The real Twilight Zone!

30 06 2012

My husband and son are avid admirers of the television series The Twilight Zone (1959-64) in which Rod Serling tells gripping stories of people like us who find themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations.  We never cease to be amazed at how many of them contain modern day examples of what have become (for our family at least) commonplace experiences.    Being a collector of film and tv memorabilia our son has a decorative transparent plastic sign declaring ‘THE TWILIGHT ZONE’ hanging from his bedroom door by a large metal chain.  Rob Serling would no doubt tell the tale a lot more eloquently and with more suspense than myself but one morning I was alone in the house when a loud crash emanated from upstairs…

I crept up expecting to find a pile of dvd’s or similar had fallen to the floor (usually caused by disruptive spirits!) but my heart sank when I saw that that our son’s precious TWILIGHT ZONE sign had been lifted by some supernatural means and dropped heavily onto the wooden floor, its large chain splattered across the floor, the chunky sign askew in its holder – but amazingly not chipped or damaged in any way!  Suddenly my cheekbones tingled as they do when spirit is present in any form – and all became clear…

“Oh I seeee!” I laughed out loud…”Very funny!” –

On a like-attracts-like basis, a whole bunch of deceased fans of supernatural film and television –  who had obviously stayed too long on earth after their natural deaths and become stuck in the twilight zone –  were crowding in on me for assistance, so I asked them to form an orderly queue.  As well as the ability to interfere with electrical frequencies (see my last blog), lost souls can also tamper with solid objects such as this very appropriately named Twilight Zone sign and invariably not cause any damage.  I took my dowser from my pocket and tuned in to and escorted towards the light each lost soul that had been sent my way  – a total of 25.

During the writing of this blog, my mobile rang.  It was our son, a volunteer in the local Oxfam shop.  “Mum, I’ve got a stonker of a headache all of a sudden…Do you think you could tune in for me?”  “Sure,” I replied…”Crikey, there are some very impatient souls waiting to be helped home!” I laughed as my dowser flew violently as it hooked onto each one….(and I didn’t mean any elderly shoppers in the charity shop either :-)).  As I tuned in long distance to the shop the ‘lost ones’ poured through the pearly gates at a huge rate of knots as I began counting them through… ‘32,33,34…76,77,78,79,80…Crumbs; what are you doing at the moment?’ I asked, realising there was some psychic connection going on between us. “Sorting and pricing DVD’s” he answered!!! Over the next hour (his headache abating immediately I started to clear the energies) I periodically checked the shop to find that more and more ‘disruptive ghosties’ were dropping in for help and as I publish this blog we have reached 172 souls, all rescued from their own individual Twilight Zone!

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