelve souls, including a woman servant who, after she had become pregnant, I am told, was thrown out onto the streets by her employer.  My gentleman friend was amazed as the activity only started after his unmarried pregnant neice came to stay.  Who says ghosts don’t have feelings?

That same day, my neice asked me to check whether there were some ‘naughties’ in the dental surgery in which she works.  Without herself or the dentist being near a piece of electrical equipment it had made a noise. My neice laughingly said ‘it must be a ghost’ and the lady in the chair at the time retorted ‘there are no such things as ghosts.’  At that moment a chart fell off the wall, startling them.  ‘It has never happened before’! Lucy added. There was not just one but several ‘ghosts’ in the surgery, one of which was American and said to the lady ‘wash your mouth out with soap!’ (‘carbolic’ at that and apparently there HAD been an American lady in the surgery that day, who probably brought her friend in with her)!‘  So be careful what you say when you think that no-body is listening!….🙂

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