What constitutes Sick Building Syndrome and how does it effect humans (and dogs!)?

11 07 2012
She's swinging that dowser again!

She’s swinging that dowser again!

Most people have heard of the term ‘sick building syndrome’ but to those who don’t quite understand this expression it is generally where stress has developed over sometimes 100’s of years and can be felt by the occupants living in that building today, often causing physical illness or emotional stress.

Last night I had an unusual long distance healing mission with a client who has never liked living in her home, even though it is a perfectly nice house.  I have cleared it of earth bound spirits several times yet months later Jo had some ‘goings on’ where she could not get out of her home as the door had mysteriously locked.  Used by now to the shenanigans of lost souls, she ordered them to stop mucking around and let her out, and the door mysteriously opened again as it should.  She had a hunch that there were more spirits in the house and after she put it on the market they were not pleased, and did not want her to leave!

Jo requested a clearing and healing because, she said, ‘I am all over the place!’ I started what is normally a one hour session on her which turned into two, because not only was she clearing masses of physical and emotional stress from all her chakras, especially on the psychic level, but after I’d moved 61 spirits from her alone I turned to the house and found 3 more there…  However, I boosted the energy to one side of the house (drawing a diagram in my note book), which was clear of any stuck energy, but when I did the same for the back of the house I found masses of physical stress was pouring out of the area in front of the windows.  As my dowser swirled madly round and round removing this (at least a minute) my crown tingled strongly and then I found loads of emotional stress pouring out …underneath which 13 spirits rushed through the portal at the speed of light, as my dowser ‘counted’ them across.  (Even the dog looked up from his nap to stare at his crazy ‘grandma’ as she fought to keep control of the chain, rather like someone swatting flies at hyper-speed as I caught them and then released them in the same swipe, one by one.)  I then put inside the house a reiki symbol for ‘joy’ and this never fails to bring others to the surface as another 5 came out of the house…  However, my legs immediately froze and I knew a lot of souls had ‘hijacked’ my own energies – and 33 were ousted immediately!

Now I turned back to Jo and although she had just been cleared and all her chakras were bouncing with health, she now had a large amount of physical stress emanating from underneath her feet – in what we call the earth star chakra.  This can become blocked due to deep insecurity (and in serious physical illness or past life issues carried over for example).  After I had moved this cloud of negativity another 10 souls passed through, and 9 from her soul star above the crown of the head.  All this had taken an hour!

Significantly, after I had cleared lots more on Jo’s psychic level and grounded her (with difficulty!), yet more physical and emotional stress poured from the house, and another 5 souls.  After this, Jo’s psychic crown and heart cleared and I spent another 20 mts  going up and down her body releasing another 57 spirits!  And so it went on….As Jo’s personal energy field cleared (a total of 79 to add to the original 61), so did the house and vise versa.  I found 7 more UNDER the house and moved 15 from myselfAt this stage I was roasting with handling all this energy but my legs again froze as more stress left Jo’s house and yet another 15 from me.

I explained to Jo that the ‘roots’ or history of the land on which the property stood went deeply into the ground and I believe lost souls were drawn to migrate up to and under it when it became common knowledge that a free lift home was imminent!  (I also believe it is on a Ley Line, one of the earths naturally active and highly energetic ‘arteries’)  Jo being very sensitive was able to feel their energies (and was obviously ‘all over the place’ because of them) and by asking me to assist this was all part of the ‘Big Plan’!  A remarkable allegory was pointed out by Jo when I mentioned ‘roots’ as she is having old roots from a tooth removed, having turned down two suggestions by her dentist in the past to do something about them!  So she AND the house are now able to let go of those redundant ties – and think of all those happy souls reunited with their Loved Ones!

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