Lost soul uses garden hose to attract attention!

3 11 2014

I was looking through my pile of diaries, fodder for my various books on spiritual matters, when I came across an entry made on Sunday 18th June 2006, which I thought I would share with you all…Michael was enroute to our garage when he noticed water gushing from underneath the boiler room door. The tap to our garden hose is also housed here and I knew I had already turned it off twice that day, albeit bemused as I was sure I’d already done so after my gardening session. Now the penny suddenly dropped and I knew it was a lost soul trying to attract my attention.

“Hello, yes, I understand that you need help… Can you tell me your name?” I asked, a little taken aback by his unfriendly demeanour.

“Connor,” he replied shortly, annoyed at being held up. I could tell he was used to getting his own way.

“Where have you been hiding then?” I laughed, as you would try to diffuse the situation coming face to face with a burly stranger. He’d had every opportunity to ask more politely for help over the couple of days I’d been working in the garden.

“Relegated!” he yelled. (To the boiler room?) I knew immediately he was a football fan when his demeanour suddenly lifted and he declared…”Brazil, Ronaldo….Best shot ever!!” Staying too long after his death to see the outcome of a match had obviously been his downfall and he had become stuck with ‘life’ as a ghost, nobody to talk to, not even able to lift a beer can!

I later asked our daughter’s football following boyfriend who had won the last world cup and when. “Oh I know that one,” he declared, “It was Brazil in 2002, when we first met.” And no doubt it was Ronaldo who scored? This meant that Connor had been hanging around in his twilight world as a lost soul for at least four years since seeing that World Cup.

Sometimes I am permitted to speak with people after helping them safely to the other side and sure enough Connor now told me that he had been to Columbia on a “Spree”. He admitted that he had been ‘a football hooligan and troublemaker.’ (Once on the other side we look at our lives with new eyes) He apparently died in excruciating pain (enough to distract someone from following the light of their soul back home) from a heart attack at Southampton car docks. With complete honesty he described himself as ‘volatile and a thug out to cause trouble’ ~ so it followed that he had no qualms about turning on our garden tap full blast to attract my attention! Even though souls usually find me on a like attracts like basis, there are no football fans in our house, but we DO have Nottingham Forest at Trent Bridge, just down the road.

“It just took a little persuasion!” he laughed. What a good job Mikey happened to notice the water pouring from underneath the boiler room. If a ghost can’t lift a beer can, I hear you ask, how can he turn on a tap? You may have heard of telekinesis, using the power of thought to move objects. Life is certainly never boring in my line of work! 😀

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